Top 10 ClickandBuy Online Casinos

ClickandBuy is an ideal, reputable payment option for mobile gamers. This international e-wallet banking platform is available for gamblers in various counties. Some of them include Austria, Germany, Canada, and Denmark. ClickandBuy's user base comprises more than 13 million people, with a considerable proportion of them being mobile gambling enthusiasts.

The latter only need a few minutes to set up their accounts and finance their mobile gaming accounts. Fortunately, the processing time is instant, and players don't have to wait long to start placing their wagers. This system is also convenient for those withdrawing cash from their ClickandBuy online casino accounts.

Top 10 ClickandBuy Online Casinos
How to make a deposit with ClickandBuyHow to make a withdrawal with ClickandBuy
How to make a deposit with ClickandBuy

How to make a deposit with ClickandBuy

ClickandBuy is an international e-wallet banking platform that is very suitable for mobile gamers. It provides easy access to funds and excellent customer service with no processing time needed on their end.

It is an excellent option if one wants quick cash in their pocket or needs some extra spending power without going through the hassle of withdrawing from a bank account.

ClickandBuy has over 40 different ways for players to fund their wallets. First, a player clicks on the deposit button and chooses the kind of account they have, such as a credit card or bank account.

Once the funds are confirmed, players can deposit by finding this option in their cashier section and submitting a request. These transactions typically happen instantaneously, with money hitting the casino balance within seconds of making the deposit.

The player goes through some steps. First, they find the 'deposit methods' option on the casino website. Clicking this option takes the player to a drop-down menu (to deposit into) and another page asking how much they want to deposit. The bettor is prompted to enter the amount and click 'send.'

This e-wallet program also allows users to withdraw money. They can link their bank account and cash out entirely or hold on to it to make future deposits at other sites.

How to make a deposit with ClickandBuy
How to make a withdrawal with ClickandBuy

How to make a withdrawal with ClickandBuy

The ClickandBuy service supports over 50 different currencies allowing players in many countries to make withdrawals.

Unfortunately, this electronic wallet is not available on US soil because of its high-security requirements from customers who want their money quickly after making deposits with major credit cards or bank transfers.

To make a withdrawal using ClickandBuy, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the account and select "withdrawal"

  2. Enter the desired withdrawal from the e-wallet (it can be combined with other currencies), then click on continue

  3. Review all details before submitting the form

  4. Once approved by casino staff members who process withdrawals on behalf of casinos, they will send an email containing detailed instructions

ClickandBuy is a popular payment method for withdrawing one's casino winnings. With this e-wallet, bettors can withdraw and transfer their money to an account or e-wallet with a fast withdrawal time, which usually occurs within minutes.

Some casinos do not limit how much money players can send out, so they could conceivably withdraw all their winnings.

How long is the processing time?

The withdrawal period is determined by the payment type chosen. E-wallets offer the fastest withdrawal, which can be done instantaneously in most cases. However, it can take up to an hour of going through all transactions for bank transfer payments, depending on when the last withdrawal was made using this method.

Making withdrawals with cards could take up to 24 hours, while those who have linked their checking accounts may have to wait for up to five days before the funds reflect in their accounts.

Making withdrawals on mobile

With the growth of mobile technology, it is easier than ever for people to transact business. For example, play in online casinos and deposit money using the phone, an e-wallet or conduct banking transactions with just a few clicks.

However, not all transactions are above board. Players should always ensure that whatever payment method they are using can protect them and any information exchanged during the transaction.

Many online casinos give players the option to withdraw money from their accounts via mobile phones. However, because of technical limitations, a user must have a verified email address for this service feature, available on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, but not Blackberry smartphones.

How to make a withdrawal with ClickandBuy