Best Free Money Bonuses 2023/2024

Most of us have dreamt of just receiving free money out of nowhere and then spending the rest of our days laying at the beach, eating croissants and having margaritas every day without doing any work. Well, real life doesn’t really work that way, but while we can’t expect the cash to just drop down the sky, there’s a good alternative: free money casino bonuses.

A free money bonus is probably the closest you could ever get to just receiving some cash without putting in too much effort. However, free money casino bonuses come with their caveats you should understand before rushing into the bonus offer head-first. Online CasinoRank has put together the following free money bonus guide that covers everything you should know before claiming your casino bonuses.

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Best Free Money Bonus Casinos

Best Free Money Bonus Casinos

We all understand how lucrative the idea of a free money online casino is, but sadly, this also draws out some potential scams or shady casino sites. That’s why it’s essential to consider your casino choice carefully, so you could enjoy a safe gambling experience at safe online casinos free money.

Online CasinoRank has already done the free money casino research for you, having compiled a list of available online casino sites. But additionally, you should always remember these golden characteristics that should be present at every legitimate, trustworthy free money casino:

  • License - We always like to say that if the online casino isn’t licensed, you should just head to the next option and forget about that casino. Having a legitimate valid gambling license ensures the casino operates according to the legislation and follows proper protocols. Some of the most well-known and trusted licensing authorities include the Malta Gaming Authority and UK Gambling Commission.
  • Software providers - Trustworthy online casinos collaborate with well-known software providers that are licensed, certified and properly controlled. Collaboration with reliable software providers means your gameplay will be fair, regulated and always secure.
  • Terms and conditions - One of the clearest signs of having found a legitimate online casino is the presence of proper terms and conditions. Every legitimate online casino has certain conditions, but as a gambler, you always want to make sure these terms and conditions are not hidden away. Transparency is the key here.
  • Customer service - Even though claiming a free money casino bonus may be straightforward, you should always have reliable customer support backing you, in case you get any questions. The best free money casinos should have a live chat feature, preferably operating 24/7.
Best Free Money Bonus Casinos
What is a Free Money Bonus?

What is a Free Money Bonus?

Words like ‘gambling’ and ‘free’ seem to contradict each other, but as weird as it sounds, a free money casino bonus has become a completely normal part of an online casino’s marketing plan. When we’re talking about this kind of bonus, we’re essentially referring to a free money sign up bonus: it’s a special casino bonus granted on your initial sign up. If you’ve never played at that specific site, you’ll get to enjoy a free money sign up bonus casino experience. Some casinos may also refer to this bonus as a free money bonus no deposit, since the bonus comes without any deposit requirements.

In a nutshell, a free money casino bonus is added to your fresh casino account after registration is completed. The catch is that there’s no need to deposit any money to reap this bonus, contrary to regular deposit bonus offers that require a deposit.

This is the main reason why a free money casino bonus is so tempting: it’s a no deposit bonus claimable as a new customer. That’s exactly how simple this bonus is: no fuss, no complications. You simply need to sign up and the free money casino bonus is yours.

What is a Free Money Bonus?
Benefits - Why Should I Use a Free Money Bonus?

Benefits - Why Should I Use a Free Money Bonus?

Need we even say more: free money bonuses are the epitome of online casino bonus offers. Clearly, all of us are eager to grab these offers and enjoy a new casino site with a bit of lower risk. Here are some of the perks you can reap when claiming an online casino free money bonus:

  • Low-risk bonus - Free money casino bonuses don’t require you to spend any money, so it’s essentially the only risk-free way to try an online casino. It’s an easy way for you to try online gambling without such a high risk of losing significant amounts.
  • Great way to try new games - If you’ve always wondered about new slot games or fresh casino sites, a free money bonus is a wonderful way to explore online games and casinos with a lower risk, without spending much money on something you’re not familiar with.
  • Easy to claim - Free money casino bonuses don’t require a deposit from you, so you don’t have to get out your debit card or log into your bank account. Claiming these casino bonuses is just so much easier!

Free Money Bonus Cons

You may be thinking now: there’s no way free money bonuses could have any downsides. What could be better than receiving some free bonus funds, simply for opening a casino account? Well, as great as an online casino free money bonus is, there are some important caveats to consider:

  • Strict wagering requirements - The absolute biggest problem with free money casino bonuses lies in their terms and conditions. Free money bonuses carry a low risk for you as the gambler, but a high risk for the online casino, which is why gambling operators apply strict wagering requirements and conditions to protect their business.
  • Limited amount - Since a free money bonus is quite risky for online casino, the amount is usually extremely small. You’re likely to receive no more than 10-50 dollars, depending on the online casino.
  • May not be enough for a full experience - Due to the small amount, a free money bonus may not satisfy you completely, leaving you hankering for more or even feeling a bit unsettled since you didn’t get the gambling experience you were hoping for.
Benefits - Why Should I Use a Free Money Bonus?
How to Convert Free Money Bonus into Real Money

How to Convert Free Money Bonus into Real Money

As you can see above, the biggest downside to claiming a free real money casino no deposit bonus is the extensive list of requirements. Naturally, online casinos can’t just hand out free money without expecting anything in return and even though you may not need to deposit money to the casino account, it doesn’t mean you can run freely without any conditions.

After claiming your free real money casino bonus, it will be credited to your account as bonus funds - these can’t be withdrawn. You can only withdraw your casino bonus after converting these free bonus funds into real money and this requires fulfilling some wagering requirements.

Quick side note, however: some reputable online casino sites may occasionally offer a no wager bonus, which means the free money bonus comes without wagering requirements. But 99% of the time, you need to play in the casino for a bit, before the funds are available.

Converting your free real money casino bonus means placing some bets and playing casino games until you’ve played for enough funds and fulfilled the requirement. Let's say your free real money casino no deposit bonus has a wagering requirement of 20x and you received $10 worth of free money. You can withdraw this free money casino bonus after placing bets for $200.

Note that wagering requirements also come packaged with many other conditions similar to other casino bonuses - you need to be wary of the time limit, bet limits and there may be some game restrictions. Always read through the terms before claiming your free real money casino bonus.

How to Convert Free Money Bonus into Real Money
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Everything you need to know about casinos

What is a free money bonus?

Free money bonus is another word for a no deposit bonus, a.k.a a casino bonus that doesn’t require a deposit from you. In other words, a free money bonus is a special casino bonus that comes for free - no money deposits are required from you.

How to get a free money bonus?

Free money bonuses are usually reserved for newly registered players who don’t have an existing account at the chosen online casino yet. There may be some exceptions, but usually, you can get a free money bonus as a part of the sign-up bonus package or as a gift after opening your casino account.

Where to find free money promotions?

Though free money promotions are rare, you can find all the current free money casino bonuses from our site’s comparison - we’ve dedicated an entire comparison list on casinos that offer no deposit bonuses to every new gambler.

Can I win real money with a free money bonus?

Yes, you can win real money even when using a free money bonus. Free money bonuses may come with some wagering requirements and conditions, but once you fulfil those restrictions, you can easily withdraw the money, despite having received those funds from a free money bonus.

What is the best online casino that pays real money with no deposit?

Not many online casinos offer no deposit real money bonuses since these bonuses are quite specific and not the most advantageous for casinos. However, you can find the best online casinos with these bonus offers by using the comparison seen here at Online CasinoRank.

Where can I get the biggest no deposit bonus codes?

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