Responsible Gaming

If you believe that you or someone you know are developing a gambling addiction then you should contact or and ask for help.

Deposit Limit

There are certain steps that you need to take even before you decide to make your first deposit. We advise you to limit your account as soon as possible. You can do that in My Account section or contact customer support. Any time you try to reduce your limits the process will take effect immediately, but if you want to increase your limits the process might take even 7 days before it comes into effect. If you believe that your gambling addiction is getting out of hand then you can use software such as or that will prevent you from accessing online gambling websites.

Know your limits

Gambling can be such a fun activity but some people push their limits and lose control. This can affect their everyday life, not to mention their finances. If you think that you are spending money that you can't afford to gamble then you should take some steps. Genesis Casino is here for you and they will help you stay on top of the problem. There are tools available for troubling players that will help you take full control of how much you spend. Set daily, weekly or monthly restrictions for starters. The casino provides its players with tools to control their deposit limits, wager limits, loss limits, and session limits.

Self-assessment test

If you are still unsure whether you have a gambling problem or not, you can take a self-assessment test. There is no right or wrong answer here, you just need to be as honest as possible for your own good. You can take the online test even if you are only curious to see what your playing style is. All you have to do is to answer the questions based on your playing experience and the casino will inform you of how positive or negative your playing is.

You will receive a set of questions that you need to answer based on your gambling over the last three months. You need to click on one of the following answers:

  • 5 means you strongly agree with the statement
  • 4 means you agree with the statement
  • 3 means the statement doesn’t apply to you
  • 2 means you disagree with the statement
  • 1 means you strongly disagree with the statement

Here is how the test looks like:

  • "I feel bored every time I am not playing casino games"
  • "Sometimes I spend money I need for essential things on gambling"
  • "Sometimes I borrow money to gamble"
  • "Sometimes I have to borrow money because I have wasted all my money on gambling"
  • "Sometimes I miss social events and stay home to gamble"
  • "Gambling has started to take a toll on my work or school performance"
  • "I hide how much time and money I spend gambling"
  • "People have started realizing that gambling has a negative influence on my life"
  • "Sometimes I gamble to return the money I have lost gambling"
  • "Gambling makes me feel safe when I am stressed"
  • "Sometimes I feel bad because I spend so much time gambling"
  • "Most of the times I lose track of time when I gamble"

If your results are between 12 and 28 then your gambling habits are positive. You can continue playing the same way but we would advise you to take the quiz from time to time just so you can stay on track.

If your results are between 28 and 44 you need to be more careful in the future. According to the answers, you might be at risk to develop gambling problems. This is the right moment to take some precautionary steps like setting limits or take some time away from gambling.

If your results are between 44 and 60 then you are definitely at risk. You need to take immediate steps and take a break from gambling. Get in touch with the Customer Support Team at Genesis Casino and they will advise you what you should do. You can also contact one of the Gambling Counseling Organizations below for further advice and support: · GamCare – · Gamblers Anonymous – · Gambling Therapy –


Self-exclusion allows you to take a break from gambling. You can choose a time period you want to self exclude yourself from the website, and during that time you can still log in to your account but you can't make any deposit. Also, you will not receive any marketing materials from the casino. The minimum period of self-exclusion is six months. You can send an email to or you can visit the Responsible Gaming page. During this period you are not allowed to open any other accounts and if the casino finds that you opened an account they will close it immediately.

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