Top-rated Online gambling sites in Pakistan

Pakistan is one of those countries where online casino enthusiasts must fend for themselves, since the online casino landscape is not regulated there. That leaves the responsibility of finding safe online casinos to play squarely in the hands of players.

Today, millions of Pakistan nationals access online casinos to play their favorite games, with hundreds of online casinos readily accepting them.

Here, you will find plenty of information about online casino gambling in Pakistan, including how to select the best online casinos, favorite casinos games for Pakistan citizens, and what the future of online casinos in the country looks like.

Top-rated Online gambling sites in Pakistan


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Online casinos in Pakistan

Online casinos in Pakistan

There are more than enough online casinos for Pakistani players, making it difficult for citizens to find the best and safest casinos to sign up with. However, that can be a walk in the park with the proper criteria. Here is what to look for when choosing the best online casino in Pakistan.

The best online casinos offer a wide variety of games, including table games and slots, and often, you will find a mix of both video and classic slots. This ensures every player in Pakistan accesses the games they like the most.

A good customer care support team can resolve many of the issues, questions, and problems that players have, which will reduce the number of complaints. Moreover, support is there to guide players through understanding how casino games work, so they are less likely to make mistakes.

While almost all online casinos in Pakistan offer bonuses, the wagering requirements matter. Pakistanis don't want bonuses whose wagering requirements are almost impossible to meet. The easier it is to meet these requirements, the better.

All good casinos must have a license from a reputable licensing body, such as the UK Gambling Commission, the Malta Gaming Authority, and the Curacao Gambling Commission. Some casinos have licenses from more than one licensing authority; that is even better.

Licensed casinos in Pakistan

When residents of a country have a way of accessing the internet, many residents who are not allowed to gamble fall prey to unlicensed casinos. Their desire to play overrides their ability to be cautious as to who they are giving their gambling money. They don't take time to check out the licensing.

A licensed casino has strict rules and regulations that they must adhere to. Most of these rules are designed to protect the players. This includes protecting their personal information and using legitimate casino software providers. They must have policies in place for the readers to agree to. None of the unlicensed casinos are compelled to do this.

Real money casinos in Pakistan

Casino online for real money can be enjoyed on an ongoing basis. However, players should set a limit for themselves as to how much they can afford for this type of play. It means setting a budget to play with. Then not going beyond the budget.

Players should also budget their time. These casinos are available for play 24/7. Players should not let their casino play interfere with their daily lifestyle. Some may want to enjoy some alcoholic beverages while playing. This should not get to the point where one becomes intoxicated as bad choices could be made as a result.

Online casinos in Pakistan
History of gambling in Pakistan

History of gambling in Pakistan

Pakistan is an Islamic state, meaning all the games of chance are forbidden here. In fact, Islamic law considers gambling a great sin. Given that the government of Pakistan is the one responsible for enforcing Islamic laws, it has put in place measures to discourage Pakistanis' gambling regulations.

Who can forget the 2012 legal battle between the Pakistan government and the country's telecom operators? That was because the operators had attempted to launch SMS lotteries, which, according to the government, was against Islamic law. The government would eventually win the case, and the country's highest court would outlaw the SMS lotteries.

Clandestine gambling venues

But have the anti-gambling laws in Pakistan been effective in what they are meant to do? Well, yes and no. Yes, because anyone found guilty faces the law in its fullest measure, and no because there are at least a dozen secret gambling spots in the country. This is evidenced in the fact that the country's authorities have been carrying out constant raids against such venues.

A tighter grip on gambling

According to some expert views, the Pakistan government should consider allowing some forms of gambling, such as sports betting. Whether the authorities will heed to this advice is a matter of wait-and-see. What is evident is that all games of chance are illegal, and the authorities have not shown any interest in reversing the situation. In fact, the grip on gambling establishments continues to be tighter by the day. For instance, the Pakistan authorities, no gambling-related TV adverts are allowed during Ramadan.

In a nutshell, there is nothing really fascinating about Pakistan's gambling history. All that has been ruling supreme here is the Sharia, whose stand on gambling is well known worldwide.

History of gambling in Pakistan
The future of online casinos in Pakistan

The future of online casinos in Pakistan

Being an Islamic state, Pakistan is expected to continue cracking down on gambling as long as the religion does not allow it. That means it will not be surprising to see the government of Pakistan enact laws to ban all online casinos in the future. But the opposite is still possible, given that online casino gambling is not a multi-billion dollar industry that everyone wants to tap into to generate some revenue.

In fact, online casinos pay huge taxes to the governments of the countries where they operate. If the Pakistan government looks at online casinos from that perspective, then it may change its stand on online gambling in Pakistan to allow the sites to operate legally in their territory in exchange for taxes. This would catapult the country's economy to greater heights.

The Growing Influence of the Internet

The Internet has witnessed an all-time high in the past few years. Online casinos are now accessible to people of any gender and race through their computers, laptops, tablets, or smartphones.

The best part is that these platforms offer the same thrills as land-based gambling with some additional benefits like a better gaming experience with no wait time, bonuses, and availability of more games. With Pakistanis no longer required to travel long distances or spend money on traveling expenses to enjoy gambling at a casino, the future of online casinos in the Islamic state looks bright.

The future of online casinos in Pakistan
Pakistani Players Favorite Games

Pakistani Players Favorite Games

Online casinos are ideal for players who want to enjoy Pakistani games at home. There are a lot of good real money games in Pakistan which are often grouped with tabs and interactive buttons. Players will find categories like:

  • Online slots
  • Table games
  • Live games

Online slots are a great way to have fun because they offer many games, payouts, and jackpots that no other game genre provides. They are games of chance, which means it is very difficult for casinos to rig unless they tamper with the Random Number Generator.

There’s a huge difference among casino sites whereby some operators have 50-60 online slots while others are packed with hundreds of the same. Players from Pakistan love to play poker online. Thanks to live gaming technology, they can now access live poker streamed live from the studio. This means interacting with a live dealer via a phone screen without leaving one’s comfort.

Pakistani Players Favorite Games