Evolution Gaming Launches Live Craps

Evolution Gaming


Evolution Gaming, the premier pr oducer of Live Casino alternatives, has announced the introduction of the world's very first online Live Craps game, set up in a g enuine underground. This distinctive online version of the revered dice game remains historically accurate while also making full use of emerging technologies with its rich set of enhanced features, designed to make the game comprehensible and play for both experienced and novice players.

Evolution Gaming Launches Live Craps

Evolution Craps is the thrilling, distinctive online version of Craps that fans of this renowned game have been begging for. Craps, particularly in the United States, is a widely famous game in land-based casinos. Craps can seem almost immense for a first-time player.

Evolution Gaming has made the pr ocess more flexible than ever in this distinctive online version by incorporating an easy-to-use interface with features that help, accommodating this much-loved casino favourite to a new generation of players. As in both Live and First Person, the game is sure to be appealing to both new and experienced gamers.

Evolution Gaming Online Live Crap Key Insight

This special Craps game is set in a lovely background theme studio. It's a lively and incredibly quickly game with multiple ways to bet and far more ways to win. The purpose of the game is to foretell the result of the two dice roll. In Evolution Gaming unique Craps, they have built all the guidance on how to make the game smoother to play and fully comprehend. You are regularly updated with your prospective wins for the next roll of the dice, while at the same moment you can also see how many of you are sticking up for the very same number.

Features of Evolution Gaming Live Crap

My Numbers

My Numbers is an extra feature that allows playing Craps simpler and more interesting. Each number represents a potential total of the dice toss. It displays the proportion that you need to win along with the potential payouts.

Easy Mode

Whether you're new to Craps, it may well be easier to start playing with the Easy Mode functionality. Easy Mode is designed for players that want to play the game with far fewer betspots. By clicking a button, the user interface changes and you are now playing with a lesser betting grid in which only the easiest bet spots are usable.


In this informational built-in Craps tutorial, you'll get all the assistance you need to figure out how to play Craps and what the varying bets do.

Dynamic Statistics

The Dynamic Statistics panels on the studio wall are updated regularly as players place their bets. Enthusiasm builds up as you can see how the other players are betting promptly. “Craps completes the Evolution portfolio in terms of offering every game you can find in a land-based casino. Developing the game and capturing the unique excitement of the Craps table, but in an online setting, was a complex project. The team has done a phenomenal job and we now have a fantastic finished product that I know will thrill Craps enthusiasts in the US, Europe and beyond, as well as attracting legions of new fans.” “We understand that not everyone knows how to play Craps. That’s why the game has both an ‘Easy Mode’ and a simple online interactive tutorial that clearly explains how to play and enjoy the game. Craps has been our most requested new game by both players and operators for years – now it’s finally here. I think players are going to love it.” ~~ Todd Haushalter, Chief Product Officer at Evolution:

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