Top Online Casinos in Azerbaijan

Even though Azerbaijan is a Muslim country and pretty much every Muslim country around the world has banned gambling, Azerbaijan had a pretty liberal standpoint on this industry in the 90s. But, all of that changed in 1997 when the president introduced a nationwide ban on all gambling-related activities.

Hence, the current gambling climate in the country is quite strange and very atypical. Even though land-based gambling is officially legal, the government allows people to access online casinos and enjoy the latest casino games.

The ban on physical facilities in the country has allowed the online casino industry to grow rapidly and that is why many residents from Azerbaijan frequently visit casino sites to have fun.

Top Online Casinos in Azerbaijan
Online casinos in Azerbaijan

Online casinos in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan, or as it goes by its official name the Republic of Azerbaijan, is a country that is located at the crossroads of Eastern Europe and Western Asia. This is a unitary semi-presidential republic and one of the six independent Turkic states. The republic proclaimed its independence from the Russian Empire back in 1918 and has managed to maintain its sovereignty since.

Since this country is located at a crossroad between two continents. It has a very important geopolitical location. Azerbaijan is bordered with the Russian Republic of Dagestan to the north, Georgia to the northwest, Armenia and Turkey to the west, Iran to the south, and the Caspian Sea to the east. An interesting fact about Azerbaijan is that even though 97% of the population are Muslims, the country’s Constitution does not include any official religion, which is not the case with most countries around the world.

Azerbaijan is a developing country that ranks 87th on the Human Development Index. The current party in rule has been in power since 1993, but it has been accused of authoritarian leadership, censorship, and other activities that deteriorated the country’s human rights record. Hence, civil freedom has been restricted, especially when it comes to the press.

Online casinos in Azerbaijan
History of gambling in Azerbaijan

History of gambling in Azerbaijan

The history of gambling in Azerbaijan is quite interesting as it involves a lot of personal feelings, which is safe to say that it is unique. Before 1997, all forms of gambling in the country were legal. Even though Azerbaijan is a Muslim country and gambling is forbidden in pretty much every Muslim country, the authorities have had a pretty liberal approach towards this industry since it had numerous contributions to the economy.

All gambling activities were banned

But, all of that changed in 1997 when president Heydar Aliyev banned all gambling activities for a rather bizarre reason. His son, Ilham Aliyev was a well-known gambler in the region. Thanks to his gambling addiction, Ilkham managed to issue a reported $6 million gambling debt to a Turkish magnate. This situation caused a nationwide scandal, and the president decided to make all land-based gambling activities illegal.

What’s even more fascinating in the industry is that even though land-based casinos are not allowed to operate in the country, online casinos were legalized. Not only that, but the Azerbaijani government even licenses online casinos. The reason why they decided to legalize online casinos was that the residents in the country were heavily involved in illegal gambling dens.

Regulated industry

So, instead of chasing them, the government decided to regulate the industry and profit from it. Research has shown that because online casinos were legalized in Azerbaijan, the GDP increased by several percents from 2016 to 2018.

History of gambling in Azerbaijan
Gambling nowadays in Azerbaijan

Gambling nowadays in Azerbaijan

These days, the online gambling industry is at its peak in Azerbaijan. Not only are online casinos allowed to operate, but they can also be licensed by the Azerbaijani government. Considering the fact that land-based casinos are still illegal, this is a very atypical regulation, but it proved to bring a lot of benefits.

Online casino operators are paying millions of dollars in tax money and the online casino industry is a heavy contributor to the economy. Under the circumstances, the growth of the online gambling industry really deserves praise. Thousands of players from Azerbaijan these days access casino sites to have a pleasant and unique gaming experience.

Gambling nowadays in Azerbaijan
Future of online casinos in Azerbaijan

Future of online casinos in Azerbaijan

The future of online casinos in Azerbaijan is looking very promising. Due to the fact that land-based sites have been deemed illegal, this industry has managed to grow substantially over the past few years. Not only that, but it is believed that it will continue to grow and become an even greater contributor to the economy.

Thanks to the consistent growth of these platforms, it is likely that the tax money that online casinos pay will increase greatly. Not only that but since this type of gambling is legal in the country, many operators will be based and licensed in Azerbaijan, thus employing a lot of people, which is yet another great contribution to the economy.

The current indicators show that the government is extremely open to this scenario and that is why online casinos have a good future in this country.

Future of online casinos in Azerbaijan
Azerbaijani Players Favourite Games

Azerbaijani Players Favourite Games

Since Azerbaijanis have limited access to casino games, the ones that are considered legal in the country are also their favourites. First off, sports betting is the most popular form of gambling game that the people in this country participate in. Residents are willing to bet on pretty much every available sport. The beauty in sports betting is that both land-based bookmakers and online bookmakers are considered legal, which means that access is very easy and there are tons of available options for the players. Football is among the most betted on sports in Azerbaijan.

Next up, the lottery comes right behind sports betting. The state’s lottery holds a monopoly on the market. The elderly people are extremely fond of playing this game as they hope that it can bring rewards to their homes. Finally, bingo is the final form of legal gambling in Azerbaijan, which is why this game is also considered a favourite.

Online casino gambling remains illegal in the country, but players still find ways to access online casinos, so if they are fond of every online gambling game that they can find.

Game Providers

If Azerbaijani players somehow manage to access an online casino, they will always make sure that the site is licensed and legal to operate. A license is an indicator that the online casino is trustworthy and that it is not a scam site.

With that being said, they are always searching for reputable brands such as:

Azerbaijani Players Favourite Games
Bitcoin Games

Bitcoin Games

Bitcoin games have become extremely popular all around the world in the recent period, but these games do not have a big impact on the Azerbaijani market. There are two reasons for that. First, online casinos are illegal in the country and even though the players can somehow access these sites, it is not very likely that the site will feature these games.

Secondly, to play Bitcoin games, players need to make a deposit with the said cryptocurrency. Azerbaijani are not too fond of spending money on Bitcoin as it comes at a high price, especially in 2021. These days, Bitcoin is valued at around $50,000, which is more than the players from this region can afford.

Bitcoin Games
Most Preferred Casino Bonus in Azerbaijan

Most Preferred Casino Bonus in Azerbaijan

Since sports betting is the most popular form of gambling game in Azerbaijan, every bonus connected to betting is adored by the players. That starts with sportsbook welcome packages. These bonuses are available to newly-registered players at betting sites. Sportsbook welcome packages reward the players with match deposit bonuses and Free Bets.

Free Bets

Free Bets allow them to wager on selected games/competitions without the need for an extra deposit. The winnings are rewarded in real money and players can easily withdraw them once they meet the wagering requirements. Free Bets can also be provided as daily reload bonuses, which is why these daily reload bonuses are also popular.

Cashback Bonuses

Finally, cashback bonuses are just as popular as the aforementioned 2 bonuses. As the name of the bonus suggests, through cashbacks, players receive some refunds from online bookmakers. These sites return some of the lost amounts on betting over a certain period. Every betting site has a specific percentage of cashback.

VIP Programs

Some online bookmakers even have VIP programs for the most loyal players. These VIP programs consist of levels through which players receive more benefits. In many cases, higher cash back percentages can be some of the privileges that players receive as they move higher up the scale.

How To Claim These Bonuses

  1. To claim the sportsbook welcome packages, players must:
  2. Register at an online sportsbook.
  3. Make the minimum deposit amount

Some sportsbooks divide their welcome packages, which means that players may need to deposit money in a few consecutive days to receive the full bonus.

Daily reload bonuses require players to just log in on a certain day of the week, while cashback bonuses require players to wager on certain competitions over a period given by the sportsbook. Some betting sites may even feature bonus codes that players will have to enter before they can claim any of the aforementioned bonuses.

So, to make sure that players are fully informed on the process of receiving bonuses from the chosen online sportsbook, it would be smart to read the terms at the Promotions tab of the chosen site.

Most Preferred Casino Bonus in Azerbaijan
Payment Methods in Azerbaijan

Payment Methods in Azerbaijan

Credit and debit cards are by far the most popular way for Azerbaijani players to deposit and withdraw money at gambling sites. They are extremely secure, many people use them for all types of online transactions and pretty much every gambling platform accepts them.

By using credit and debit cards, the players are provided with pretty secure transactions, which are also faster than most of the payment methods accepted at betting sites. All deposits are instant, while withdrawals have a processing time of around 3 business days.

E-wallets can be used sometimes, but they are not as preferred as credit and debit cards. The reason for that is that even though e-wallets such as Neteller and Skrill provide the players with instant withdrawals, they often come with fees. Not only that, but many online sportsbooks do not consider them as eligible payment methods for claiming bonuses.

Less Popular Payment Methods in Azerbaijan

Some less popular payment methods in Azerbaijan include wire transfers, direct banking, and Bitcoin. Due to the rise of this cryptocurrency, some players decided to use it as a payment method. Bitcoin has all of the best advantages of the aforementioned popular payment methods.

All transactions made with this cryptocurrency are instant, users gain a certain level of online anonymity when trading with it, thus their security is increased, and no fees are applied when withdrawing money, thanks to the peer-to-peer focus.

But, it was mentioned earlier that even though Bitcoin has all of these advantages (plus the fact that players can access unique games by using it as a payment method), not many Azerbaijani players use it as it is too expensive to get a hold of.

Payment Methods in Azerbaijan


Everything you need to know about casinos

What is the legal gambling age in Azerbaijan?

The legal gambling age for the gambling-related activities that are allowed by the government in Azerbaijan is 18.

Why is land-based gambling prohibited?

The reason why land-based gambling is illegal is quite unique. Apparently, the president of Azerbaijan banned all forms of gambling in 1997 because his son was a gambling addict. To make things even worse, the president’s son reportedly had a $6 million gambling debt.

What are the legal gambling games in Azerbaijan?

The legal online casino games in Azerbaijan are the lottery, bingo, and sports betting. The good thing about sports betting is that this activity is legal in all forms. Players can choose whether they want to bet at land-based sportsbooks or online sportsbooks.

Are fees applied when Azerbaijani players make withdrawals?

The fees on withdrawals depend on the chosen method as well as the policies of the chosen gambling site. Some methods such as Neteller and Skrill may provide the players with instant withdrawals, but they often come with fees. Not only that, but some online casinos are known to apply additional fees to the players, but this is rarely the case.

What is the most popular payment method in Azerbaijan?

The most popular/preferred payment method in Azerbaijan is credit and debit cards. Many people use them as they are secure, provide the players with fast transactions and pretty much every gambling site accepts them. E-wallets also deserve a mention, but they are not nearly as popular as credit/debit cards.

Can players gamble online?

The only form of online gambling that is legal in Azerbaijan is online betting. Online casinos are prohibited, but players can slip through the cracks and access these sites from time to time.

Does the Azerbaijani government license gambling sites?

The government of Azerbaijan is licensing gambling sites, which is very interesting. The sites that are licensed by the government are online sportsbooks and they are the only online gambling platforms on which players can wager their money.

Is the Azerbaijani Manat accepted at online casinos?

Unfortunately, the Azerbaijani Manat is not accepted at online casinos, but this is not a big problem because players can choose other currencies such as the US dollar or the Euro, then convert it back to Manat when they need it to.

Are Bitcoin games popular?

Bitcoin games do have some presence in Azerbaijan, but they are not nearly as popular as they are in other parts of the world. The reason for that is because there are not a lot of players that prefer to use Bitcoin as a payment method, especially in 2021, when Bitcoin is valued at over $50,000.

How can Azerbaijani players receive sportsbook welcome packages at betting sites?

To claim sportsbook welcome packages, which by the way, are the most popular bonus in Azerbaijan, the players must first register at a chosen betting site. After they register, they need to make the minimum required deposit.

Some sites may even require the players to enter bonus codes or contact Support. To make sure that they are familiar with the whole process, it is smart to check the Promotions tab of the chosen platform.