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Best 7 Poker Online Casinos in Iran 2021

Poker has not made a significant breakthrough in Iran. Card games in general have not traditionally been popular in Iran or Persia, not even before the foundation of the Islamic Republic after the 1979 revolution that brought a theocratic government into power.

Generally, Iran is not a permissive country for gambling or games of luck, though the Persian empire does have a long history of playing games for money or to spend time together. Gambling has become increasingly seriously restricted by formal legislation and social norms. As a very popular and emblematic casino game, poker is particularly affected by the general attitude towards gambling.

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Best 7 Poker Online Casinos in Iran 2021

List of Online Casinos with Poker

Poker Online Casinos in Iran


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How to win in Poker

How to win in Poker

While there are numerous different variations of poker, they are all based on the same principle of building the most valuable hand of cards. During the game, the players are dealt cards in one way or the other. These cards form combinations based on their color, numeric values, and kinds.

The cards can form combinations when there are several cards with the same value, or a string of cards with consequtive values in the same kind. In some variations the players cannot control the hands they are dealt, in other variations the players can actively change undesired cards to ameliorate their chances.

At the end the most valuable hand wins the game.

Basic strategy in poker

Basic strategy in poker

The most important aspect of poker strategy is reading and influencing other players. While building a strong hand is an important part of poker, it is not as important as the social aspect. It is just as possible to win with a bad hand as it is to lose with a good one.

During a game of poker the players are periodically required to decide wether to continue the game, drop out of the round, or increase the stakes. Players must take decisions and interpret other players' decisions to win - and be able to tell when it is better to cut one's losses and drop out.

Rules in poker

Rules in poker

There are numerous variations of poker. In fact, there are so many different types that it is more like a group of games than one game. These can be divided into main categories with similar rules and game mechanisms.

In all variations players are dealt cards and the combinations of the cards are used to determine the winner. The cards can be dealt differently, and players can have different degrees of control over the cards they hace in their hands. In some cases the players hold all the cards, and in other games it is possible to have "shared" cards on the table that belong to all the players simultaneously.

Gambling culture in Iran

Gambling culture in Iran

Playing poker online in Iran is not as easy as one might think. So if you want to play poker despite it being illegal and blocked by the Iranian government online, you have to be creative. The need to be creative brings out the best of people.

A friend of mine joked that you have to down in a deep crypt knowing all the right passwords to get to play. Luckily for all Iranians yearning to play poker online while being in Iran, there are great options as long as you can get through the Iranian firewall. Most poker players use VPN or Virtual Private Network to connect to the free world of the internet.

With the growing interest in playing poker online more and more people search for the best way to do so whether they are in Iran or outside. Like for many countries, a lot of searches for poker and casino are in English and so, of course, is the information presented.

We offer all relevant information regarding poker online in Iran not only in English but also in Persian. Our ambition is always to serve the best and most accurate information in whatever language our customers use. If you want to find the top poker online sites or want to find online poker sites that offer Persian as an option then use our search filters.

We honestly don't get too much feedback from gamblers playing poker online in Iran and what preferences they have. So if you have opinions on this matter and are Iranian then let us know what you think, what casinos offer the best poker online and even which poker rooms you think are best. We are also interested in if you know about any great Iranian poker players, online as well as offline.

Persio prior to the 1979 revolution had a long history of social games and desert sports. Some forms of sport betting is still popular, such as camel racing. There are some legal caveats, which do not consider traditional sports betting as a form of gambling, technically allowing them to continue.

Online casinos with poker in Iran

Online casinos with poker in Iran

All forms of gambling are illegal in Iran, and the prohibition is strictly enforced. This prohibition applies to all forms of gambling, be it in a casino, in other public places, or in online or mobile casinos. The police actively supervises the prohibition and gamblers are prosecuted when discovered.

The government controls the use of internet in Iran very strictly. It is often difficult for Iranians to have access to online casinos abroad, as many casinos do not accept players from Iran and the government attempts to block access to game providers. Gamblers can face several months of jail time or corporal punishments.

List of Online Casinos with Poker

11xBet€1 5009.92
222BETUp to $6007
3Slots Magic$1008
4Play Ojo50 Spins10
5Megapari100% welcome bonus up to 5000 € 🔥8.56
6IviCasino€ 1500 + 88 free spins 8.19
7Drück Glück$1008
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