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Top Free Spins Casino
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Responsible Gaming

Responsible Gaming

Gambling, though a fun activity, can harm some players. They tend to develop an addiction, which if it isn't treated can cause some serious consequences.

There are plenty of organizations that will help you fight gambling addiction, and you can contact them for advice and guidance any time you need help.

  • GamCare is the leading authority addressing the social impact of gambling in the UK. You can visit them on their website www.gamcare.org.uk or call their confidential helpline at 0845 6000 133. We want to point out that this organization is strictly for players that reside in the UK, but even if you are a Non-UK resident you can contact them for details of International support organizations.

  • Gamblers Anonymous is another organization of people who have joined together to share their experiences and find a solution to their problem. You can find the Gamblers Anonymous site at www.gamblersanonymous.org.uk.

  • Gambling Therapy is an organization that operates within the UK and internationally. They provide support and counseling for anyone who is affected by gambling. You can find all the information on their website www.gamblingtherapy.org.

Deposit Limit

Spinit Casino to assist its players to gamble with responsibility offers the Deposit Limit feature. This will allow you to set a daily, weekly, and monthly deposit limit to your account. We advise you to take advantage of this feature the moment you create your account. This way you will be more in control of your gameplay and your budget.

Once you reach your limit, don’t increase it but wait for the time frame to expire so you can start gambling again. You can contact Customer Support when you want to set a deposit limit. When you want to reduce the limit, the action will take effect immediately. But, when you want to increase the limit, this will take 7 days before coming into effect.


If you want to take a break and stop gambling for some time you can do that in two ways. If you want to take a shorter break you can choose the Cool Off period that will allow you to close your account for 24 hours. If you believe that this is not enough and you need a longer break, then you can choose the self-exclude period that will allow you to close your account for 6 months.

Self-Assessment Test

A self-assessment test will help you better understand your gambling habits. This test will not give you a clear diagnose but just guidance and understanding of what your current situation is. Answer the questions as honestly as possible after all it is for your good.

  • Do you spend most of your time thinking about gambling and planning your next gambling activity?
  • Do you increase your bet to feel the excitement of the game?
  • Do you usually fail when you try to cut back on gambling?
  • Do you feel restless when you try to cut on gambling?
  • Do you lie to your loved ones about your gambling habits?
  • Does gambling interfere with your everyday activities?
  • Do you steal or commit any other illegal activity to finance your gambling habits?
  • Do you ask help from friends and family to bail you out of financial troubles?
  • Do you feel anxious or guilty about your gambling behaviors?

Responsible Gambling

Gambling can bring hours and hours of entertainment your way, and we know that you are in it for the big win, but that doesn't happen all the time. One thing that brings enjoyment is the anticipation of the big win, or triggering the bonus feature of the game. But you have to learn that losing is also part of the game, it may not be the most fun part but it is something that you will have to accept.

So the art of successful gaming is to make the gambling experience positive no matter the outcome. For that reason, you should keep this couple of things in mind:

  • Gambling should be done in moderation and should be seen as a form of leisure, not as a way of making income.
  • Always avoid chasing losses.
  • Gamble only with the money you can afford to lose.
  • Keep track of the time and money you spend.

The moment you realize that gambling is negatively affecting your life, you should utilize all the limited tools available on the site to stay in control. Consider taking a break from gambling, and if you are deep in trouble you should talk with a professional.

Reality Check

At Spinit Casino you can utilize several different tools that will help you take in control of your gambling habits. You can set different kinds of deposit limits, loss limits, and also set a reality check on your account.

The reality check feature reminds you of how much time you have to spend playing and how much you have won or lost during your game session.