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Top ZainCash Online Casinos

ZainCash is a mobile wallet service that operates in Iraq and makes it easy for people to exchange money throughout the country.

As well as allowing users to send money to each other and use their ZainCash wallet at physical locations, the service can also be used on various websites, including a number of online casinos that support ZainCash as a deposit method.

While the number of online casinos that currently accept ZainCash is relatively limited, the service is top-rated among users of online casinos in Iraq who may not have access to credit or debit cards and other banking services.

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Top  ZainCash Online Casinos

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Deposit with ZainCash

Deposit with ZainCash

The first step to making an online casino deposit with ZainCash is to set up and charge a ZainCash account. Users in Iraq can do this easily by downloading the ZainCash app onto their mobile devices. Both Android and iOS devices are supported by ZainCash at present.

However, users should be aware that ZainCash only allows online transactions using US dollars; balances held in Iraqi dinars cannot be used online at present. Therefore, any users maintaining a balance denominated in dinars who want to use ZainCash to make a deposit at an online casino will have to visit a ZainCash office in order to convert their existing balance into US dollars.

Once a ZainCash account has been set up and the wallet has been loaded at a local office, online casino fans can make a deposit at a supported platform simply by scanning a QR code using the ZainCash app.

The transaction is usually instant, and money will be available in the player’s online casino account within minutes of the transaction being completed. This means that ZainCash is one of the easiest ways to get cash into an online casino in Iraq, assuming supported casinos are available.

Getting Started with ZainCash at Online Casinos

Making a deposit at an online casino using ZainCash is a very straightforward process. The main barrier at the moment is the low number of online casinos that accept ZainCash as a means of payment. However, once a user has found one, the process of getting started is pretty simple.

The main thing to keep in mind before making the first deposit is to check whether the casino has any special offers available. Many online casinos offer attractive incentives the first time that a new user makes a deposit with them.

Users making a casino deposit with ZainCash are no exception. The most common type of online casino promotion is a matched deposit promotion. This means that the amount of money that a user deposits with ZainCash will be matched in the form of free bets in a user’s online casino account.

Users should also keep in mind that they will have to convert their ZainCash deposit into US dollars before they are able to use it at an online casino or to make any other online purchase. This is an issue with the ZainCash platform rather than any particular online casino.

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