Best Craps Online Casino in 2023

Craps is a fascinating dice game that can be played in online casinos as well as land-based establishments. Its history can be traced to the medieval period when it was known as Hazard.

The game involves players making a wager on the anticipated outcome of a roll of dice. Craps is known for its endless betting opportunities.

Players can stake on multi rolls, single roll, or line bets, to name a few. Players need the right strategy to emerge victors. Herein, vital aspects of craps are detailed.

Gamblers will learn how to play craps and win, the game’s rules, the basic strategy, its history, and how to play craps for free and with real money.

Best Craps Online Casino in 2023
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What is Craps Online?

What is Craps Online?

Craps is one of the few dice games that have made it to the list of casino games. It is an easy game that has players betting on different outcomes of rolling the dice. These include the total of a pair, the outcome of several rolls among others.

As the game is highly flexible, individual online casinos often have the freedom to decide what outcomes players can place wagers on and the payouts they give for winning each particular bet.

It is a popular game because it is absolutely easy to play, and each round takes just a few moments to complete.

What is Craps Online?
How to play Craps online and win

How to play Craps online and win

Craps lovers can get in on the online action by finding online gaming houses that offer the game, then signing upon them.

Once they have registered, they will need to make a deposit, then head directly to the craps table where they can begin gambling right away.

  1. Even with previous gambling experience, players will need to familiarize themselves with the rules of the particular casino they are playing in. As mentioned earlier, the game hands the house the freedom to determine its markets and how to pay out for different outcomes of each roll or several rolls.

  2. Generally, however, the game begins by placing their bets on the outcomes they expect to turn on the top faces of a pair of rolled dice. Unlike street craps where people play against each other, online casino craps is played against a house dealer. Once a bet is placed, the dealer rolls two dice and the outcome is seen immediately.

  3. The online player also gets a turn to roll the dice, acting as what would ordinarily be the shooter in a game of craps. When the player is playing in this role, they are required to bet a Pass/Don't Pass (Win/Don't win) before the round commences.

Rules for Online Craps

  • The game has several rule variations from house to house, but there are those that apply to almost all houses. Players can play shooter roles or opt to play without shooting. Those who do not wish to take up the shooter rule, are required to wait for the dealer button to come 'On.'

  • This indicates that a game is in the 'Point' round and outside bets can be placed. The point is one of two phases of a round of craps; the other phase is known as the 'Come Out'. The game begins by the shooter picking two dice from a bowl.

  • The chosen dice are then rolled in one throw. As a rule, both dice are expected to hit the wall to ensure they have been rolled with the least acceptable force. If just one dice hits the wall, the round is continued, but a warning is issued. If neither dice hits the wall, the round is negated and the game moves to the next roller. Repeated failure to hit the wall may lead to disqualification.

  • Payouts are made at each roll, depending on the bet that each player has placed. If the bets are placed on a series of outcomes, the result of every round is recorded after every roll.

Craps Basic Strategy

Craps, whether online or offline, is a game of chance. This applies even more accurately when played at trusted online casinos because players can not control the strength with which they roll the dice. That said, one may try to come up with a playing strategy by choosing where they get into the game.

Forgoing the shooter role and waiting to bet when the game has already established a point is always a great strategy to bet with.

It allows the player to avoid the mandatory bet that a shooter has to place, which in turn means that the winning edge is increased.

Again, players may opt to bet on a series of rolls rather than a single roll. Since all faces of the dice pair have an equal chance of coming up, betting on a series of rolls means that the desired results have a higher chance of occurring. However, this results in a lower payout because of the smaller odds.

Betting on number ranges is also more rewarding than placing a wager on a fixed outcome. This is where players bet on an outcome of, say, a total of 'between four and seven' or 'above five.' With such a risk spread, the probability of losses diminishes.

Free Online Craps

Some casinos offer players the chance to play craps without earning real money on their fun tables. This is a chance for novice players to practice and get conversant with the gaming models. It could also be a great way for ardent players to take a break from serious gambling sessions.

The free play guarantees players that their purse remains untouched during the fun session.

However, players should also stay aware that their accounts won't receive any money in case they win during the free craps sessions. Casino rules are very clear that free rolls are void of any real money winnings.

Playing Craps for Real Money

Players may get in for a real gamble once they have deposited money in their playing accounts. The simplicity of the online craps session means everyone can get into it and play for a chance to win real money. Once the rules of the house are understood, one is ripe to play.

The speed of the game, however, means that it is easy to get sucked in. Whether one is winning or losing, the possibility of getting carried away is always high. Before setting out on a craps session, it is important to fix a playing amount and stick to it whether one loses or wins.

How to play Craps online and win
History of Craps

History of Craps

Craps is the Americanization of an old European game known as Hazards. The game of Hazards has been in existence since the early years of the 18th century. It was brought to America in around 1807 by a young gambler from a family of landowners who was returning from London.

The game was initially rejected by elites leading the young returnee to introduce it to fieldhands and deckhands.

It quickly became popular among these classes who played it on the streets and carried it across the region. The game was a hit when casinos became mainstream and has again proven so in the era of online gambling.

History of Craps
Gambling Addiction

Gambling Addiction

If you find yourself or someone close struggling with an addiction, please reach out to GamCare.

Gambling addictions can be hard to spot, so please make sure to always gamble responsibly.

Gambling Addiction

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Everything you need to know about casinos

What is Craps online?

Craps is a dice game that can be found at most good casinos. As the game is so simple and does not require significant input from the players, it was easily transferred to an online version.

Is Craps a game of luck?

Craps is a table game which involves players placing many types of bets on the outcome of a rolling dice. The different bets offer different house edges and it's a good idea to understand them before you start betting with real money.

Where is Craps most popular?

Invented in the United States as a simplified version of the European game Hazards, Craps is still predominantly a dice game played by Western people.

Is Craps online rigged?

Craps Online, just like any casino game, is skewed in favour of the house, that's how gambling companies make money. These rules are well known and do not mean the game is rigged. There are some illegal gambling websites who skew the game further, and these sites should be avoided. Always read the reviews and use a licensed website.

Which is the most popular Craps online?

Bank Craps is the most popular of all craps versions. It uses a particular table with a design to fit the game specifically.

Why are there so many different Craps versions offered online?

There are many different versions of Craps including Crapless Craps, High Point Craps, Simplified Craps and Die Rich Craps. Each of these versions offer different odds and a different player experience.

Can you play Craps online for real money?

Aside from free craps games, many online casinos feature various craps games where players can win real money. These virtual games follow the standard craps rules and betting protocols.

Is it legal to play Craps online?

The answer depends on the player’s location. In the USA, for instance, those who live in states where online gambling is legal, can play online craps games. There are also many foreign online casinos, those based in Europe, for example, that offer online craps to players in various countries.

Why is it called Craps?

The term “craps” comes from the French word “carpaud,” which means toad. One story says that players resembled toads when they would squat on the streets to shoot dice in the absence of craps tables.

Where can I play Craps online?

Players from all over the world will find plenty of sites on the Internet where they can play Craps. Take a look at our list of the best craps online casinos for an idea of what’s out there.