Top-rated Online gambling sites in Liberia

Liberia is the first African country to declare independence. The country was formed by freed American slaves. They named the new country's capital, Monrovia, after the US president. It is located on the West African coast, its official language is English, and it is also Africa's oldest republic.

Although online gambling is legal in Liberia, no local online casinos exist in the country. As a result, citizens frequent international casinos, which illegally operate by offering them casino services without a permit from the country's regulatory agency.

Top-rated Online gambling sites in Liberia
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Online Casinos in Liberia

Online Casinos in Liberia

Liberia enjoys a robust gambling market. With licensed land-based casinos, citizens wager on classic and modern casino games.

Although gambling online is popular in the region, the country's regulatory body has not issued any online casino licenses. As a result, citizens frequent international casinos, which illegally operate by offering them casino services without a permit from the country's regulatory agency.

As interest in online gambling grows, the country is working to develop digital infrastructure. Such advances may support online gambling, which citizens participate in, even though Liberia has no legal, licensed online betting sites available.

Online Casinos in Liberia
Online Casino Licensing in Liberia

Online Casino Licensing in Liberia

Liberia has no licensed online casinos. The National Lottery Authority (NLA) has not yet issued any online casino licenses. Gamblers from the region either choose to play at unlicensed foreign betting sites or wager at the African country's land-based casinos.

Although online gambling is legal in Liberia, no online casinos exist in the country. According to online reviews about gambling in the region, the National Lottery Authority has the power to issue licenses for online casinos. However, no such licenses have been issued as of 2021.

Even though the NLA requires a casino to apply for a license prior to offering casino products and services to Liberian citizens, enforcement is reportedly lax. As a result, Liberians who gamble, often frequent international online betting sites.

Although many of these unlicensed betting websites are blocked, gamblers may use a virtual private network to access betting sites on the web.

Since 2015, the NLA has been responsible for overseeing gambling regulations and enforcement. The state-operated agency's mission is to enforce rules to make sure that gambling doesn't negatively impact citizens or the economy.

The NLA also governs the lottery, granting licenses and regulating the country's betting operations. According to the Gaming Regulation 001, the minimum gambling age in the country is 18-years old.

Online Casino Licensing in Liberia
Liberian Players' Favorite Games

Liberian Players' Favorite Games

Liberians enjoy a wide variety of online casino games when frequenting international casinos. From the lottery to poker, international casinos offer citizens digital gaming and entertainment, including some classic favorites.


Poker is legal in Liberia if played at a licensed casino. If played at an unlicensed establishment or outside of a licensed establishment, the game is illegal.

No domestic online poker sites are available to residents of Liberia unless a gambler accesses a foreign-based betting site to play poker online.


Bingo is globally popular, and there are no laws specifically prohibiting Liberian citizens from playing the game.

However, there are no online gambling sites in the country which feature bingo. Those interested in digital bingo reportedly access foreign-based bingo sites.


In 1982, Liberia's National Lottery was launched to raise funds for charity. Since 1993, the lottery has offered various games to Liberian citizens, such as raffles and instant win games. However, there is no option for playing the lottery online in Liberia.

A gambler from the region who wants to play lottery numbers online may access a foreign-run lottery enterprise.

Sports Betting

Regulations require sports betting establishments to maintain a physical location to offer wagering opportunities to Liberia's citizens. Legally, gamblers may only wager on sports at licensed, land-based bookmakers.

However, international online bookmakers provide sports betting to Liberians because the NLA is lax in enforcement.

Liberian Players' Favorite Games
History of Gambling in Liberia

History of Gambling in Liberia

Although Liberia is one of Africa's first countries to make gambling legal, there has been little progress in licensing an online casino. Even StarNet, a company tasked with developing the infrastructure to support online gambling, has made little headway. Citizens often choose to frequent foreign online betting sites.

In 2016, the country passed gambling regulations, which sparked the development of a national lottery and land-based gambling. However, online betting is still not established in the region.

Liberia's gambling history dates to 1982 when the National Lottery Authority was established when the region was still under military rule. However, gambling was completely shut down during the civil war.

Within three years, it was available to citizens, but due to the country's instability, gambling was not the main priority. However, gambling regulations led to the popularization of the lottery, and land-based casinos established a presence.

Gambling Nowadays in Liberia

Currently, casino operators renew licenses every year.

However, there are still no online casino operators in Liberia, except unlicensed, foreign-based casinos, which offer services to citizens illegally. Gamblers who frequent these international online betting sites are not punished for doing so.

As the popularity of online casino gambling continues to grow, Liberians find ways to participate by signing up to gamble remotely.

Although there is a process for applying for an online casino license, which includes meeting the technical and financial requirements, no local company has been granted a license yet as of 2021.

There are reports that these illegally operating casinos are blocked from operating in the region. The NLA has laws in place to prevent unlicensed casinos from providing services to residents.

However, these laws are often ignored by both the foreign online betting sites and residents of Liberia who like to gamble on the internet.

History of Gambling in Liberia
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