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For those looking for a completely different type of game to try than slots or cards, or anyone who ever wanted to try out roulette but could never find the place or right time to play, First Person Roulette from Evolution might be exactly what is needed.

It brings all the fun of the game without all the hassle needed to play it, giving the top roulette experience and gameplay from the comfort of home or even on the move, whenever someone wants to play without waiting. Read on for the full details on First Person Roulette plus other games in the First Person series.

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What is First Person Roulette?

What is First Person Roulette?

First Person Roulette is a game released by veteran developer Evolution as one of the flagship titles in their First Person game series, but what are First Person casino games? This series is all about the solo player experience, going hand-in-hand with the developer’s massive library of live casino games played with a dealer, host, and other players.

Using the single zero roulette model as a base, First Person Roulette removes all of the people involved in the game and instead uses a complex random number generator to give results. However, there is still a full table, wheel, and ball setup in place, all carefully crafted in high-quality 3D graphics, so it won’t just be showing numbers on-screen.

First Person Roulette vs other roulette games

The biggest benefit of playing First Person Roulette online, compared to playing in a casino or a live game, is that it’s very convenient. Instead of waiting for a live game to start or for a space at a table to open at a casino, this version can be played anywhere and at any time. There are also no time limits for placing bets and no dealer to rush everything along, meaning players can take their time with their play. It’s a much more relaxed experience when a more calm casino session is preferred.

What is First Person Roulette?
How to Play First Person Roulette

How to Play First Person Roulette

Playing First Person Roulette is the same as any standard roulette game in the rules.

  • Players make a bet on where the ball will land on the spinning wheel, with the more exact bets being worth more when they win. For instance, betting that it will land on an odd number is a low payout, but betting on only one number pays the most.
  • In regular roulette games, all players place bets at the same time before a dealer then spins the wheel. In First Person Roulette, wagers are made in the same manner. However, the player is the one to spin the wheel more like in a slot game.
  • Wagers start as low as $0.50 although this can be increased, and multiple bets can be made on a single spin of the wheel to cover more potential results.
  • To make a bet, chips can be dragged onto the table from the pile, and to keep things simple, there are no side bets or extras. There is a rebet function to repeat the same bet setup as the previous spin, and the game speed can be increased to make everything go faster or reduced to slow things down.

Play First Person Roulette for Free

Just like with the live Evolution games, there aren’t any demo versions of First Person Roulette out there to play. It’s only available as a real money game.

Play First Person Roulette for Real Money

To play First Person Roulette online for real money, a verified account in a reputable online casino is needed as well as enough funds in the account through deposits. The best part is, once signup is complete, it gives access to the full range of Evolution games, as they all come as one package, including the original live roulette version.

How to Play First Person Roulette
Different Versions of First Person Roulette

Different Versions of First Person Roulette

As First Person Roulette is one of the original games in the series, there are not any different types of games online, but also different versions of roulette itself available, both of which are also based on the live versions of the same name. As a note, there is a ‘Go Live’ button in all of these games, which will take you directly to the live version of the same game. The live versions follow all the same rules in each case, except there is a live host, and games may not always be available depending on schedules.

American Roulette Version

This version uses the same basic structure as the original, with the same graphics and general design of layout and controls, except it uses the double-zero standard from American roulette. In European roulette, the single zero is the space where only the casino wins, while the American variant has effectively two zero symbols. This means that the house edge is larger in American roulette and less favorable for the player. Apart from that, though, all other bets and rules operate the same as in the original.

Lightning Roulette Version

This version has a wheel with the European setup, so it’s closer to the original, except for one major difference. On every spin of the wheel, between one and five of the numbers will get a multiplier applied to it. These multipliers can go between 50x and 500x, although which numbers get them is only revealed after all bets are confirmed and the wheel starts spinning. Multipliers only apply to wins with a straight, single-number bet, although this doesn’t affect other normal bets.

Different Versions of First Person Roulette
How to win at First Person Roulette

How to win at First Person Roulette

In the simplest terms, as First Person Roulette is based entirely on a random number generator, it is a luck-based game in the same category as traditional roulette. Unlike skill-based games, for example poker or blackjack where player choices directly affect the outcomes, luck-based games like roulette, bingo, or lotteries have outcomes entirely based on chance, with the player having no real control over the result.

For that reason, there aren’t any hard strategies that can be used in First Person Roulette, as once the bets are placed, it comes purely down to where the ball lands. However, there are several key concepts that can help to understand and make decisions.

Odds and Payouts

Any bet where there are close to 50% chances of winning, for example evens/odds or red/blacks, always pays out at 1:1.

  • The high chance of winning means that the payout is naturally lower.
  • Then there are “dozens” bets, where the bet is on a range of 12 numbers, a smaller range than before but with slightly better payouts of 2:1 to match it.
  • The highest payout available is 35:1 with a “straight” bet on a single number, although the odds of this are only 2.7% so chances are much lower. These are universal across all spins, as each spin won’t affect any later spins.

Placing more than one bet on a single spin is an option, and in regular roulette games, it’s very common to see players doing this. This is a tactic to essentially cover all the bases for wins. However, as each bet is separate, the player needs to balance increasing the chance of a result with the cost of the bets in the first place.

RTP of First Person Roulette

The other number to keep in mind is the RTP of European roulette, which sits at 97.30%. RTP, or Return To Player, is the average amount a player may expect to get back of their original wagers based on 1000 spins. The benchmark for a good RTP in casino games, in general, is 96%, so 97.30% is a fairly favorable number for players. What is very important to remember is that RTP is only ever an average. The actual amount of paying wins over your session could have much higher or lower real results.

How to win at First Person Roulette
The Experience of Playing First Person Roulette

The Experience of Playing First Person Roulette

What makes Evolution titles like First Person Roulette so appealing amongst others is the extremely high production values and user interfaces, which are just common sense to the player. They are more well-known for their live-hosted titles with the feel of game shows. However, their solo titles are equally polished.

This game in particular replicates the real experience of being at a roulette table as closely as possible, with top-level sound effects and visuals. The player interaction of actually dragging chips onto the table and watching a ‘real’ ball go around the wheel is equally immersive and improves the entire experience.

What is Evolution Gaming?

Founded all the way back in 2006, Evolution Gaming is a gold-standard provider of good casino games, and specializes mainly in creating and running live casino games from their studios, using hundreds of live hosts and dealers. Amongst 3rd-party providers, they are easily the number one name in live casino play.

Evolution games are famously made with extremely high production values, including multiple big-wheel games that look and sound like professionally produced game shows. The most well-known are games like Crazy Time, Mega Ball, and the licensed Monopoly Live, which takes the classic board game and gives it the full 3D graphics treatment, especially for this game.

The Experience of Playing First Person Roulette
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What is the RTP of First Person Roulette?

First Person Roulette is based on the European roulette model, so it has the same RTP of 97.30%. This means that on average, for every 100 made in bets, the expected return would be 97.3, although this is just an average and can be higher or lower.

How do you win First Person Roulette?

Choosing the right number is the way to win, just like with regular roulette games. However, there are no real strategies or tricks to winning, as it uses an RNG (random number generator) system to generate the results.

Are there any bonuses or extras in First Person Roulette?

First Person Roulette is a straight roulette game, so there aren’t any extras like multipliers, bonus games or anything like that. All the player can do is move the chips to the betting table, hit spin and watch the ball go.

Is First Person Roulette safe to play?

As far as developers go, Evolution is one of the most well-known and reputable out there. When playing an Evolution game, the player’s money is handled with extreme security through layers of encryption, so it’s as safe as anything online.

What’s the minimum bet in First Person Roulette?

The lowest amount for a single bet is 0.50, although many bets can be placed on a single spin, so it’s up to the player to decide exactly what the lowest bet is.