May 14, 2024

Altenar's Strategic Leap: Securing a Coveted Greek License for iGaming Expansion

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Key Takeaways

  • Altenar secures a pivotal B2B license from Greece's Hellenic Gaming Commission, marking a significant expansion in Europe.
  • The seven-year license underscores Altenar's commitment to the Greek market, enriched by a personal connection from its Greek team members.
  • The company's recent moves, including an office in Athens and a partnership in Bulgaria, highlight its strategic growth in Eastern Europe.

In the fast-evolving world of online casinos and sportsbooks, standing out and securing a spot in a competitive market is no small feat. Yet, one company seems to be on a relentless pursuit of growth, weaving through regulations and markets with finesse. That company is Altenar, a name that's becoming increasingly familiar not just among industry insiders but also among enthusiastic players across Europe. With its latest headline-making move—securing a business-to-business (B2B) license in Greece—Altenar is setting the stage for a significant expansion on the Old Continent.

Altenar's Strategic Leap: Securing a Coveted Greek License for iGaming Expansion

A Strategic Milestone in Greece

The Hellenic Gaming Commission's nod for Altenar to operate in Greece is not just a routine regulatory win; it's a milestone. This license, valid for seven years, is a testament to the company's commitment to compliance, quality, and market expansion. But what does this mean for Altenar, and why does Greece matter so much?

For starters, Marina Zacharopoulou, Altenar's Compliance Manager, sheds light on the rigorous process and the cultural resonance this achievement holds. "Securing a license in Greece was challenging yet rewarding. It feels like a homecoming, especially since a considerable portion of our team is Greek," she explains. This sentiment is more than just a nod to national pride; it's an acknowledgment of Greece's rich history with games of chance, dating back to ancient times.

The Greek Connection: More Than Just a License

Greece's iGaming landscape is on the brink of something big. With a new regulatory framework in place, the market is ripe for growth, innovation, and a fair bit of healthy competition. Altenar's entry into this market isn't just timely; it's strategic. "We're not just participating; we're looking to contribute to Greece's iGaming success story," Zacharopoulou adds.

The Greek license comes on the heels of Altenar's decision to open an office in Athens, a move that speaks volumes about its commitment to the Greek market. This "next logical step" is part of a broader strategy that has seen Altenar grow its footprint in Eastern Europe, including a notable partnership with Magic Bet in Bulgaria. Each move is a chess piece in Altenar's strategic plan, aiming not just for expansion but for a significant impact in each new market it enters.

Looking Ahead: Altenar's European Odyssey

Altenar's journey in Europe is far from over. With each license secured and every partnership forged, the company is not just expanding its geographical footprint; it's laying down roots. These roots are not just in the form of offices and licenses but in a growing reputation as a reliable, innovative, and culturally attuned operator in the iGaming and sportsbook industry.

As Altenar continues its European-facing expansion, the industry watches closely. How will this strategic footprint in Greece influence Altenar's position in Europe? And more importantly, how will it shape the future of iGaming in a country with such a storied connection to games of chance? Only time will tell, but for now, Altenar's strategic leap into Greece is a clear signal: the game is on, and Altenar is playing to win.

What are your thoughts on Altenar's strategic expansion in Greece? Do you think it will significantly impact the Greek iGaming landscape? Share your views and join the conversation below.

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