Multibanco Casinos - Safe Deposit

Multibanco is a famous Portuguese interbank network that gamblers can use to deposit money into their respective mobile casino accounts. This payment service processes about 60 million transactions monthly, thanks to the fact that it has earned many users' trust in Portugal.

Multibanco works like e-wallets and virtual credit cards. Most gamblers enjoy using the latter because they are impossible to lose. With this mobile casino payment option, managing one's account is amazingly easy.

One only needs to go to their MBNET account and choose an action, which could be adding funds, withdrawing cash back to their bank account, or making payments.

Multibanco Casinos - Safe Deposit
How to make a deposit with MultibancoHow to make a withdrawal with Multibanco
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How to make a deposit with Multibanco

How to make a deposit with Multibanco

Anyone playing real money casino games has to think through a list of payment methods offered by different providers. While the list of online casino payment methods keeps growing by the day, Multibanco, a Portuguese interbank network, is increasingly becoming popular. When it comes to loading funds into their playing accounts using Multibaco, punters start by setting up their respective accounts.

Multibanco stands out among punters for its ease of opening an account. The only condition is that one has to hold a Portuguese bank account. The account opening process can be completed online, though players have the option of visiting their local bank to get help opening their Multibanco account.

  1. After setting up their Multibanco account, punters should load some amount from their account. With the right amount of funds on their account, punters can then log into their preferred online casino, which must have Multibanco listed as one of the payment options.

  2. After a successful login, the player has to navigate through the casino's deposit options and click on Multibanco. From there, the player is prompted to enter their Multibanco card information (the card number, CVV, expiration date) and the amount to deposit.

  3. If all the information entered is correct, the punter can confirm and finalize the deposit transactions by inputting a unique payment reference number, usually sent to their phones via SMS by their respective banks. The transaction is processed immediately, meaning that punters can place wagers as soon as they complete the transaction process.

How to make a deposit with Multibanco
How to make a withdrawal with Multibanco

How to make a withdrawal with Multibanco

Making a withdrawal using Multibanco is as easy as making a deposit. The first step is ensuring their online casino account has enough funds, preferably higher than the withdrawal limit set by the casino.

Punters must log in to their casino accounts to start the withdrawal process. From there, they should proceed to the payment options section and select the Multibanco withdrawal option. Upon choosing Multibanco, they will be redirected to fill in some details.

Such include the card details and the withdrawal amount. However, two-factor authentication is not required for withdrawals. A player only needs to physically check and ensure all the information is correct and submit the withdrawal request.

Players might not necessarily have to input card details for subsequent withdrawals, only the withdrawal amount. That is especially when they use the same device, as the information will be stored automatically. The casino can send the funds withdrawn directly to the user's bank account or top up the Multibanco card, as per the user's preferences.

Multibanco withdrawal processing time

Unlike instant deposits, Multibanco's withdrawals take a little bit of time. The exact amount of time needed varies among different casinos. In most cases, it takes between three to five business days. That might seem long, but it is the industry standard for most payment options.

The controlling factor is how fast the online casino releases funds after receiving withdrawal requests. Some casinos that offer VIP membership process withdrawals faster for the VIP members. In some cases, users can access withdrawn funds within a day.

Transaction limits

Multibanco allows a minimum transaction limit of €10. That applies to both withdrawals and deposits. The transaction limit is usually capped at €1,000, at times more for international players.

However, the limit is not ideal for most players, especially high rollers, but it is still workable as punters can make more than one transaction per day. The transaction fees are also quite reasonable, such that punters affected by the limit might not have much to complain about.

Is It possible to withdraw on mobile?

Punters can withdraw their winnings via mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. In some casinos, the process is even a lot easier, thanks to the user interface of the casino apps.

Mobile withdrawals offer more convenience as punters can access their winnings anytime and from any place as long as they can access the internet. That comes in handy for the Portuguese punters who travel a lot but still wish to enjoy the local payment option benefits.

How to make a withdrawal with Multibanco
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