Common Mistakes Players Make with Online Casino Bonuses



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Online casino bonuses are the reason why some gamers prefer to play online. Today, online casinos offer players bonuses like welcome rewards, cashback, no deposit, and deposit bonuses. Some will even reward you with free playtime for merely installing their mobile app.

Common Mistakes Players Make with Online Casino Bonuses

But as enticing as it sounds, using your online casino bonus prudently is a skill to master. So, this article will point out some common bonus mistakes to avoid during online casino gambling.

Mistake #1: Failing to Understand Casino Bonuses

Before you even consider claiming that casino bonus, first know all online bonuses available and how they work. As said at the start, there are multiple casino bonuses tailored for varying purposes.

For example, you can take time to learn how deposit or no deposit bonuses work. In some cases, these bonuses will be bundled inside your welcome reward, plus a few free spins on top. All in all, learn a thing or four about casino bonuses before proceeding.

Mistake #2: Not reading the bonus conditions

After singling out the best bonus promotion to claim, it’s now time to read the terms and conditions page carefully. While reading the whole page might be tedious, it’s here that you’ll learn the eligible games (for free spins) and the wagering requirements.

The playthrough condition is the number of times you will play using the bonus money before cashing out. Also, some bonuses expire after a specific period. So, read the fine print to learn all this information.

Mistake #3: Withdrawing too soon

Attempting an early withdrawal is another common misstep that new players make with online casino bonuses. The truth is that trying to cash out before fulfilling the playthrough requirements can void your no deposit winnings altogether.

For instance, if you get a $20 no deposit bonus with a 40x playthrough requirement, it means $800 must be wagered before withdrawing the money. So, suppose you win $30 with the bonus and cash out after betting $500 only, it means the $30 is obsolete. And you don’t want that, do you?

Mistake #4: Placing large stakes

If you want to slash the volatility of online casino bonuses, then placing big bets is the way forward. In fact, most gamers do this to earn their bonus funds as quickly as possible. But although you may think you’re smart, the reality is that the house is more intelligent than you.

Usually, online casinos cap the maximum bet you can make using the bonus money. For example, a casino may allow players to bet with a maximum of $100 when their bonus is active. Going above this may disqualify you from the no deposit reward. Another thing, placing huge wagers with your bonus will only lead to more significant and more painful losses.

Mistake #5: Claiming the same bonus severally

Most casino bonuses are supposed to be onetime rewards. In other words, casinos don’t offer bonuses multiple times to boost your winning odds. If this happens, then the high chances are that this might be a software problem.

But be as it may, claiming a single bonus severally will place you into the “bonus abusers” list. Next, you’ll find all your bonus progress voided and confiscated. And in worst-case scenarios, the casino will ban you. So, claim the bonus only once and move on. Not even registering multiple casinos accounts will save your skin in this case.


The conditions attached to online casino bonuses can be unfair sometimes. However, no casino is on the mission to frustrate its players if you follow their rules keenly. Just read the bonus terms carefully and apply them to the letter. The rest is all about Lady Luck and a bit of skill.

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