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Craps, one of the most exhilarating and dynamic games in the casino world, is now just a click away from your screen! Whether you're a seasoned player or new to the rolling dice, our comprehensive guide will navigate you through the exciting realm of online craps. Packed with strategies, tips, and insider knowledge, this article is your first step towards mastering the game. Don’t miss out on the action - check out CasinoRank's top-listed Craps online casinos, handpicked for their outstanding features and trustworthy gameplay. Roll the dice, dive into our article, and discover your next favorite online casino to experience the thrill of craps like never before!

Play Craps Today - Win Real Money
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Best Craps Online Casinos

It’s easy to play casino craps online. Currently, there are hundreds of craps gambling sites, all boasting different ways to play craps - and with different advantages.

That’s why it’s a great idea to use Online CasinoRank, since our site is the mecca for the best craps online casino sites. Each craps casino was reviewed thoroughly, to make sure that the bonuses, casino dice game versions, and all other features are appropriate and interesting.

Here's what you should look for:

  • Plethora of Choices: You want lots of options. Some sites offer the classic game, while others spice things up with new versions. Pick what suits you best.
  • Reviews: Check sites like Online CasinoRank. They look at casinos closely and tell you which ones are top-notch.
  • Bonuses: Everyone loves extra perks. Make sure the online casino you pick gives you some cool bonuses. But also, check if they're easy to use.
  • Safety: This is key. You want a site that keeps your information safe. Look for places that have proper licenses and use secure methods.
  • Easy to Use: You don’t want to waste time figuring out a complicated website. Pick a place that's simple to navigate and play.

Craps Rules

Craps bets are clearly not as popular as blackjack or roulette, which is why so many players ask themselves how to play craps for beginners? These are the basic craps rules, that everyone needs to master before they play craps online:

There are two options at the casino craps table each round: Come-Out and Point. The shooter rolls the Come-Out rounds to begin a round. All bets on the pass wager are lost if the dice produces 2, 3, or 12 points; these are referred to as "craps" points in the craps odds chart.

A "normal" result where the pass bet wins is a 7 or an 11. The number must be rolled once more before the shooter rolls a 7 for the best craps bets to do their magic.

The second part at the game of craps right after the Come-Out. When the shooter rolls a 7 or another die with the same value as the point, the craps game is over. The roll of the dice need not be the same each time. So, if the shooter first rolls a 1 and a 3, the point can be scored as if it were two 2s.

Key Takeaways on Craps Rules:

  1. Two Main Phases: Come-Out and Point.
  2. Starting the Game: The shooter begins with the Come-Out roll.
  3. "Craps" Points: Rolling a 2, 3, or 12 means all bets on the pass wager are lost.
  4. Winning Pass Bet: A roll of 7 or 11 during the Come-Out phase.
  5. Continuation: If none of the above results are achieved, the game moves to the Point phase.
  6. Game Conclusion: The game ends if the shooter rolls a 7 or hits the point value again.
  7. Flexible Scoring: The dice's individual values can be combined in different ways to achieve the point.
How to Play Craps Online: Step-by-Step Guide to Playing Online

Different Types of Craps Online Game

Craps is available online in a wide variety of variations, like the majority of gambling games. Before starting, here are the most important types of dices games available at online casinos:

Crapless Craps

  • Also famously called Ruse Craps and Never Ever Craps.
  • When the craps numbers 2, 3, and 12 are rolled, the player wins on pass line bets.
  • Mississippi in the USA is the biggest market for this game, but it's also popular at online casinos.
  • Especially high odds for players.
  • In Crapless Craps, the house edge for pass line bets ranges from 1.41% to 5.38%.

High Point Craps

  • Numbers 2 and 3 are disregarded in high point dice, so you players keep rolling until they get another result.
  • If players roll an 11 or a 12, they win right away.
  • High Point Craps has a house edge of roughly 2.35%, which is still better than normal craps.
  • This fun variant of craps is simple to learn.

Simplified Craps

  • Very easy version.
  • Simplified Craps only uses one dice.
  • The result appears after just one roll.
  • With the numbers 2, 3, 4, 10, 11 or 12, the player wins.
  • With the numbers 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9, the player loses.
  • Players can make bets on the pass and don't pass outcomes, as well as on craps or natural numbers.
  • 2.8% is the house edge.

New York Craps

  • Despite its name, this version is played widely in the UK and the Bahamas.
  • There are no come or don't come bets in this version of the dice game.
  • The casino charges a 5% fees on wins whe players bet on the numbers 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or 10.
  • The house edge is 5%.
  • Due to the additional betting choices, the table layout is different.

Discover the wide range of video poker games available online and compare them to the options offered in physical casinos.

Craps Online vs. Live Craps: Which is Better?

Play Real Money Craps

Like all other classic casino games, craps online for real money are also worldwide very popular. Basically, real money craps online only require a few steps. Here’s a short rundown on how to get started playing craps real money:

  1. The best way to get at real money craps is choosing one of our recommended online casinos on Online CasinoRank.
  2. Once registered an account, players just use the best deposit method and make their first transaction.
  3. The deposit should appear immediately, which can now be used to play craps online for real money.

It’s important to remember that to play craps online, there might be a welcome bonus as well after the first deposit. Besides, withdrawing money after playing craps online for real money is usually the same procedure.


Online Craps for Free

One of the best iGaming features worldwide is the fact that free games are a big part of the industry - including the best online craps game free. However, free craps online also means that no real money can be won.

Basically, free online craps means that players receive virtual credit, allowing them to get the best craps online free practice going.

If you've ever wanted to dive into the world of craps without committing real money, then playing craps online for free is a top option for mane reasons:

  • No Monetary Commitment: As the name suggests, free online craps allows you to indulge in the game without spending a dime. This means you can enjoy the thrills without worrying about your bank balance.
  • Virtual Credit Play: When you opt for online free craps, you are provided with virtual credits. This pseudo-money helps you navigate the game, learn the bets, and hone your strategies, making it the perfect environment for craps online free practice.
  • Try Different Versions: The beauty of choosing to play craps for free is the freedom to explore. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned player, the variety of craps versions available online allows you to find the perfect fit for your gaming style.
  • Lowered Risk: Here at Online CasinoRank, we always advocate for free online craps. Why? Because it's the safest way to learn the ropes. It eliminates the risk of losing real money and gives you the space to practice and understand the game's nuances at your own pace.

Craps Strategies

The best craps strategy relies on the potential returns for specific wagers placed at a table, so it cannot be described for every casino. But players must be careful to handle their money, and they should only make long-term bets that they can afford.

Therefore, the best strategy for playing craps is always reading the guidelines on the table before playing. Players must know how to play craps and win, before choosing a perhaps complicated craps betting strategy.

In conclusion, while the allure of craps lies in its unpredictability, a well-thought-out strategy can certainly enhance your playing experience. Whether you're aiming for wins or simply looking to maximize your enjoyment, taking the time to study and practice the game will undoubtedly pay dividends in the long run. So, arm yourself with knowledge, be patient, and let the dice dictate your fortunes.

Craps Betting Strategies: Tips and Tricks for Online Players

Play Craps with a Casino Bonus

Every player has the chance to grab the best real money online casino bonuses, which can come in different forms and shapes. Here’s each online casino craps bonus:

  • Welcome Bonus: The most popular craps bonus, which is the first one after registering an account at a craps online gambling site.
  • Cashback Bonus: This craps online bonus allows players to get back a percentage of their losses, ranging usually between 5% and 25%.
  • Reload Bonus: This is a deposit bonus craps, which is marketed towards regular players on a site.
  • No Deposit Bonus: For new players, a no-deposit bonus can be the best online casino bonus for craps since it offers real money without having to make a deposit at a site.
Cashback Bonus

Craps Terminology

  • Shooter: The name for the player.
  • Come Out: Bets where 7 and 11 win, while 1,2,3 and 12 lose.
  • Pass Line: The bet done prior to the Come Out bet.
  • Come Bets: Bets that are done at any moment after the Come Out roll.
  • Don’t Come Bets: The opposite of Come Out bets, with 1,2,3 and 12 being the winning bets.
  • Snake Eyes: A roll that has two 1s.
  • Live Craps: A live dealer game that involves craps.
  • House Edge: The advantage the casino or gambling site will have.
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Everything you need to know about casinos

Can I play Craps online for real money?

Sure! On Online CasinoRank, we’ve reviewed all sorts of online casinos and gambling sites where you can play craps online for money. Players just need to register an account and get playing!

Do I need to download software to play Craps online?

Usually, players never need to download any specific craps software to start playing and place big bets. All that’s needed is a good internet connection and knowledge of the rules and possible outcomes.

Is Craps a game of luck?

Craps is a table game that involves players placing many types of bets on the outcome of a rolling dice. The different bets offer different house edges and it's a good idea to understand them before you start betting with real money.

Is Craps online rigged?

Craps Online, just like any casino game, is skewed in favor of the house, that's how gambling companies make money. These rules are well-known and do not mean the game is rigged. There are some illegal gambling websites that skew the game further, and these sites should be avoided. Always read the reviews and use a licensed website.

Why are there so many different Craps versions offered online?

There are many different versions of Craps including Crapless Craps, High Point Craps, Simplified Craps, and Die Rich Craps. Each of these versions offers different odds and a different player experience.

Where can I play Craps online?

Players from all over the world will find plenty of sites on the Internet where they can play Craps. Take a look at our list of the best craps online casinos for an idea of what’s out there.