Unlock Your Online Casino No Deposit Bonus Today

No deposit bonuses are some of the best online casino offers out there and may even sound so good, that players may wonder if these offers are true. An online casino no deposit bonus is, however, a widely common promotion that new gamblers can enjoy when signing up at some of the best online casino sites.

With a no deposit bonus, players can try the online casino’s environment without depositing any real money into their account - the only requirement needed to unlock a no deposit bonus is opening an account on the casino site.

The best no deposit bonuses are listed right here at Online CasinoRank, through an in-depth bonus comparison. Players who are looking to try some online gambling can simply choose any of the available no deposit bonuses and kickstart their journey today.

Unlock Your Online Casino No Deposit Bonus Today
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Best No Deposit Bonus Casinos

Sometimes, an online casino no deposit bonus may seem like a unicorn: we’ve all heard of it and many of us desire it, yet it’s not within our grasp that easily. Fortunately, there are plenty of online casinos with no deposit bonuses out there and the team at Online CasinoRank has done a thorough research to bring the best bonus no deposit casino to players.

Even though online casino no deposit bonuses don’t carry significant risks (opposed to regular deposit bonuses), players shouldn’t rush with registration. First, it’s crucial to figure out which ones are the best online casinos with no deposit bonuses - casinos that tick all the boxes when it comes to player safety, trustworthiness and a generally good-quality gambling service.

Below, we’re outlining the four core principles that all no deposit bonus casino sites should fulfill.

Safety and Reliability

Even though players don’t have to use their credit card or enter payment details to redeem an online casino no deposit offer, it doesn’t mean safety should be thrown to the wind. Successful online gambling experience involves signing up on licensed, certified and verified online casinos.

Online CasinoRank brings only properly certified and regulated no deposit bonus casino sites to players. These online casinos have been verified not just by our team, but by independent authorities and organizations. Leading online casinos should carry a valid gambling license, issued by reputable authorities like the Malta Gaming Authority, UK Gambling Commission or Curacao eGaming (among others).

Bonus Conditions

The best no deposit bonuses for casinos are the ones with fair bonus conditions. Of course, players can’t assume they’ll redeem a no deposit bonus without fulfilling any conditions - there are always certain restrictions, such as wagering requirements or limits on how much money can be won from the no deposit bonus.

The lack of bonus conditions isn’t the thing to look for. Instead, players should compare the fairness of bonus conditions. The best no deposit bonus casino may still have a playthrough requirement, but it may be lower from others - for instance, 10-30x, instead of 45x.

Players are advised to read no deposit bonus conditions carefully and assess online casinos based on these bonus rules.

Versatile Casino Games

Without a doubt, the best online casino with no deposit bonus is the one with the greatest range of casino games. The best online casinos should feature several thousand online slot games, including some popular online slot games like Megaways or Bonus Buy ones. What’s more, top online casinos should have a range of live dealer and table games, so gamblers could enjoy good old classics - online roulette, blackjack, etc.

Many modern online casinos may include other game types, too, including instant betting games, sports betting, online bingo and keno. The more, the merrier - this principle applies to every online casino.

Furthermore, the best no deposit online casinos collaborate with well-known software providers that are known for their quality. These companies may include names like Play’n Go, Pragmatic Play, Yggdrasil, Betsoft, Microgaming and many others.

Customer Support

The fourth core principle every no deposit online casino should have is a reliable, professional customer support. The best no deposit casinos have a 24/7 customer support - this way, gamblers can always access help, despite the time they’ve chosen for playing.

When it comes to customer support channels, email support is always present, but it’s not the primary means of communication in no deposit online casinos. The best no deposit casinos should include a live chat function that allows players to contact the customer service swiftly thanks to a handy live chat form.

Online Casino Games with No Deposit Bonuses

What Is a No Deposit Bonus?

No deposit casino bonuses are, as their name states, online casino offers that don’t require any deposit from the player. Normally (and understandably), most online casino bonuses ask for a deposit and the bonus size depends on the deposited amount. This is not the case with no deposit casino offers, though, since these get added to the players’ accounts without asking for any money in return.

This bonus may sound way too good to ever be true, but there’s no need for players to doubt the legitimacy of these offers. Casino no deposit offers are meant to be incentives and gifts that bring new players to the online casino, simple as that. The main catch of no deposit bonuses lies in their small size: compared to regular deposit bonuses, no deposit casino bonuses are much smaller in size, so players won’t stand a chance of redeeming hundreds of dollars without a deposit.

How do No Deposit Bonuses Work?

Online casino no deposit bonuses are fairly straightforward and may even be easier to use than deposit-based bonuses. Since deposits are not required, players don’t need to worry about making payments. Instead, a no deposit bonus is usually added to the account right after a successful registration. In fact, the most common way of redeeming a no deposit bonus is a first-time sign up: many casinos may offer a no deposit sign up bonus as a stimulus that would trigger the player to open an account.

Since there’s no real money involved, the player won’t feel it as a risky decision and thus, they may be inclined to sign up. For a relatively small bonus, the casino gets a new player that may, in the future, stay playing as a real-money gambler (or at least, that’s the casino’s ambition when offering a free welcome bonus no deposit). Most no deposit bonus offers get added to the player automatically after an account has been opened.

Sometimes, a no deposit bonus code may be required and in that case, the code should be entered during the sign up process. There’s a specific bonus code field for that exact purpose and once the no deposit bonus code has been used, the gambler will find the no deposit bonus from their account.

Types of No Deposit Bonuses

There are two main types of no deposit bonuses: free spins and free bonus money. The first casino no deposit sign-up bonus will release free rounds in a specific slot machine (and the gambler will find these no deposit free spins when opening the online slot game). In the case of the latter, the no deposit bonus is already available on the account as bonus money.

The best no deposit casino bonus is, of course, the biggest one with the lowest wagering requirements. In most cases, no deposit casino bonuses are rather small - the online casino may grant up to 50 no deposit free spins or 20-50 dollars in bonus money, but usually, no deposit bonuses are just small gifts, available for first-time players.

Types of No Deposit Bonuses 2024

Free No Deposit Bonus Casinos

Free no-deposit bonuses have become a popular feature in online casinos, enticing players with the opportunity to enjoy thrilling games without having to make an initial deposit. These bonuses, offered by free no deposit bonus casinos, provide a risk-free way for players to explore a variety of casino games and potentially win real money. A free casino no deposit bonus typically comes in the form of free spins or bonus cash, which can be used to play selected games. This enticing perk allows players to test the waters and experience the thrill of online gambling without any financial commitment. Players can find numerous reputable online casinos with no deposit bonus offers, ensuring that they have plenty of options to choose from. Whether you're a seasoned player looking to try out a new platform or a novice just starting your online gambling journey, taking advantage of a casino no deposit free bonus can be a fantastic way to kickstart your gaming adventure.


Benefits - Why Should I Use a No Deposit Bonus?

No deposit bonuses are some of the most sought-after promotions in online casinos, and for some obvious reasons. Not many bonuses can match the perks players can enjoy when redeeming a no deposit welcome bonus. Here are some of the main benefits to reap from these bonus offers:

  • Risk-free bonus - No deposit welcome bonus is the only completely risk-free bonus, since there’s no real money deposit involved. Players can redeem the bonus without needing to spend their own money, so this makes the no deposit bonus risk-free.
  • No deposit required - No deposit casino bonuses don’t require players to spend any money (unless later on, wagering requirements would require that for withdrawals). These bonuses can be activated and used immediately without having to make any payments whatsoever.
  • Good way to try the casino - Often, gamblers are wary about playing casino games and prefer to take their time to look around the casino site. An online casino no deposit bonus is perfect for that: it gives a glimpse into the casino’s games and surroundings, without spending any money.
  • Access to fun new games - No deposit casino games may unlock some fun gambling options players would normally overlook (like fresh slot games). Online casinos may issue no deposit bonuses for completely new games, too, as a way to promote these to players. This makes the no deposit bonus an excellent chance to try something new and different.

No Deposit Bonus Cons

We all know that a free casino bonus, as great as it may sound, doesn’t come without its downsides and the same goes for a free no deposit bonus. Before going for a free no deposit bonus casino, players should carefully consider the following downsides.

  • Strict requirements - The biggest downside of no deposit bonuses are the strict bonus conditions that must be met in order to activate and redeem bonus money. The free casino bonus no deposit may come with high wagering requirements, short time periods, game restrictions and other conditions that make it tougher to withdraw the money.
  • May require a deposit for withdrawal - Though usually, a free no deposit bonus is completely free, some online casinos may require a deposit if the player wants to withdraw bonus funds or winnings. Though the required deposit may be small, it still defeats the purpose of redeeming a no deposit bonus.
  • Small amounts - The biggest issue when it comes to free money no deposit casinos, is the bonus amount itself. No deposit bonuses tend to be quite small, sometimes barely over 20 dollars or 50 free spins. While a good perk, the small bonus without deposit may not be enough for most gamblers.
  • Limited winnings - When using a casino free bonus, winnings may be limited with bonus rules. This means that despite winning a large prize, players may still be limited in the amount they can actually withdraw (or withdraw without making a deposit).
The Pros and Cons of No Deposit Bonuses

How to Convert the Bonus Into Real Money

One of the biggest problems many gamblers may face after redeeming their no deposit casino real money bonus, is converting the bonus to actual real money funds or in other words, complying with the wagering requirement attached to the bonus.

In the best-case scenario, players may find a no deposit bonus without wagering requirements and if that’s the situation, there’s no need to worry about converting the funds: all winnings will instantly be real money and players can proceed with a withdrawal.

Most no deposit bonus real money casinos require following wagering requirements, which means that players must place bets up to a specified limit before they can cash out their real money online casino no deposit bonus. These requirements differ: some casinos may require wagering up to 40x, whereas another no deposit bonus real money casino may only require wagering around 10-20x.

To put this into perspective, a 20x wagering requirement means that if the online casino real money no deposit bonus winnings amounted to 100 dollars, players would need to bet for 2000 dollars to cash out the no deposit bonus casino real money.

While it sounds extensive, converting the no deposit bonus into real money may not be as complicated as it seems, since in-game winnings will also contribute towards the wagering requirement. Many players may find that it takes far less effort to actually redeem their real money no deposit bonus.

Other Common Terms & Conditions

Wagering requirements may be pesky, but those are not the only no deposit rules players must follow. Since no deposit bonus grants, essentially, free money, the online casino clearly has to be careful and can’t hand out the money left and right without requiring any rules to be followed.

Here are some of the most common no deposit bonus rules and conditions players may encounter at real money online casinos.

  • Game restrictions - A real money casino no deposit bonus may not always apply to all casino games and instead, players may have to play certain games. This restriction is related to wagering the bonus, too: not all casino games are considered towards fulfilling the playthrough requirement.
  • Maximum bet - All real money no deposit bonuses can be wagered by placing a certain maximum bet, usually around 5 dollars. If players exceed this allowed bet limit, there’s a chance their account may even be closed or they’ll just lose out on their no deposit bonus.
  • Maximum winnings - Often, real money casino no deposit bonuses have winning caps, which means that even if the player wins an enormous prize, they may not cash out all of it, since they were using no deposit bonus funds. Not all real money casinos have these restrictions, but some do, making it a crucial catch.
  • Time limits - No deposit bonuses don’t last forever, especially if talking about converting it into real money funds. No deposit bonus funds must be played through within a certain time period, otherwise, the funds will expire and there’s no chance to receive it in real money anymore.
  • IP restrictions - Last but not least, there’s one important catch to remember: there’s one bonus available per household and as a household, the casino means an IP address. If the online casino detects someone trying to redeem a no deposit bonus several times per IP address, the casino account might get closed and access removed.
No Deposit Bonus Terms and Conditions 2024
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No Deposit Bonus Terms and Conditions 2024

No Deposit Bonus Terms and Conditions 2024

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Online Casino Games with No Deposit Bonuses

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Everything you need to know about casinos

What are no deposit bonuses?

No deposit bonuses are special online casino bonuses that don’t require a prior deposit from the player, contrary to other regular casino promotions that are always related to deposits or real-money wagers. No deposit bonuses, however, can be claimed right after signing up or as a loyal customer, without having to make a new deposit.

Why do online casinos offer no deposit bonuses?

Online casinos use no deposit bonuses as sign-up incentives. These bonuses are meant to appeal to new clients who haven’t used the online casino before: the bonus is like an extra gift that helps the casino find new players. In other words, it acts similarly to discounts or promos at any normal company.

Can no deposit bonuses be withdrawn?

Yes, all the winnings and bonus money received from the no deposit bonus can be withdrawn, with the only caveat being bonus wagering requirements and other conditions. Online casinos may sometimes offer no deposit bonuses without a wagering requirement, but that’s rare. In most cases, players need to first follow some bonus conditions before the bonus becomes available for withdrawals.

Is it possible to win real money without a deposit?

Yes, it’s completely possible to win real money without making a deposit first. No deposit bonuses reward real money funds, which could be cashed out. The only catch lies in bonus conditions: usually, no deposit bonus money must be wagered through, and there’s chance players may have to make a deposit to either receive the winnings or fulfil the wagering requirement.

Which online casinos offer no deposit bonuses?

Many online casinos offer no deposit bonuses to first-time clients. Our comparison has listed all the best online casinos with no deposit bonuses, so players can simply find a suitable bonus offer from the list on this page. Unfortunately, not all casinos offer no deposit bonuses.

What types of no deposit casino bonuses are there?

The two main types of no deposit casino bonuses are bonus cash and free spins, both of which are quite popular. Free spins are rewarded for specific online slots, bonus money can be used for any games desired, similar to real money funds that would normally be transferred to the account.

Where can I find the biggest no deposit bonus codes?

The biggest no deposit bonus codes may be found from our comparison whenever such bonuses become available. Players should note that these bonus codes may not yield the biggest bonuses compared to a standard deposit bonus, but the best bonus codes may be present right in our comparison.