PayU Casinos - Safe Deposit

By allowing players to create accounts and enable payment options such as debit cards, credit cards, internet banking, and loyalty points, PayU is touted as the best way to bet on casino games.

Its mobile-optimised browser interface simplifies the entire payment process. Even better, it streamlines the experience of customers on bank webpages, which typically offer very little flexibility and are not mobile-friendly.

When processing a payment, PayU sends an OTP, reads it, and automatically detects it on the user’s mobile device. Among the tools provided by the payment provider is Magic retry, which allows customers to re-do a failed transaction from the last point it dropped.

PayU Casinos - Safe Deposit
How to make a deposit with PayUHow to make a withdrawal with PayUOpening a PayU accountResponsible gambling
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How to make a deposit with PayU

How to make a deposit with PayU

PayU users can link their credit card accounts or register with PayU partner banks. Once connected, they can transfer funds directly to online casinos. PayU operates under a proprietary algorithm that allows customers to complete online transactions with the most updated technology. That way, casino enthusiasts enjoy a frictionless experience, so they can start betting immediately.

PayU deposits are mobile-centric. They don’t require the entry of email address or mobile number on the checkout page. This is unlike other payment processors that require users to supply their sensitive data, which can be an unpleasant experience in case they have to play casino games on multiple sites.

Fortunately, online casinos accepting PayU allow punters to deposit with a single touch of a button. A convenient PayU Touch button is synchronized with Google Pay and Apple Pay or Google Pay so that gamers don’t need to leave the casino website.

To place a PayU deposit, the player needs to:

  1. Register with a reputable PayU casino
  2. Go to the deposit section on the cashier page
  3. Select the PayU logo from a variety of payment methods
  4. Hit the PayU Touch button that directs to the checkout system (New users will need to log in to PayU, but it’s the only time they’ll do this)
  5. Input the deposit sum
  6. Confirm payment and receive the receipt

That’s it! Depositing to an online casino with PayU is that simple and takes less than 30 minutes to reach the destined casino account. The casino will, of course, have a minimum deposit limit, so it’s good to check the wagering conditions before initiating a transaction.

However, each PayU partner bank has a maximum spending limit, which shouldn’t be a big deal as most of the limits exceed the minimum required at online casinos.

How to make a deposit with PayU
How to make a withdrawal with PayU

How to make a withdrawal with PayU

Claiming winnings with PayU is easy.

  • Visit the corresponding withdrawals section of the PayU casino
  • From a drop-down list of payment methods, click on the PayU logo
  • Provide the PayU payment link
  • Receive payment directly to the linked bank account or virtual current account

PayU withdrawal timeframe is typically longer than depositing, not to mention online casino payouts are subject to internal validation. This could mean a couple of days before the cash reaches the bank account.

Luckily, PayU allows users to view the transaction status in most countries, particularly in Latin America. It is easier to tell if the cash is underway or has failed. A good rule of thumb is to read and understand the wagering conditions before requesting a payout with the online casino.

As far as withdrawal limits go, each casino has its own standards. Cash-out rules are normal, but a few casinos have no limitation, so anything withdrawn will be processed. Any player who hits a jackpot should first check the casino’s withdrawal limit.

That way, they will know how much to request per transaction to avoid disappointments at a PayU casino. There are various kinds of limitations, from daily, weekly, to monthly limits. Once the winner exhausts their allowance, they should wait until the next cycle to cash out.

Withdrawing on mobile

PayU offers straightforward withdrawals on mobile. The three underlying accounts that can receive payment include the connected bank account, a virtual current account, and a virtual nodal account. A virtual current account is available to every PayU user.

Its IFSC code comes from the member bank branch where the PayU account is linked. Customers may have multiple virtual current accounts in the same banking institution or different banks. So, casino players withdrawing to this account simply direct their payouts through the PayU dashboard provided by the casino site.

On the other hand, a virtual nodal account can receive settlements from PayU gateway or another payment processor. It is more preferred for online gamers who don’t want to involve their banks. Lastly, the connected bank account uses the PayU dashboard and APIs.

This one doesn’t need a virtual account. Here, PayU acts as an intermediary rather than a fund management service. The winnings go directly to the bank account.

Safety and security of PayU transactions

Leaving the card and banking details out of an online casino transaction sounds convenient, but online safety is the paramount concern. Many gamblers opt for PayU because of the added security layer. PayU acts as a barrier between the bank account and the casino site, reducing the risk of identity theft and fraud.

Since PayU uses PCI-DSS compliant servers, it assures the safety of card information, as the provider follows the security protocols and practices issued by the Payments Card Industry. PayU secure databases store information about the card number and expiration date, but never the CVV.

The card details are never exposed to third parties as the financial data is encrypted with 128-bit SSL during transmission. Tokenized PayU transactions are more secure than regular bank and credit card transfers.

PayU is intended to protect consumers from fraud every time they transact online. This is guaranteed by the 3D Secure system. Issuing banks implement a two-step authentication for all PayU payments as part of the PSD 2 regulations (Payment Security Directive 2). 3D Secure 2.0 is the latest version of the protocol that processes requests as per the SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) requirements.

How to make a withdrawal with PayU
Opening a PayU account

Opening a PayU account

PayU offers multiple features for managing funds. PayU payment links allow individuals to collect cash online, without involving an online banking page or ATM. Here is a step-by-step process for signing up.

  • Log on to the PayU dashboard
  • Click the sign-up button
  • Fill in the necessary information including your name, mobile number, date of birth, and password
  • Get a payment link
  • Start transacting with the above link

The KYC online activation takes a matter of seconds. With a PayU account, the customer can access all payment options from UPI, virtual wallets, bank wire, and credit cards. There are no monthly balance requirements and one can transact as many times as possible.

Online casino gamblers have an added advantage because they can track their spending and check bank balances from an all-inclusive platform. They may download the report as well.

Opening a PayU account
Responsible gambling

Responsible gambling

There’s nothing wrong about betting on games of luck once in a while, but the activity should stay moderate. Unfortunately, there are vulnerable gamers who are susceptible to problem gambling because of substance abuse, miscalculations, stress, or addictive personality behavior.

Any online gamer experiencing this issue should:

  • Cut back the activity or stop
  • Gamble with a set budget
  • Accept loss
  • Control emotions whether they win or lose
  • Join support groups for gambling advice
Responsible gambling
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