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For anyone who is a fan of games like bingo or keno but wants some more excitement from their play, then Evolution’s First Person Mega Ball might be just the thing to try out. Based on the same developer’s live Mega Ball game, a classic amongst live casino fans, this version brings all the gameplay but is more suited for solo players who need that flexibility on where and when to play. Read on for all the details on First Person Mega Ball, including all the gameplay features, all the key strategies and all the key stats.

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What is First Person Mega Ball?

The First Person series of games are something of a companion set of games to developer Evolution’s famous series of live casino games. The First Person Mega Ball is the counterpart to the original Mega Ball, except that it removes all the live aspects such as a host, game times, or a studio environment.

The game itself keeps the main features of the live game, which is effectively an enhanced version of bingo where numbers are drawn from a machine. The player has one or more cards and crosses off the numbers that appear, with wins coming from rows, columns or even full cards of numbers being drawn. In the First Person Mega Ball 20 numbers are drawn all at once and automatically marked off on player cards, with the titular Mega Ball coming afterwards as the 21st number with a multiplier attached.

As a game, there are several advantages to the Mega Ball First Person over the live original. To start with, there are no set times to play and the game is available 24/7, so it can be played at whatever time suits the player. There’s also no rush to bet and the whole game is much faster to play so overall it’s a much more convenient game.

How to Play First Person Mega Ball

Much like playing bingo either online or offline, playing First Person Mega Ball starts with the player buying one or more cards to play on, with each card bought at the same wager level. Up to 200 cards can be played in each round, with a wager level of as low as 0.10 per card, and there is no real maximum win listed which is standard in this series of games.

Once all cards have been bought, just hit spin and the machine will drop the initial 20 balls with any matches being crossed off and the win total being updated. After this, a multiplier wheel will spin and select a multiplier up to 25x. This doesn’t apply to the regular wins gained up until then, but instead applies to any lines that are made once a 21st ball, called the Mega Ball, is dropped afterwards.

Wins on the 5x5 card come from one of the 5 rows of numbers, the 5 columns of numbers, or the 2 diagonal lines as well, unlike regular bingo. Filling a card pays the same as covering all 12 lines but there is no extra payout to it. There aren’t any extra parts to the game, so no bonus games or special modes, and it is overall a simple game concept.

Play First Person Mega Ball for Free

As most Evolution games are only live titles, they don’t generally offer demo versions of their games that can be played for free, and they’ve extended this to their First Person games. Currently there’s no way to play First Person Mega Ball for free.

Play First Person Mega Ball for Real Money

To play First Person Mega Ball online for real money, a verified account with an online casino is needed, plus enough funds in the account through deposits. Once the account is made, the game can be found usually in the table games section.

Other Games in the First Person Series

While First Person Mega Ball is a unique concept in the Evolution library, with only its live version playing the same way, there are a large and growing number of games in their First Person games series. These games even share a common feature across all of them, which is a ‘Go Live’ button that immediately opens up the live version of each game instead.

First Person Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher was Evolution’s first ever live casino game and proved so popular that it now serves as the base of all of their biggest wheel game titles. Even the famous Crazy Time officially has Dream Catcher in the title. While the live version is a huge game show production, the First Person version is a much more simplified one with bets placed on winning values that are around the board.

Higher value symbols pay more when they win but there are less of them around the board so the chances of landing on them are lower. There are also 2 multiplier spaces which then apply to the next spin, and these multipliers can stack if the wheel manages to land on them on consecutive spins.

First Person Football Studio

So far there has been a ball game and a wheel game, so it’s time to look at a dice game, or at least the original was. Like the live version, First Person Football Studio simulates a real football match, but unlike the live version, it does it with one card draw instead of two dice. Bets can be placed both before the ‘match’ starts and after the first half finishes, with the only difference in the First Person version being the lack of a dealer to host the game.

How to win at First Person Mega Ball

Like all Evolution games, and most casino games in general, there are no real strategies or special tricks to winning at the First Person Mega Ball as everything is decided by a random number generator that gives results. That means there is zero chance of predicting outcomes and it’s all completely based on chance.

The only real choice that has an effect on choosing how many cards to play at once, although because each card has a separate wager on it, no cards affect each other so it’s just a matter of quantity.

Odds and Payouts

Exact odds are extremely difficult to calculate in either of the Mega Ball games, as there are so many factors that can affect things. In theory, a winning card is one with at least one line complete, and through some complex mathematical workings, getting at least one line has roughly a 15% chance for each card. Getting one line is around an 11% chance, with two lines on a single card at around 1%.

Without the multiplier being involved, a base payout for a single line is 1x, for two lines is 5x, and this goes all the way up to 10,000x for each card. While the odds are naturally quite small for it, the numbers that start coming out of that are massive.

RTP of First Person Mega Ball

Overall the official RTP of First Person Mega Ball stands at 95.40%, which is calculated by how much would be expected to be paid out over the course of 1000 games, or game cards in this case. That means that across a longer game session, the player can expect to get back 95.40% of wagers made, although this number only becomes more accurate at a high number of games played and it won’t reflect the expected outcome over, say, 10 or even 50 cards.

The Experience of Playing First Person Mega Ball

While underneath all of the graphics, this is essentially a more elaborate bingo game, those graphics, along with the sounds and the overall design make First Person Mega Ball an experience far beyond any game it resembles. Compared to the live version, it’s much simpler as an atmosphere, but at the same time it’s also a lot more relaxed to play without the rush or noise around it.

Mega Ball in First Person shouldn’t really be seen as another version of the live Mega Ball game, but is better used as an alternate game to play alongside it when the player wants to play without too much hype or excitement.

What is Evolution?

When it comes to live casino games, Evolution Gaming is the company that casinos go to as they have been the highest standard in the field for more than a decade and a half. Aside from those examples made by certain large casinos themselves, pretty much every live game found at online casinos comes from them.

The hallmark of an Evolution game is a kind of production quality that is unmatched by any other developer. All of their games are extremely polished, with the live games resembling professional-level game shows. While the First Person games don’t have the same massive flair, all the polish and shine are still there.

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What is the RTP of First Person Mega Ball?

The exact RTP can vary between different casinos slightly. However, the officially listed RTP is 95.40%, which is around average when compared to slots or other casino games. Remember though that it is only an average and shouldn’t be used as a reliable outcome.

How do you win First Person Mega Ball?

Wins come from filling out lines on the bingo-like cards which are ‘bought’ before the start of the game in the same way as making a wager in other games. Each card bought pays out separately, and larger wins need multiple lines on a single card, not across different ones.

Are there any bonuses or extras in First Person Mega Ball?

Apart from the Mega Ball multiplier that applies to the spin each time, it is possible, although rare, for the multiplier to spin again and release a 22nd ball into the game. The highest of the two multipliers that land will then apply to any wins made by either one of the Mega Balls.

Is First Person Mega Ball safe to play?

Evolution are up there amongst the most trusted and reputable developers around, and their games use the very best in security and encryption technology, making their games extremely safe to play.

What’s the minimum bet in First Person Mega Ball?

Each card in the game starts at 0.10, although up to 200 cards can be played on a single set of balls. That means the minimum bet for a full game stands at 20.