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Thailand 🇹🇭
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Responsible Gaming

Responsible Gaming

When it comes to gaming, FAFA191 is all about encouraging ethical behavior. FAFA191 is committed to ensuring that its users have a positive and secure gaming experience. Thanks to the casino's dedication to player protection and ethical betting, it’s a popular go-to place for those seeking just such conditions.

Fafa191 Casino wants all their customers to have fun and enjoy their time playing games. Most players enjoy gambling responsibly every time, while others display signs of problem gambling behavior. Fafa191 provides tools, information, and assistance finding help. Some of the most innovative and robust responsible gaming safeguards include the following ones:


Players can choose to take a break from gambling for some time. They can choose to self-exclude themselves from gambling and close their account and they can't reopen it until the time expires. Players can set self-exclusion themselves or they can ask for help from a Customer Agent through the Live Chat feature.

Self-exclusion is a form of commitment that players make to themselves to voluntarily agree with the online casino not to gamble for a chosen time. Self-exclusion helps people to step away from gambling and focus on other aspects of their lives.

These are some signs that a player needs to take a break from gambling:

  • When a player doesn’t enjoy gambling as they used to.
  • When gambling is causing financial, health, or relationship problems.
  • When a player feels they can benefit from taking a break.
  • When a player feels stressed because of gambling.
  • When the urge to gamble is becoming uncontrollable.
  • When a player feels that gambling is taking over all aspects of one’s life.
  • When a player focuses solely on winning back losses.

Age verification

Fafa191 Casino utilizes age and identity verification technology to make sure that all players who join the casino are of legal age, to gamble. When the casino finds a minor to play at their casino, they will confiscate all their winnings and inform the local law enforcement.

Play History – This is a very helpful tool that helps players monitor the time and money they spend playing at the casino. They can check in their personalized account history which will provide them with a full overview of the games played and the amount wagered on each game.

Tips for Betting Responsibly

What players need to understand is that moderation is the key to responsible gaming. Gambling should be seen as a form of entertainment and not a way to earn an income. We are positive that if players approach gambling knowing what to expect then they will not have any issues. Here are some responsible gaming tips players should take into consideration:

  • Players shouldn't think of gambling as a way to earn an income, but instead, they should see gambling as a leisure time activity.
  • Players should set time and money limits every time they play. The most important part here is to stick to the limits they make.
  • Players should wager only the amount they can afford to lose.
  • Players shouldn’t allow other people to pressure them into playing.
  • Players should take regular breaks and enjoy other activities that are not related to gambling.
  • Gambling shouldn’t be a necessary part of having a good time.
  • Players should avoid gambling when they are upset or lonely.

Problem Gambling

Gambling addiction can affect anyone, and players should be aware of this fact. The good news is that once gambling addiction is detected it can be treated successfully, only if the gambler wants to recover from this addiction. The first, and most difficult step is to determine whether one has a problem or not. Here are some warning signs that players should consider:

  • Missing work or school to gamble.
  • When gambling is causing problems with one’s family.
  • When gamblers lie about the time they spend gambling.
  • When gamblers are unable to stop or control their betting.
  • When gamblers borrow money to play.
  • When players try to win money by gambling to resolve financial problems.
  • When players start selling personal belongings to get money for gambling.
  • When players spend money gambling that should have gone to pay their bills.
  • When they gamble more to recover their losses.
  • When they are prepared to commit a crime to get money for gambling.

Players who believe that they have a gambling problem or they know someone who has can find help from the following national organizations:

The National Council on Problem Gambling

730 11th Street, NW

Suite 301

Washington, DC 20002


National Help Line


Gam-Anon International Services Office, Inc.

PO Box 157

Whitestone, NY 11357-0157