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Thailand 🇹🇭
Cambodia 🇰🇭
Vietnam 🇻🇳
Indonesia 🇮🇩
Generous Bonus Offers 💰
24/7 Customer Support 📞
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When it comes to online casinos, FAFA191 is among the best in the business because of the wide variety of games it offers. You'll have access to an amazing range of choices - including Caribbean Stud, Casino War, Football Betting, Blackjack, Texas Holdem, and countless others. The game library at FAFA191 is frequently updated. Therefore, you can always find something fresh to play. The casino has top games from the leading software providers, such as Pragmatic Play, Dragonfish (Random Logic), Dream Gaming, Evolution Gaming. So, no matter what kind of games you're looking for, you'll be able to find them easily and quickly at FAFA191.


Blackjack is an interesting game that is available at Fafa191 Casino. There are different variations of the game and also players can enjoy playing Live Blackjack with a live dealer. The gameplay is very simple, and players can master the rules very fast. The idea of the game is to get a hand that is closer to 21, without going higher. Players have different options to improve their hands like hit, stand, double down, and split.


Roulette is a very popular game that attracts a lot of players. The good news is that there are many different variations of the game available at Fafa191 and what is more, players can play the game at the live dealer section. At first look, roulette may seem a bit complicated but once players master the basic rules they can adapt to any variation available.

Fafa191 has kicked things up a level and offers live roulette games featuring real-life dealers. These kinds of games offer an experience like being in a real casino and still avoiding the crowds and playing their favorite games in peace.

Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger is a game that is kind of like a combination of Baccarat and Casino War that makes use of traditional Asian symbolism. The game is very easy to play and players can learn the rules very fast. There are three bets available, a bet on the dragon, a bet on the tiger, and a bet on a tie. Some variations of the game offer more betting options, and players can explore playing those games at Fafa191 Casino.


Baccarat is probably one of the simplest casino games players can find at Fafa191 Casino. The most interesting part of Baccarat is that players don’t have to do anything once they place their bets. The only decision they have to make is the amount they want to wager and what kind of a bet they want to place. Players can bet on the Banker's hand, the Player's hand, or bet on a Tie. The idea of the game is to get a hand that totals 8 or 9. In some cases, it is possible to receive a third card, and the rules for this are already predetermined. Players can find one of the many different variations of baccarat at Fafa191 Casino, and what is more, the game is available at the Live Casino section as well.


Poker is one of the most played card games at Fafa191 Casino. Players can find different variations of the game and on top of that, they can also play Live Casino Poker which offers the ultimate experience. The good news is that you don't have to be an expert to win big and have some fun. Anyhow, players who know the basic rules at least will improve their chances of winning.

As we said before, there are tons of different variations of poker available online. Some of them will require knowledge and skill while others will require just one quick decision based on a little knowledge and a hunch. One variation of poker that stands out is the Fast-paced Casino Hold’em. In this variation, players have to make only one decision once they place their bet. They have to decide whether they will call or pass based on the strength of their first two cards. When they pass, they lose the ante bet, and when they call they will see two more community cards and make the best five-card poker hand.

Players will play against the dealer only in this version of the game. The good news here is that the dealer will qualify only when they have a pair of fours or better, so even if the player misses, they can still win big cash.


Slot games are probably some of the most played games at any casino. They offer such a diversity that can’t be found in any other game. Starting from classic slots which bring a nostalgic feeling to players to the latest slots which are packed with new and exciting features. The good news is that players can play online video slot games at Fafa191 Casino for free in fun mode without having to deposit any funds. This is a great opportunity to learn how the game works and practice the rules without spending any money. All the games are grouped so players can easily find what they are looking for. They can even take advantage of the search tool, every time they know the exact game they want to play.

Players who are chasing mega prizes should try one of the many progressive jackpot slots. These kinds of games offer life-changing wins, but players need to keep in mind that they usually have to make a maximum bet if they want to qualify for the big prize. These are some of the most appreciated features that online video slot games offer:

  • Bonus features – there are slot games that offer exciting bonus features that offer lucrative wins.
  • Volatile payouts – these kinds of slots offer significant payouts, but on fewer occasions. Players who are prepared to wait for the big bucks, rather than regular smaller payouts should try these kinds of games.
  • Scatter symbols – these symbols will not only trigger a feature but will also offer a payout every time they appear on the reels.
  • Wilds – slots that have wild symbols offer more payouts compared to slots that don’t have wilds. The wild symbol will stand in for any other symbol to complete a winning line and sometimes they even come with a multiplier.


Nowadays, playing the lottery online is way easier and many players choose this form of entertainment. Another great thing is convenience, players can choose to play several lines many times simply by saving the numbers.

To play, players need to have funds into their accounts and choose the game they wish to play. Choose the draw day and enter the numbers they want to play. Some lottery tickets offer the Lucky Dip button which will automatically enter numbers into the boxes.

Common Lottery Myths

Certain myths revolve around gambling. This time we will share some common myths and misunderstandings about lottery games and help players learn the facts.

Myth #1 – Players believe that they will win if they play the same numbers every time.

This is not true, because a lottery, just like any casino game, is completely random and there is no way to predict the outcome of the game. When it comes to playing the lottery, each number has an equal chance of being drawn.

Myth #2 – Knowing the drawn numbers from the previous game will help players to form winning combinations.

Winning-number frequency charts are interesting to analyze, but as we said before, each number has an equal chance of being drawn. And again, players can’t predict the outcome of the game.

Myth #3 – Playing constantly will increase one’s chances of winning.

One more time, winning numbers are random, so players have the same chance of winning no matter what day of the week is.

Myth #4 – If I keep playing, my luck will change. This is another misconception because each time a person places a bet the odds are not more in their favor than they were before.


Keno is another very interesting game to play, mainly because it offers lots of ways to play and lots of ways to win. This is an easy game where players have to choose from 1 to 10 spots and choose the amount they want to wager on each game. It is also possible to choose how many games players want to play in a row. Players can also take advantage of the Quick Pick feature and let the computer randomly pick numbers.

Another very interesting feature is the Bonus Multiplier which offers a chance to multiply prizes. What players need to keep in mind is that the Bonus Multiplier will also double the total ticket cost.


Sportsbetting is another form of gambling that Thai players enjoy. For that reason, Fafa191 has many different types of sports so players can choose from and find the one that they want. Players can find games from 4 major sports game providers AFB88, SBOBET, IBCBET, and EZGAME.

Football betting

Football is one of the most popular sports that players like to bet on. Football betting is available in many forms including AFB2 sports, SBO sports, SABA sports, and EZGAMES, just to name some.

Real Money Games

At Fafa191, players can find different games to play and they are all divided into different sections including the following ones:

  • Sports games – Players can bet on live sports games for popular matches around the world. Some of the available sports include football, basketball, boxing, badminton, tennis, snooker, pool, and automotive sports, just to name some. There are games from 4 major companies AFB88, SBOBET, IBCBET, and EZGAME.
  • Baccarat – Fafa191 Casino offers different baccarat games that suit both low rollers and high rollers too. Players can find games that offer a minimum bet of only 10 baht here at the casino.
  • Live Casino Games – playing games live is the ultimate experience a player can have in an online casino. Some of the games that can be found here include Roulette, Blackjack, Three Card Blackjack, Sic Bo, Tiger / Dragon, BullBull, and poker card games, just to name some.
  • Slots – players can find many different video slot games here at Fafa191 Casino from 11 software providers BG, PT, HABA, MG, W88, GOLD, JOKER123, SA, PPLAY, 918KISS, and PLAYSTAR.
  • Lottery – at Fafa191, players can find Thai lottery, Vietnamese lottery, and lottery in 3D and 4D formats.
  • Cockfighting – this is one of the most popular sports to bet on in Asia. The games come from 2 companies, SV388 and S128.
  • Trading stocks / Forex – this is a stock and forex trading game to play offering charts that need to be analyzed before placing a bet.