Top-rated Online gambling sites in Morocco

Morocco is located in North Africa and has an extensive coastline on the Atlantic Ocean. Morocco's currency is the dirham, which you can use when playing online casino games. The capital of Morocco is Rabat, but the largest and most exciting city is Marrakech, with its beautiful old medina where you can get lost among the charming souks.

Thanks to its relaxed laws on gambling, Morocco stands out as one of the best gambling destinations in North Africa and the entire African continent. And while Islam is the biggest religion in the country, that hasn't stopped the authorities from allowing the citizens to gamble in both online and offline casinos in a bid to earn an income or enjoy the fun.

One thing that people must remember, however, is the fact that the regulation of the online gambling industry in the country is below par. As such, gamblers are advised to do thorough research before risking their money.

Top-rated Online gambling sites in Morocco


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Online casinos in Morocco

Online casinos in Morocco

Officially known as the Kingdom of Morocco, this country is located in the northwestern part of the Maghreb region in North Africa. The land borders are with Algeria and Sahara, and it has the Mediterranean Sea to the north and the Atlantic Ocean to the west of the country.

Morocco has a population of 37 million residents, and the main religion in the country is Islam. The official languages are Berber and Arabic, with the French language being widely spoken there. The capital of Morocco is Rabat, but it is not the largest city in the country – that title belongs to Casablanca.

As for the political structure, Morocco is designed as a unitary semi-constitutional monarchy, with a parliament that is elected. This country has a significant influence in Africa, and many consider it to be a so-called "middle power" in international relations. It is a member of the Union of the Mediterranean, the African Union, and the Arab League. The King of Morocco has strong legislative and executive powers, especially over the military, religious affairs and foreign policies. He can also issue decrees that are called "dahirs", and they have the force of law.

Summary of online casinos in Morocco

Online casinos are not specifically regulated in Morocco. This country has been influenced by the European culture back in the 19th century, but the official religion is Islam, with over 95% of the population being Muslim. With that being said, the Quran, the holy book of Islam, says that all types of gambling should be prohibited, they are not morally clean, and anyone doing that should be punished.

Gambling is linked to addiction, and it turns Muslim people away from God. Additionally, the Quran says that people must earn their money through hard work, not through luck. Even though the religion prohibits gambling, the regulation in Morocco is not so strict. Land-based casinos are allowed within the country, but online gambling is not mentioned by any law.

Online casinos cannot obtain a license in Morocco, so there are no official licensed sites based in the country. However, there is no law against individual players accessing offshore online casinos. Although technically unlicensed, these sites do not fall under the jurisdiction of the Moroccan government, so players can feel safe when accessing them.

No citizen has ever been prosecuted for accessing foreign online casino sites, so Moroccan gamblers can feel safe when this is in question. Most of the international online casinos welcome players from Morocco, and although only a few of those are available in Arabic, many support the French and Spanish language, which are also widely spoken in the country.

Online casinos in Morocco
History of gambling in Morocco

History of gambling in Morocco

Morocco gained its independence in 1956 after being under the protectorate of France. Casinos date back to 1952 before the nation gained its independence, with the first casino established being located in Marrakech. Casino de Marrakech has since been an international casino with stunning, world-class facilities.

The decree in 2002 by the Prime Minister fully legalized land-based gambling in the country, and at the moment there are 7 active casinos in Morocco. Given the fact that Morocco is a predominantly Muslim country, it is a surprise that the legislation is so soft on gambling compared to other Muslim countries.

The religion prohibits people from gambling, as it says that everything in life, including money, should be earned through hard work, not through games of chance and luck. The current state of the gambling laws contradicts all this, but Morocco as a country has been influenced by different cultures in the past, and they have without a doubt, had a massive contribution to the current gambling legislation.

On the other hand, Morocco is a tourist attraction, and foreign citizens love to visit casinos upon entering the country. Online gambling is not mentioned anywhere in the laws, and no domestic entity has been granted a licence. However, foreign sites have access to the market, and citizens can play at these online casinos without any repercussions, as there is no law prohibiting them from doing so.

The government does not blacklist these online casinos, and they are not interested in chasing individual citizens from gambling at these sites, so players enjoy playing their favourite games at their chosen online casinos.

Gambling nowadays in Morocco

The country regulates land-based gambling, and at the moment there are 7 casinos in Morocco. This is a different approach to gambling than other Muslim countries, as the Quran clearly states that all forms of gambling should not be allowed in the Muslim world. However, with Morocco being influenced by different cultures in the past, together with the fact that the country is a tourist attraction, they have taken a slightly softer approach and have allowed casinos to operate within the country.

Online gambling, on the other hand, is not mentioned anywhere in the regulations. The government does not issue licenses to any operator in the country, so it is presumably an illegal activity. However, foreign online casinos are not blocked from offering their services to Moroccan citizens, and they use that to attract as many players as possible. There are countless international online casinos accepting players from Morocco, who happily play there, as the government does not chase them for doing so.

History of gambling in Morocco
Future of online casinos in Morocco

Future of online casinos in Morocco

Online gambling is not mentioned anywhere in the gambling regulation of Morocco, which means that citizens can freely access foreign online and online casinos without facing any criminal charges for it. As a result, the popularity of online gambling in Morocco grows every day. More and more people have access to internet services and to online gambling sites, which adds to the excitement of playing at online casinos.

Young people tend to gamble online the most, and they are the ones pressuring the government to make that sector completely legal and regulated in the country, but with little success so far. The benefits of legalizing online gambling are vast: collecting more taxes, and the employment of people in the sector, so online gambling will become a good contributor to the Moroccan economy.

But, at the moment, there is no legislation planned which would cover online gambling, so players, for now, can only access international online casinos without any problem, the government is not interested in chasing them for gambling online. Of course, there are sites that are fraudulent and want to extract money from players, but that is normal in an unregulated market. Legalizing online gambling will help the government to block these sites and make sure players are safe when gambling online.

Future of online casinos in Morocco
Moroccan players' favourite online games

Moroccan players' favourite online games

Online poker is the favourite online game in worldwide markets among the young population, and it is no different in Morocco. Young people tend to be the majority of the players in the international online casinos, so the first game that they look for is online poker.

This is a game that requires a lot of skills but has a good element of fortune attached to it, so players are excited when playing it. online roulette and blackjack are also worth mentioning, as they have a long history and many versions of the game. They are also pretty easy to understand and play, so it comes as no surprise that they are among the favourites with the Moroccan gamblers.

Game providers

Morocco is not a regulated market when it comes to online gambling, but it is not forbidden for players to access international online casinos, and the best of those sites have integrated top-notch software providers, that have the best technology and they offer cutting-edge games to their players.

Upon registering to a reliable online casino brand, a player will notice that the games are offered from dozen of providers, and that list of providers include NetEnt, Microgaming, Blueprint, Play’n Go, Evolution Gaming, and many more. All of these game providers are present everywhere in the gambling world, so players from Morocco can rest assured of the quality and quantity of the games offered.

Popular casino games

The slots are also highly popular in Morocco, as players can choose from the video, the classic, or the jackpot slots. These slot games are also known to have progressive games that can offer more than three jackpots at a time

These jackpots change all the time, as they are progressive, and they will also change as soon as a certain jackpot is won. Table games are also popular in Morocco, with poker and blackjack in their standard versions being the pick of the lot.

Moroccan players' favourite online games
Most preferred casino bonus in Morocco

Most preferred casino bonus in Morocco

One of the deciding factors when choosing a online casino among the Moroccan gamblers is the type of bonuses it offers. All of the best international online casinos that accept players from Morocco hand out some interesting bonuses, and the favourite two promotions would be the welcome bonuses and the cashback option.

When any player registers to a certain online casino, they will be awarded a welcome bonus, which usually is the casino matching the first deposit of the player. Sometimes, even the second and the third deposit are matched by the online casino.

The second most popular promotion is the cashback option, and with this one, the player gets a certain amount of the money they wagered back, and that money can be used to either wager again or they can be withdrawn. This promotion does not come with a wagering requirement.

How to claim these bonuses

The first rule that Moroccan players need to know before accepting any bonus is that all of them come with certain terms and conditions that need to be read carefully. It is a standard practice that welcome bonuses have the most terms and conditions, and they can be claimed only by newly registered players at the online casino.

Also, these welcome bonuses have wagering requirements that the player needs to meet. These minimum requirements are not the same in every online casino, they are known to vary from one site to another.

The cashback option is pretty simple to use, the player plays the game for a certain period, and there is a minimum and maximum amount that can be withdrawn. Some bonuses can only be activated upon entering a bonus code.

Most preferred casino bonus in Morocco
Payment methods in Morocco

Payment methods in Morocco

A player can be certain that has accessed a reliable online casino when they check the payment methods it has integrated. The most popular payment methods are PayPal, MasterCard and Visa, and if these top-notch payment options are available, then that online casino is a partner with the biggest companies in the payment sector, and it is surely reliable and safe.

These banking options use the latest and the best technologies, so all the transactions made by players are safe and protected. Apart from the above-mentioned, players in Morocco can find the following payment methods at the best international casinos: Neteller, Skrill, Maestro, Instant Banking, and so on.

Less popular payment methods in Morocco

Players in Morocco tend to avoid certain payment methods, like prepaid vouchers or e-checks, as these options have slow deposit and withdrawals procedures.

They are safe to use, but a withdrawal request sometimes takes up to a month to be processed. As for the prepaid vouchers, they are not trusted because they ask players to enter information like the debit/credit card details upon requesting a withdrawal.

Payment methods in Morocco


Everything you need to know about casinos

Are online casinos legal in Morocco?

Online gambling in general is a gray zone in Morocco, as no regulation covers that field. With that being said, players can access international online casinos without any consequences, as the government is not interested in prosecuting players who do so.

Is there an option to play games for free at the online casinos?

There are numerous free games that can be played at the best foreign online casinos. These are only demo versions of the online casino games, and players do not win any money when playing them. These games are a good way to learn the rules and all the features before deciding to wager real money.

Is land-based gambling allowed in Morocco?

Yes, this is a sector of gambling that is allowed in the country. The government allows the citizens to gamble at the casinos in the country. It is a state-controlled monopoly, but it is an option for players.

How many casinos are there in Morocco?

At the moment there are 7 casinos in the country that are fully controlled by the state.

Are there welcome bonuses available upon registering to a online casino?

Every reliable international online casino offers welcome bonuses to Moroccan players. They only apply to newly registered players, and they most often come in the form of matching the first deposit. Any player needs to make sure to check the terms and conditions for that bonus before claiming it.

What payment methods are most used in online casinos in Morocco?

There are countless world-class online casinos that accept Moroccan players, and they all have almost all of the relevant payment methods integrated: MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, Neteller, Skrill and so on.

What is the legal gambling age in Morocco?

The legal gambling age in Morocco is 18.

What is the withdrawal time at a Moroccan online casino?

This depends on the payment method that the player has chosen. The best payment methods like MasterCard, Visa and PayPal tend to have very little withdrawal waiting time.

Is mobile gaming popular in Morocco?

Yes, the young population seems to enjoy mobile gaming, as the internet and mobile phone penetration are quite high.

What are the most popular online games among Moroccan players?

There are countless games for Moroccan players to choose from in the best offshore online casinos, but poker, blackjack and baccarat seem to be the favorite ones. They are simple to play, they have many versions, and they offer a good dose of excitement.