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In one of the greatest developments of modern technology, bank customers in Sweden can now do most transactions without a hassle with BankID. This is a digital identification system that can be used to log into transaction websites and sign agreements with utmost ease.

BankID is a one-of-a-kind identification system that has taken Sweden by storm. With over 85% of active online transactions using it, the system has continued to produce efficiency, safety, speeds, and general ease of doing things. It is pleasing to see that more and more online casinos are accepting BankID as an authentication method. By doing this, they significantly increase the efficiency of playing online and improve the player's experience.

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Play at online casinos with BankID

Because of its popularity, BankID is being picked up by droves of online casinos in Sweden. Casino players love a good and fun time; BankID offers just that. It allows them to play in casinos while maintaining important aspects like anonymity, speed, and safety. Leading casinos have taken note of this need by players and are continuously accepting it as a verification and authentication method.

With BankID, you don't have to create numerous access passwords across different sites. One BankID is enough for all. Additionally, on top of an encrypted code, you can also use features like facial recognition and fingerprints when transacting with BankID. And all that is possible on a nice variety of devices.

With more than 95% of active mobile users in Sweden making regular use of BankID, you can guess that there is something special about it. The most popular way of paying with BankID is with the popular payment method Swish. In some age groups, this figure goes past 98%. In 2020, for instance, 98.9% of people aged between 31-40 years used the service. Overall, BankID was used 5 billion times by its 8 million users in 2020. That is a pretty high figure in a country that has a population of around 10.35 million.

As a casino player, you can only use the service for yourself to understand its goodness fully- if you already haven't. Now, on to what BankID is and how to make the most of it.

What is BankID?

Simply put, it is an online/digital identification document. You use it to identify yourself in online spaces just as you would produce your ID or license in physical spaces. The service is only available in Sweden, where it is offered by the Finansiell ID-Teknik BID AB, a property of various banks in the Scandinavian region. Yes, more of the world could do with BankID, but you require a personal number (Sweden's ID Number) to get the service.

Banks offering BankID

Registration for BankID is done by your bank. It is a simple process that can be done online or physically. Swedish banks that offer the service are:

  • Danske bank
  • Swedbank
  • Forex bank
  • Länsförsäkringar
  • Ica Banks
  • Nordea
  • Commercial banks
  • SEB
  • Sparbanken Syd
  • Skandia
  • Bank of Åland

Most banks offer BankID to users aged 18 and above. Some banks place the minimum age at 13 years. To register, simply contact your bank and request BankID registration. Most banks have the option on their website. Once the order is made, the bank asks for your Personal Identification Number. You also need to be a customer of the bank.

BankID is then processed instantly upon verification. You can then download the BankID app or use it on your phone or tablet. Mobile use is the most popular, unsurprisingly. It is compatible with Windows and macOS as well as Android and iOS. There is an option of BankID for business and personal use.

This service allows you to authenticate yourself on sites where you would otherwise need passwords or other complicated identification methods. You can use it to apply for loans and to append signatures online. You can have more than one BankId. One BankID can also be used on several devices.

How to use BankID at online casinos

As a casino player, BankID can make your playing experience smoother than ever. It removes every hurdle that you hate- slow speeds, privacy invasion, and so much more.

  1. First, you need to do the obvious- register for BankID and find a BankID casino that supports the identification method.

  2. From the registration panel of the casino, you pick BankID as your authentication method. The casino will ask you to input your encryption code. Alternatively, you can use your app to scan the QR code on the casino tab. Once this is done, you are ready to use BankID in your casino.

  3. Whenever you need to deposit from your bank, card, or digital wallet, the casino will be asked you to make a confirmation from your BankID app. You can do this using code, facial recognition, or fingerprint sensing. This way, you are sure that no one else can access your casino account.

You can also take advantage of offers that come from playing casino with BankID. Some casinos want to popularize the smooth authentication method; hence, offering excellent bonuses to people who use it. This primarily applies to new users. However, welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses, and other loyalty bonuses should only be used after a proper understanding of the conditions attached to them.

Benefits of using BankID at online casinos

There are numerous benefits of using online casino BankID transactions. Many of these are why the entire world would envy Swedish players who play casinos with BankID. Here are a few benefits that you will experience as soon as you start using BankID authentication.

Efficiency and Security - Let's start with the registration process. It is fast, easy, and smooth. Then it is all goodies from there. You can have several BankID registrations and can use a single one on several devices. This means that even when you are away from one device, you can still access your casino account with ease.

It is available for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. This ropes in pretty much every internet user. The app is safe on all these devices, requiring no more than your preferred identification method to do authentication. The presence of a QR code option makes it necessary for devices to be close by during authentication, meaning no one else but you can access your account. When using a code, always make sure you keep it personal and secret.

Play Within Seconds - Whether you are registering or depositing, BankID gets you going within seconds. It removes the tedious authentication procedures that could delay your sessions.

You should know how important speed is, especially when you play in live casinos. A few seconds' delay could make you lose out on an entire (probably lucky) round of your favorite game.

Casino BankID fast withdrawals - Withdrawal has been one of the most significant areas of complaint from many players. Moreso, where bank withdrawal is used, verification may cause funds to take days before reflecting. With BankID, however, the process of verification is instant. Money can be withdrawn as fast as if you used an e-wallet.

Anonymity - BankID makes it easier for you to make anonymous logins and transactions. This is a golden feature for casino players everywhere and doesn't need much explanation.

No unnecesary use of personal Information - When registering for BankID, all you need is to present your personal identification number at a bank where you are a customer. From that point onwards, no personal information will be required when you play in online casinos. This means that you limit the number of entities where you provide your personal information. With this service, you significantly reduce the number of people who can access and use your personal information.

Secure verification - BankID offers you a virtually uncompromisable means of verifying your identity in online casinos. Your facial features and fingerprints, for instance, are unique. They speed up the verification process, yet they cannot be duplicated by anyone who would like to access your account without authorization.

Supported by most banks - The most popular electronic identification method is offered by most banks in the country. This makes it easy for any casino player since they do not have to change banks to access the service. The same BankID can be used in different banks, meaning you do not have to create multiple IDs or have to remember many authentication codes whether you are in a casino or signing a contract.

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