Top Online Casinos in Bangladesh

Are you interested in finding the best online casinos in Bangladesh?

In Bangladesh, gambling is considered legal. But yet, there are many people who play at offshore casino sites. When choosing a top online casino in Bangladesh, players should be mindful to only play at trustworthy casinos.

Our team of casino veterans have carefully picked the safest casinos to play as a Bangladeshi citizen. Have a look and pick your favorite today!

Top Online Casinos in Bangladesh
Online casinos in Bangladesh

Online casinos in Bangladesh

Horse racing is legal in Bangladesh because of the predominant Islamic influence. Many Islamic countries have a deep adoration for horses and horse races, as they consider it as the sports of kings.

Hence, the Bangladesh Government has decided to make an exception for horse racing bets, making it legalized. Although all kinds of gambling activities, except horse racing and lottery, are illegal in the country, the law is much weaker, when it comes to regulating online gambling.

Since there are no mentioned regulations and penalties for online casino players in Bangladesh, many sites are accepting players from Bangladesh territory. Besides, punters from this country are thoroughly enjoying exciting games from these offshore online casinos.

Because of the prohibition from the Bangladeshi government, no land-based casinos can operate within the Bangladesh borders. Hence, for gamble loving Bangladeshis, online offshore casinos are the only option to enjoy multiple gambling variants.

Gambling variants like video slot machines, video poker, scratch card games, and table game variants like poker, blackjack, roulette, baccarat and more, are largely played by the Bangladeshi gamble lovers.

Online casinos in Bangladesh
Top online casinos in Bangladesh

Top online casinos in Bangladesh

Generally, the features that top online casinos in Bangladesh offer are:

An exciting and diverse gaming library that starts from intriguing video slot games and video pokers and ends with multiple table games, including baccarat, roulette, blackjack scratch card games, and more.

Casinos like these are always present with multiple fast and secured banking methods for deposits and withdrawals.

The best online casinos accepting players from Bangladesh have always required licenses from the legitimate gambling regulatory bodies.

Top online casinos in Bangladesh
Favorite online casino games for Bangladeshi players

Favorite online casino games for Bangladeshi players

Bangladeshi players, who are fond of horse race betting and lottery tickets, can gamble legitimately within Bangladeshi territory. Although all other gambling possibilities are banned in the country, punters can easily access a world full of games in the offshore online casinos.

Online casino games like video poker, video slot machines, craps, baccarat, roulette, and blackjack have a big fan base in Bangladesh. But, for playing, Bangladeshi punters need to find out the casinos that accept Bangladeshi players. However, the tricky part is, punters can select their country name in many offshore online casinos, but the Bangladeshi currency (Taka) is still unacceptable in online casinos.

While depositing and withdrawing from the online casinos, you need to consider the currency exchange rate first. Bangladeshi players can use many different currencies, including EUR, AUD, USD, and more. And, utilizing Google for determining the best currency rate will be a wiser option.

Offshore online casinos are accessible, but Bangladeshi players should always rely on legitimately licensed casinos. Alongside that, the players also need to ensure that their preferred online casino has sufficient banking methods.

In addition to the above-mentioned game options, games like bingo and scratch cards are also very famous among the punters. Games from top gambling software developers like Yggdrasil, Play’n GO, Microgaming and BetSoft are mostly preferred in Bangladeshi gamblers.

Favorite online casino games for Bangladeshi players
How we review the best online casinos for Bangladesh

How we review the best online casinos for Bangladesh

Despite the long-aged prohibition on gambling activities, and social and religious prejudices, Bangladeshis have always been a great fan of gambling activities. From legal horse racing activities to playing technologically powered intriguing slots in online casinos, gambling has always been one of their favorite pastime commotions.

And, online offshore casinos are now enhancing gambling excitement with more frequent bonus offers and fun-filled gambling offerings.

Online offshore casinos are indeed accepting players from Bangladesh territory. But, as it is still technically illegal in the country, online casinos do not need to face any specific regulation from the Bangladesh Government.

Amidst a situation like this, it is often pretty difficult to find out the best casinos, which are moreover suitable for Bangladeshi punters. Hence, for gifting a simple way out from this problem, we offer online casino reviews and ratings, developed by our online casino experts. Our experts are efficient in running tests and analysis on online casinos.

Casino reviews from us would be a great option to find out the casino you desire the most. The reason being, by our review, we bring out the most important information, including casino’s customer support, regulating license, security, deposit and withdrawal methods, gaming software, payouts, and more.

For finding out the trustworthiness and efficiency of an online casino, our key criteria are:


For ensuring the security of any online casino, we check the protection it has on the deposit and withdrawal methods. Along with it, we also ensure if the casino is using industry-standard security systems like PCI Compliance, SSL encryption, or not. In addition, we mostly recommend online casinos that offer gambling services with licenses from renowned regulators like the UK Gambling Commission, Malta Gaming Authority.

Fast payout system

Casinos with fast payout systems are more convenient since you do not have to wait for taking your winnings out of the casino. Hence, we recommend only those online casinos to Bangladeshi punters that offer swift payouts. E-wallets would be one great option for the online players from Bangladesh, as it takes a maximum of 1 working day for making the withdrawal.

Bonuses and promotions

In our every casino reviews, we provide detailed information on the casino’s bonus and promotional offers. It enables the Bangladeshi punters to decide which casino offers are more lucrative to avail. We also provide all the terms and conditions of the bonuses to avoid any confusion.

Customer support

For bestowing punters with expedient gambling experience, online casinos must have an efficient customer support team. Thus, we check whether the casino has a 24x7 active support team or not, does the team is available with multiple access points like live chat, emails, and phone calls. We provide information on the support team’s response time as well.

Software and languages Supported

While recommending a casino for punters, we always make sure the casino’s gaming library is diverse with multiple gambling variants, starting from traditional to popular titles. Besides, casinos also need to have games that are fast and intriguing.

Mobile compatibility of online casino software always gets extra ratings from us. All Bangladeshi casino games should run seamlessly on the popular mobile operating systems like Android, iOS, Windows, and more. We also prefer sites with multiple language support, but English is mandatory.

Payment options

Our casino reviews always contain information regarding online payment methods. We recommend the casinos that provide fast and reliable payment methods for Bangladeshi punters. Until now, Bangladeshi currency does not have any acceptance in the online offshore casinos. Hence, punters have to rely on other currencies like AUD, EUR, USD, and more.

Bangladeshi gamblers can use multiple payment methods like:

  1. Visa
  2. MasterCard
  3. Maestro
  4. Skrill
  5. Neteller
  6. Bank Wire Transfer, and more.

VIP programs

Before producing casino review, we run tests on casinos for checking if they have any VIP programs for the Bangladeshi high rollers. We also provide information about whether they offer VIP programs on table games, too, or not.

Legalized commercials

Because of the prohibition on gambling activity in Bangladesh, gambling-related advertisements are not allowed in Bangladeshi media. Similarly, offshore online casinos are not entitled to promote their businesses via advertisements or commercials in Bangladesh. It is strictly forbidden because of the Public Gambling Act of 1867.

How we review the best online casinos for Bangladesh
History of gambling in Bangladesh

History of gambling in Bangladesh

Even though most of the gambling variants are banned in Bangladesh, they love to gamble. Unfortunately, there is nothing much to tell about the gambling history of Bangladesh due to the century-old legal ban on gambling activity.

When British used to rule India, today’s Bangladesh was a part of the then indiscrete India. Being a part of a culture, where gambling activities are mentioned in epics like Mahabharata, wagering is in Bangladeshi’s blood.

But, in the era of British rule, The Public Gambling Act of 1867 put a full stop on gambling in India. After independence, this very law was inherited by Pakistan. And when Bangladesh took its independence from Pakistan in 1973, it became a part of Bangladesh’s constitution as well.

However, the Bangladesh government had modified the annexes for quite a few times and decided to legalize public lottery. Besides, the government also issued a 21% tax for all horse racing and bookmaking operators.

Due to these restrictions from the government, no land-based casino can be established within Bangladesh boundaries. If a company commits such crime, there will be a 200 Taka fine along with imprisonment for up to three months. People, who are alleged for placing bets, are subject to one month of imprisonment with a 100 Taka fine.

History of gambling in Bangladesh
Gambling laws in Bangladesh

Gambling laws in Bangladesh

Another interesting thing is, as gambling is forbidden in Bangladeshi lands, online casino players don’t need to provide any kind of taxes for their winnings. Horse racing and lottery is legal in Bangladesh which is also free from government taxes. Any other activity apart from these two will be held as a crime. However, until now, no gambler has been prosecuted for betting in the online offshore casinos.

As per the Act of 1867, gambling is prohibited in the country. Thus, there is no particular gamble regulating authority here. However, the government itself controls the legal forms of gambling.

Hence, Bangladeshi players, willing to play in offshore online casinos, must adapt the concept of responsible gambling. And, they should join the casinos only if they are at the minimum legal age for gambling. As these online casinos do not fall under the regulation of Bangladeshi government, in case of any scam, the Bangladesh Government cannot be at punter’s help.

Gambling laws in Bangladesh
Gambling addiction in Bangladesh

Gambling addiction in Bangladesh

Many sources assert in Bangladesh that there is no charitable industry working for gambling addictions. However, there could be a couple of reasons behind this.

First, as gambling is illegal in the country, there is no need for any charities.

Secondly, Bangladesh has a majority of the Muslim population, and gambling is a sin in Islam. However, these are few private institutions, helping punters on gambling-related problems. International casino operators often recommend many gambling-related services. For example, GameCare is a popular charity service, offering their services over phone calls and live chat options.

Gambling addiction in Bangladesh
Interesting facts about Bangladesh

Interesting facts about Bangladesh

Along with gambling, Bangladeshi people are very serious about sports like cricket, football, hockey, kabaddi, volleyball, and chess. Majority of the population in Bangladesh is Muslim (90%), but people also practice other religions like Hinduism (9%), Buddhism (0.06%), and Christianity (0.03%). Most popular, as well as the official language of Bangladesh is Bengali (Bangla).

The language has different dialects as well in various regions of the country. Besides, 38 more languages are in use, including English, Assamese, Burmese, and more.

The country has its cultural roots, along with many superstitions. Such as:

  • If your right hand is itching, you will gain money.
  • If you give money to someone at night, you can receive bad luck.
  • Another interesting thing is, if your right eye blinks, good news will come to you, and left eye blinking means bad luck.
  • Moreover, numbers like 786, 5, 8, and 9 are considered as lucky numbers. ‘786’ is fortunate since it speaks to the Arabic expression “Bismilla”, which is identified with god in Islam.
  • The number 8 is lucky because eight angels are carrying God’s throne in Heaven.
  • Number 9 is related to Hinduism and is considered as a divine number, as it means the end of the decimal system one cycle’s end.

Superstitions like these often have effects on their gambling habits as well. If punters from Bangladesh continue to indulge in gambling with maintaining responsible gambling attributes, the Bangladesh Government may allow more gambling options soon.

Interesting facts about Bangladesh


Everything you need to know about casinos

Can I win real money in Bangladesh casinos?

You can wager money on horse racing in Bangladesh, purchase lottery tickets as well, and win real money. But, apart from these two options, no other gambling activity is allowed in the Bangladesh territory. However, you can select an offshore online casino for playing gambling games and winning real money.

How long does it take to get my winnings credited?

If you want to withdraw a large number of money, options like Bank and Wire transfers would be the best for Bangladeshi punters. However, if you want to withdraw your money as fast as you can, use methods like Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Skrill, Neteller, and more. Withdrawal may take 24 to 48 hours.

Are there any withdrawal fees for Bangladeshi players?

Most of the e-wallet, credit, and debit card options that Bangladeshi punters have for gambling in casinos do not require any fees for withdrawals. However, Wire or Bank transfer may take a minimum fee amount. Bangladeshi punters are also recommended to check online casino’s terms and conditions because few of them often charge an amount for withdrawals.

Are online casinos in Bangladesh safe?

The gambling options, permissible by the Bangladesh Government, are entirely safe, and you can bet on them. But, the government does not have any control over the offshore online casinos. Hence, before having registration with such casinos, you should check whether they have a legitimate license or not. You should also go through the casino’s privacy policy, terms, and conditions.

What payment methods are available for online casinos in Bangladesh?

Bangladeshi punters can expediently make monetary transactions, as they have a long array of convenient and safe payment methods for use. They can use Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Skrill, Neteller, PayPal, American Express, Amazon, eBay, and Bank Wire Transfer.

Can I play with Bangladeshi currency at Bangladeshi casinos?

Bangladeshi currency (Taka) is very acceptable in all legal gambling variants in Bangladesh. However, you cannot play with Taka in offshore online casinos. Hence, you have to exchange the currency with other accepted currencies like USD, EUR, and many more.

Which banking options can I use?

If you are a resident of Bangladesh and playing in offshore online casinos, you are gifted with different banking options. For higher payments, Bank Wire Transfer is a good option, but it may require a small number of transaction fees. If you need money in less time into your account, you can use E-wallets, as they are fast, reliable, and usually free.