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Online slots, slot machines, and more specifically real money slot games like God of Fortune are among the top player picks for many reasons: they’re exciting and engaging, offer you a chance to win real money and the rules are pretty straightforward, making them easy to play too. God of Fortune with its striking Chinese theme, classic three reel slots and eight paylines effortlessly ticks all the boxes.

When it comes to simple, high-quality iGaming entertainment, you can’t go wrong with this online slots favorite that provides you with an opportunity to win big too. Join us as we take you through the basics of how to play online slots, along with tips and strategies to help you win real money.

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What is the God of Fortune?

What is the God of Fortune?

I suppose a more fitting header would be Who is God of Fortune? Well, the god of fortune himself leads at the top of the online casino slot screen, clad in traditional attire in line with the game’s red and gold Chinese theme. Considering the meaning behind ’fortune’, we imagine he represents or imparts good luck to players and/or large sums of money. So, it’s good luck to win large sums of money? We’ll take it!

God of Fortune is an uncomplicated 3x3 online slot game by Gameplay Interactive that delivers immense fun and rewards. If you’ve ever dabbled in online slots, you'll know how thrilling it can be to hit the spin button and watch your symbols match and winnings rise. Ramping up the allure is the instant play feature that gives you the freedom to play video slots anytime, anywhere.

While it’s not exactly one of the more advanced online casino games with progressive jackpots, it does offer laid back gambling pleasure for seasoned enthusiasts of video slots. It's also quite an exhilarating ride for beginners with little to no skill or expertise required thanks to its simple rules and easy structure with three spinning reels and eight pay-lines. The goal? To spin the reels and match the ancient symbols on the pay-lines. The more pay-lines you hit and match, the more you win.

Ready to play slots online? Let’s take you through some of the common terms used for games in an online slots casino and the steps to how to play.

What is the God of Fortune?
How to Play God of Fortune Online Slot Machines

How to Play God of Fortune Online Slot Machines

Before plunging into our easy step-by-step guide on how online slots work, we’re going to explain some of the popular terms you’ll come across in the casino game, as well as the basic rules of play. These are important to grasp if you’d like an opportunity to win real money:

Reels Explained

Online slots generally have either three reels or five reels and each reel usually features between one and five symbols. The combination of these two elements is expressed as the number of reels by the number of slots. For example, God of Fortune has three reel slots and three symbols per reel, making it a 3x3 slot game.


To win while playing online casino slots, you need to hit a winning combination on a pay-line. So the term 'pay-line' is quite literal because you get paid for landing on it. Video slot games can have as little as three pay-lines — which also translates to three ways to win — and they are usually positioned horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. In simpler video slots, pay-lines go across reels, but if there are hundreds and thousands of pay-lines like in other real money slots, they can have irregular and complicated patterns. In God of Fortune, there are only 8 pay-lines and, like other online slot machines, you can access pay-line information to double-check the number of lines and patterns via the game’s pay table.


When playing slots and regular slot machine games at online casinos, players bet on the outcome of the spinning reels. The aim is to match the symbols after spinning. If your symbols match, you win real money.

Auto Spin

This function is all about convenience. Playing real money slot games no longer requires you to manually press a button for every spin. Some slot machines like God of Fortune have an auto spin function that does the pressing for you.

Instant Play

Remember we mentioned that one of the pros of God of Fortune is its instant play feature? Let me explain it. Slot machines that offer instant play are attractive because they allow players to use their mobile devices to gamble wherever they are if they have access to a web browser. Since there’s no need to download or install any software or apps, accessing online slots is surprisingly fast and hassle-free.

How to Play God of Fortune Online Slot Machines
Steps to Play the Online Slot Games

Steps to Play the Online Slot Games

Step 1

Find an Online Casino and Register: If you're a novice at slot machines, try to find one of the many reputable licensed online casinos with a God of Fortune slot games offering and register to start playing. Many gambling sites gift newbies a generous welcome bonus, so if you fall into this category, you’ll potentially score, and you will only have to make your first deposit of real money at a later stage. Next, navigate to the slot machine section, select God of Fortune, and voila! You can start playing immediately. Already registered? Then simply log in, make sure your bankroll/deposit amount is sufficient for the popular slot machine, and start playing.

Step 2

View Pay table: Before you play online slots in general, it’s good to view the game’s pay table where you’ll discover how you could win, and the amounts attached to each symbol if three of a kind are matched. In God of Fortune online slots, the pay table is on a different screen, and to get to it, click on the info ‘i’ button located at the top, right.

Step 3

Bet Amount: The minimum you can bet is 1.2 and the maximum is 1.200. In video slots, payline payouts equal the line bet multiplied by the symbol payout.

  • Scroll 10
  • Fan 20
  • Decoration 30
  • Fruit 40
  • Lamp 80
  • Symbol 100
  • Gold 200
  • God of Fortune 1,000

All the symbols above award payouts for three of a kind matched, except for the gold coin.

The gold coin awards payouts for one or more of a kind situated anywhere on the reels. You’ll win 2 for 1 coin, 10 for 2 coins, and 200 if you get 3 coins on the screen.

Step 4

Sound On/Off: Once you’ve chosen your bet size, select the icon with three dots where you’ll find the speaker — choose if you want the sound on or off while you're playing.

Step 5

Auto Spin: Decide if you want to press the spin button yourself, or if you’d like to sit back and let the auto spin function work the online slots for you. If you choose the latter, press the auto-spin button. You can switch between manual spin and auto spin throughout the game.

Step 6

Press the Spin Button: Once you’ve made decisions and completed the steps above, you’re good for going! Press the spin button, have fun, and remember to play responsibly.

Steps to Play the Online Slot Games
Play Free Slots

Play Free Slots

Slot machines are popular because they’re visually stimulating, exciting, and relatively easy to play. While basic slot games usually don’t require huge deposits (because bet amounts are generally lower), it can still be rather daunting to jump in and play real money slots from the get-go.

Enter free slots, available at a variety of online casinos offering God of Fortune.

Free slots give you an opportunity to experience the nuts and bolts of real money games, minus the risk. A trusted online slots casino that offers the real money slot will have a free or demo option available too (unless there isn't one available). For God of Fortune free games, we recommend the following reputable iGaming platforms:

  • BetAndYou
  • Banzaislots
  • Azure Casino

Play for Real Money

Ready for real money slot machines? We’ve got you! Once you’ve practiced and perfected your gambling craft on the free slots, it’s time to move over to the big guns: real money online slots.

Just like free slots, God of Fortune real money games are available at various online casinos with the iGaming offering. Here are our top recommended online gambling casinos for real money slots :

  • BetAndYou
  • Banzaislots
  • Azure Casino
Play Free Slots
How to Win

How to Win

For an opportunity to win real money, you must first understand how online slots work. Do this by following the How to Play guide above. Essentially, to win God of Fortune, you spin the reels and (hope to) match the symbols along the pay-lines. Sounds easy, but winning is 100% down to chance — not skill. While no amount of know-how will secure you a win in real money God of Fortune, there are some strategies you can incorporate into your gameplay to improve your potential of winning:

Understanding the Return to Player (RTP) Rating

When it comes to online gambling and playing real money online slots to win, it’s imperative to know the Return to Player (RTP) payout percentage of a particular game. An RTP is the average amount of money that online slots and other casino games pay back (or return) to a player over an extended period. In other words, an RTP is the average online slots payout for a particular game. Why is this important? Well, if you’re playing slots online to win, then you'll be happy to know that the higher the RTP value of a game, the more you can expect to win back from it.

At 97%, the RTP for God of Fortune is above average. Players can expect an average return of £9.70 for every £10 spent on it. Not bad!

Slot Volatility

In online gambling, ‘volatility’ describes a specific slot machine’s risk. A highly-volatile online slot game will be a higher risk to play, but payouts are usually larger, although few and far between. On the opposite end, low-volatile online slot games equate to lower risk, but payout sums are often smaller in value, although they happen more consistently. God of Fortune is a low-volatility slot game which means that little wins happen quite often, and while big wins aren’t impossible, their occurrence is quite rare.

Random Number Generator (RNG)

Are online slots rigged or hacked? No, not if you’re playing at a reputable, licensed online casino with a Random Number Generator (RNG) set up, which is a requirement in regulated markets. An RNG has dedicated software with an algorithm that processes (or generates) random numbers to ensure that online slots and casino games remain fair to players with the odds of winning being a completely random event.

Basic Strategies to Help you Win Real Money

Let’s get you on a winning streak! Knowledge is key when it comes to increasing your winning potential, so while you can’t be certain that you will spin your way to success, you can pave the way and give yourself the best possible chance to win. Here’s how:

Understand the Game

Follow the rules of the game, know the steps of how to play, and ensure you view the online slot pay table for all necessary information. Playing a game with a high RTP value is always in your best interest for an increased chance of winning.

Practice Free Online Slots

Before you play slots for real money, get some practice on free slot games. God of Fortune offers a free (or demo) game and it’s equally fun, but no risk is involved because you’re not using any real money. It also allows you to get to know the game better and you’ll discover all its hidden quirks to get you ahead.

Never Exceed Your Budget

Play responsibly. Before you even consider spinning the reels, decide on a maximum sum that you can spend on it, and once you reach the amount, stop playing immediately.

How to Win
What to Look for in God of Fortune

What to Look for in God of Fortune

iGaming connoisseurs may find God of Fortune too predictable and the wins too low, but its basic structure, easy methodology, and consistency make it the perfect online slot for beginners. Here's a summary of what you can expect from the game:

Uncomplicated Structure

The rules are straightforward with a structure that includes three reels and just eight pay-lines, so it’s easy to play too. Your goal is simply to spin the reels and match the symbols across the pay-lines.

Quality Graphics and Sound

Gameplay Interactive is renowned for its exceptional graphics and God of Fortune is proof. The game and its arresting red and gold Chinese theme and traditional background music impart a cheery vibe — you can’t help feeling optimistic and lucky while playing.

What to Look for in God of Fortune
Top God of Fortune Provider

Top God of Fortune Provider

Gameplay Interactive went for the popular ancient Chinese look and feel and they nailed it perfectly. With expertise in high-quality live casino games, and, of course, 3D slot machines, you can expect that they know what they're doing in terms of product design and software development. We love the clear graphics and overall simplicity of God of Fortune and we have Gameplay to thank for that.

Top God of Fortune Provider
Safety and Security

Safety and Security

When you play slots and other casino games, it’s usually for the fun and thrill factor that comes with hitting lines and possibly winning. Safety while participating is of the utmost importance, so it’s crucial to choose an online casino that is reputable and runs its operations with transparency and integrity. Here are some of the ways to know if your chosen iGaming provider can be trusted with your money and sensitive information:

They are Licensed

When it comes to online casinos and safety, the possession of an authorized license is the first clue to its credibility due to the stringent compliance laws that operators need to fulfill. The legislation that needs to be adhered to focuses on the safety and protection of players, creating a crime-free gambling environment, and ensuring fair iGaming systems and practices are in place.

Security Measures are in Place

On top of being licensed, you can have peace of mind by checking if your chosen online casino has the necessary firewalls set up which prevent malicious intruder codes from accessing your information. Is Secure Socket Layer verification (SSL) in place? This specialized software is designed to protect your information even if the site gets trespassed. You can also check the gaming site’s banking methods to check if there are secure options that use encryption. Note: The security protocols mentioned here are by no means a complete list, so practice due diligence and look out for some of the others too.

You are asked to Verify Your Identity

Does the online casino prompt you to verify your identification details when you make a deposit or withdraw from your bankroll? That’s excellent! While the process may be long-haul and tedious, it’s necessary to mitigate fraud and other crime-related gambling activities.

Safety and Security
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Is God of Fortune Easy to Play?

Yes, it is an easy online slot game with a simple 3x3 reel and symbol structure and 8 paylines. The goal when playing is to spin the reels and match the symbols across the paylines. The more paylines hit and matched, the more you can expect to win.

Can you beat God of Fortune?

No, you cannot beat the game. God of Fortune is a game of chance, and if you win, it is purely by luck, not skill or expertise. While there is no clear-cut way to win, you can implement a few strategies that would greatly improve your odds of experiencing a lucrative game.

Is Return to Player (RTP) important?

Yes, Return to Player (RTP) values are important. An RTP is the average amount of money that a specific game of chance pays back (or returns) to a player over an extended period. With a high RTP, it is generally expected that players will get some money back after some time of playing. The RTP for God of Fortune is 97%, so players can expect an average return of £9.70 for every £10 they spend on it.

Can God of Fortune be hacked or rigged?

No, the game cannot be hacked or rigged because of specialized software known as a Random Number Generator (RNG) that generates random numbers, which ensures online gaming remains fair and random.

Is there a Free God of Fortune Slot to Play?

Yes, there is a free game attached to the real money game. It’s advised to make use of the free option first as it helps you familiarize the structure and mechanics without any risk.