All You Need to Know About Casino Pit Bosses



You must be wondering what pit bosses do in a casino? If you’re observing from far, this job can seem easy. Make no mistake, however, because these people make good money. But that’s only if you are willing to work your way up. You may even take a couple of steps back to become an accomplished casino pit boss. So, if you’re serious about becoming a casino pit boss, this guidepost is tailor-made for you.

All You Need to Know About Casino Pit Bosses

What is a casino pit boss?

A casino pit boss is the overall manager of a casino. They spend most of their time on the casino floor, ensuring that players follow all the set regulations. They track and monitor transactions, solve player disputes, catch common cheats, train new employees, direct players to the restrooms, and so on.

Casino pit boss requirements

Not everybody has the right personality to become a successful casino pit boss. An excellent pit boss must be personable and friendly to make the players feel welcomed and comfortable. But that alone doesn’t cut it. They should be authoritative and knowledgeable to give them an upper hand in case of any disputes. A pit boss must be firm, fair, and respectful in all they do on the casino table. Overall, they must possess the right balance between being authoritative and friendly.

Casino pit boss responsibilities

For starters, the responsibilities of a casino pit boss have massively changed over the years. Previously, their sole responsibility was to oversee all happenings in the casino. But today, the pit boss may be responsible for running a handful of pits with table games. Regardless, the objective is to ensure that the players gamble in a free, fair, and friendly environment.

Below are some of their responsibilities:

Solve player disputes

In a casino environment, tempers are sure to run high. There will be occasional disputes on slot machines and table games. In that case, the pit boss will act as the final authority regarding any wrongdoings. If the pit boss can’t handle the situation, he/she can call upon the casino manager or the regulatory authority. Therefore, a thorough understanding of the game rules is a must for the pit boss.

Being responsible for money

This is another crucial task of the casino pit boss. They are responsible for overseeing all money transactions on the play table. They keep an eye on all the wagers and money circulating on the table. The pit boss is held responsible for every penny transacted during their shift. Overall, taking care of the table cash is arguably the pit boss’ most important obligation.


The paperwork needed in a casino can be immense. That said, pit bosses are responsible for managing casino paperwork. They handle shift changes, regular scheduling, dealer schedules, and so on. They also handle floor paperwork such as table wins, losses, and procedures for credits, fills, and table inventory.

Casino Pit Boss Pay Scale

Because pit bosses have more responsibilities, they have a fatter paycheck than other casino employees. While the salary can vary from casino to casino, US pit bosses make something between $50,000 to $75,000 per year. The hourly payment is about $27. With this kind of income, it’s no wonder that pit bosses don’t accept tips.

Wrap Up

Managing a casino floor or table can be fun and entertaining at the same time. It needs hard work, diverse skills, and a likable personality. In return, you enjoy a ‘good’ paycheck and work in a fun industry. And if the pay isn’t enough for you, don’t worry because many other well-paying casino jobs are available.

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