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Almost all online casinos list countries that they are active in and offer their services. Listing countries can also be a way for online casinos to show how they offer customer support. Even if they dont offer a specific language they could still offer support for that country.


Online Casinos in China

Gambling has been a thing in China since ancient times. Throughout history, Chinese leaders have mostly held a negative view of gambling for moral reasons, and this activity remains largely illegal in the country to this day.

However, exceptions are made for certain types of sports betting. On the other hand, online casinos are forbidden from operating on online soil. Yet, this does not stop Chinese players from gambling at off-shore licensed online casinos and sportsbooks, as Chinese law cannot prosecute individuals for these activities. As such, many leading European online casinos also accept players from China. These casinos also accept the RMB as a currency, are available in Mandarin or Cantonese, and boast many other benefits such as large bonuses, reliable customer support and a high factor of trustworthiness through proper licensing.

As a Chinese player, your primary concern may be getting your money in and out of the casino. Fortunately, online casinos offer a myriad of alternative payment options, such as e-wallets and cryptocurrency, which let you perform safe deposits and withdrawals. What’s more, Chinese online casinos are often powered by the world’s most respected software providers, meaning you can expect hundreds upon hundreds of games of all kinds: Blackjack, Roulette, Pai Gow, Mahjong, Slot Machines, and so forth. Looking to get started? Read on for more details on Chinese online casinos, or have a look at our pre-approved Chinese online casinos that been thoroughly reviewed by our team of experts.

Mobile Casinos in China

China is witnessing a golden age of technological advancement, and many Chinese brands are becoming world leaders in terms of smartphone sales and similar technological devices. The country has been quick to follow global trends, and despite its massive population of over 1.4 billion citizens, more than half of them own a smartphone. To be more precise, over 55% of the population, or over 780,000,000 citizens. The number of smartphone users in China that operate devices on the fast 4G network is over 78%, meaning the majority of Chinese have the luxury of fast and stable mobile connections regardless of their location.

The most popular smartphone brands in China are OPPO, Vivo, Huawei, Samsung and Honor, whereas the most popular devices are the Honor V20, The Vivo X27, the Huawei P30 Lite, Samsung Galaxy S10 and the OPPO Reno Series. This paves the way for reliable, uninterrupted mobile gaming sessions. However, as Chinese people need to access online casinos via VPN, the majority of gamblers still use desktop and laptops to access online gambling.

Online casinos that offer their services to Chinese gamblers all adhere to strict industry standards of offering a mobile version of their casino, easily accessible by a downloadable app for Android and iOS, or through a browser-accessible mobile casino. Chinese mobile casinos also offer mobile customer support, the ability to make mobile payments and withdrawals, and hundreds of mobile casino games.

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India is a vast country in South Asia which is home to the world's second largest population of 1.3 billion people. Today, its capital city is New Delhi, just one of the country's huge megacities with a vast number of citizens. The local currency in India is the rupee, and you can play online casino games there.

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United States

Online gambling in the USA does have two sides. Online gambling is regulated on state basis meaning that different states do have different laws. Right now you can enjoy gambling in Nevada, Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania. In most states you can play lottery and racetrack betting. Make sure the casinos have a license and proven fair in independent audits.

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United Kingdom

Online casino in the United Kingdom is huge. The history of the small shops for sports betting goes way back when William Hill in the 30’s set up their shops. Today the online gambling market for casinos are regulated and therefore it requires a license to operate. The license make sure the casino are following terms and conditions and respects the marketing guidelines.

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Online Casinos in Indonesia

The gambling landscape in Indonesia is not very bright. Millions of Indonesians love gambling, but they can’t place legal wagers within their own country. This is why many players decide to gamble on foreign online casino sites. These sites take bets in Indonesian Rupiahs and offer their interface in many Asian languages spoken by Indonesians.

The country has severe penalties for those caught gambling, but online players are safe to gamble at off-shore sites because they are not based in Indonesia. Online casinos that accept Indonesians serve a global player base. As such, they have gaming libraries with thousands of games, and offer a variety of safe and trusted payment options.

Read on to learn more about online casinos in Indonesia. Make sure to browse through our casino listings to find the best gambling sites suited to your needs.

Mobile Casinos in Indonesia

In today’s market, an online casino is considered borderline obsolete without mobile support. The good news is, online casinos that accept Indonesian players are mobile-optimized. They can be accessed through common platforms such as Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows Phone.

Our casino reviews will give you more details about the quality of the mobile casino, availability of apps, and so forth. Today, it is estimated that roughly half of online wagers are placed through a smartphone or tablet device. This is why operators were quick to adapt to this rising trend of mobile gaming.

Indonesia ranks quite low in terms of smartphone penetration. It is estimated that close to 30% of the population owns a smartphone. Nonetheless, out of 250,000,000; that’s 75,000,000+ smartphone users and potential casino players. What’s more, Indonesia has an impressive 4G coverage through its main mobile carriers: Smartfren, Indosat and Telkomsel.

On average, 85%+ of the country’s smartphone users have access to fast 4G LTE network speeds. This means that players can enjoy smooth online casino gaming sessions on their mobile devices.

Indonesia is a big fan of Xiaomi, with devices such as the Redmi series being a particular highlight. The Samsung Galaxy J Prime series also ranks high in terms of use. These devices are more than capable of handling online casino apps and mobile-optimized websites.

The average Indonesian online casino boasts hundreds of mobile slots and table games, access to live chat support, plenty of trusted mobile payment methods, and top-notch security.

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Online Casinos in Brazil

Brazil is one of the largest countries in the world, with a rich history in all spheres of culture, which gambling has been a large part of. The country has a complicated legal history on the status of gambling, and only several land casinos have been made legal on Brazilian soil today. In terms of online gambling, the country’s Criminal Contravention Act of 1941 forbids Brazilian companies from operating online casinos.

This is why a large number of Brazilians turn to off-shore licensed online casinos for their gambling needs on casino games and sports betting. There is no stature in Brazil’s federal law which prohibits this activity, meaning you cannot be legally prosecuted for wagering in online casinos licensed outside of Brazil. This is why a number of leading European brands offer their services in Portuguese and offer the Brazilian real as a currency. What’s more, most of these casinos are already popular among Europe, and are licensed and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority, the indusry’s most respected regulatory body.

As a Brazilian online gamer, you can expect large promotions in the form of welcome bonuses and free spins, hundreds of the market’s finest and well-paying games, and a large set of payment options for deposit and withdrawal purposes. Our team of experts is constantly on the lookout for the best Brazilian online casinos. You can have a look at our list of reviewed casinos to get more details on each operator. Make your choice, and you can start playing right now. If you’d like, you can read on for additional information on the state of gambling in Brazil, including the legal status, the most popular games, and a list of commonly asked questions that may help you make a decision before playing.

Mobile Casinos in Brazil

Smartphones have changed the way the world works, and the influence of these seemingly-magical devices have penetrated all spheres of culture and infrastructure. Naturally, the world of online gambling has been completely overtaken by smartphones, and nowadays every online casino must also be available for mobiles, otherwise they risk losing out on a major share of potential customers. In Brazil, over 40% of the populace own a smartphone, which means approximately 87,000,000 smartphone users out of its 210,000,000 residents. This may be a poor smartphone penetration relative to other countries, but that is still a large amount of users in its own right.

In Brazil, citizens love Android and iOS devices the most. In particular, The Samsung Galaxy and Apple products, such as the Galaxy J2 Prime, iPhone 7, Galaxy J5 and J5 Prime, the iPhone X and the older iPhone 6 and 6S series. Brazilian mobile operators are mostly operating on 4G networks, and the majority of Brazilians have access to stable 4G connections on their smartphones. However, there is still room for improvement, as roughly 60% of Brazilian territory has 4G coverage. Those on the 3G networks can still access excellent connections, albeit with slower speeds. In general, most Brazilians have the option of accessing mobile online casinos with no issues whatsoever. Of course, they still have to make a choice on which mobile casino to play at.

Our website features all the best Brazilian mobile online casinos. We rate these mobile casinos on several criteria, including stability and interface, the number of mobile games, access to mobile customer support and payment options.

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Pakistan is a massive country in South Asia which has a population of almost 200 million people. This makes it the fifth most populated nation worldwide. The state was formed in 1947 during the partition of India, and tensions remain today. The capital is Islamabad, and Urdu and English are the official languages. You can play online casino games in Pakistan.

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New Zealand

New Zealand Online Casinos

The island of New Zealand is situated in the southwestern region of the Pacific Ocean and shares closeness to the Australian continent. It is a diversified nation possessing western culture with Maori impact. New Zealanders, or profoundly known as ‘Kiwis,’ are fond of varied gaming forms in which gambling and casinos are not left behind. The casino industry was established in New Zealand in 1984. Poker and lotteries are the most popular here accompanied by the ‘horse-race betting’ played by wealthy people. The New Zealand Lotteries Commission, established in 1987, regulates online and offline lottery scene. With several casinos in the NZ offering fun gambling, the SkyCity stands among the largest casinos that offers secure gambling experience. It has its locations in Queenstown, Hamilton, Auckland, and Wharf. Other famous casinos offering games are Christchurch and Dunedin. Kiwis annually spent almost 2 billion NZ dollars (the currency in which New Zealanders play is NZ Dollars), which means an individual spends 480 NZ Dollars. New Zealanders like to play various casino games that include lotto, scratch tickets, video poker, land-based slot games, blackjack, craps, roulette, etc. But, you must have obtained a ‘legal gambling age,’ which is 18 years and above to play with real money in online and offline casinos, bingo sites, and with bookmakers. New Zealand’s gambling scene is secured for the players as the casinos online, and offline comes under the Gambling Act of 2003. Online and offline gambling was made legal in the country by the Federal government. The players must check out registered licenses of the New Zealand based online casinos, as the country permits only licensed registered casino holders to operate bingo, betting, and casino sites. The benefit of playing at the licensed and famous casino in New Zealand is, players can try out different poker games (a specialty of New Zealand casino culture), table games, card games, lottery, money wheel, etc. Not only this, but you can also enjoy sumptuous snacks, drinks, and high rollers at these famous casinos. To start playing and betting at these casinos, the players can place bets with operators based outside or in New Zealand. But, the offshore companies are prohibited from advertising their online casino services in the country. However, this is not all. There is more to New Zealand’s casino scene, which involves its mesmerizing history as well as technology use. The rest of the detailed guide focuses on other major perspectives of casino gaming.

Mobile Casino in New Zealand

Kiwis or New Zealanders are not far behind using mobile casino gaming on the move. Just by logging into their casino account, players can play at any of the registered and licensed casinos by New Zealand’s Federal Government. A report shows that New Zealand has approximately 6.4 million mobile device users, and per 100 people, there are 134 subscriptions. LTE, 5G, and Fiber connections are mostly used in the country. Moreover, more than 88.5% of the country’s population uses the Internet. Almost 34 per 100 people use a broadband connection, which is nearly 1.647 million people. Kiwi punters use Android and iOS devices to play mobile casino games at most of the NZ registered online casinos. A few New Zealanders use Blackberry and Windows Phone to play mobile casino games. With Flash and Java, the seamless streaming of mobile games becomes easier. 4G Vodafone services are also used to play mobile casino games. You can see Kiwis playing these games on their Apple iPhone or iPad. To download any mobile-based casino app or to play straight on the browser, the players need to check out their New Zealand Gambling Authority registration under Gambling Act 2003. Kiwis have 90% mobile penetration in the market with Apple iOS devices occupying 24% of the market share, and Android leads with 64% of the market share. Even the tablets’ market share will be more than 78% in a few years. The most used Android device by Kiwis is Samsung. Moreover, the great features that New Zealand’s mobile casinos possess are: · Offer a wide selection of games right from poker, lottery, and scratch cards to traditional table games like Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Baccarat, etc. · Seek which casinos provide seamless, easy, and secured banking deposit and withdrawal options. · Check out the registered online casinos in New Zealand before you start to bet so that you do not lose your hard-earned money or confidential information too.

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Another reason for online casinos to list countries could also be for legal reasons. Not all countries are prepared ot offer their own citizens the free will option of online casino gambling. Most countries move in a more liberal and open direction due to the interest of their people and voters. If you wish to be more on the safe side, choose a online casino that supports your country and maybe even language.

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