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Best 37 Online Casino​s in Cuba

Cuba, an 11-million population nation in the Caribbean, has always been at the center of world happenings. Its most prominent newsmaking is comprised of an ever-changing political landscape. All its activities- gambling, trade, tourism, etc. - can go from zero to a hundred within days whenever the political leaning changes. From the pre-Fulgencio Batista days to the era of Fidel and Raul Castro and the present reign of Miguel Díaz-Canel, the country has seen it all.

This turbulence has reflected on the country's gambling scene. At one point, gambling is in full bloom. The next moment it is totally banned and frowned upon. Here's a detailed look at the maze that gambling in Cuba has been, is, and will be.

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Best 37  Online Casino​s in Cuba

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Online Casinos in Cuba


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History of Gambling in Cuba

History of Gambling in Cuba

Cuba has always been a fun destination and an interest of large nations. The Spanish occupied it in the 15th century. This domination went on until 1898, when the US took over domination. The country was granted nominal independence in 1902. During all these periods, informal gambling was present in the country.

As the country gained footing after independence, gambling became more structured. By the 1920s, gambling activities were going at full throttle. Cuba was what Las Vegas is today. The main players were American tourists who flocked from the short 90-mile distance away (Cuba is just 90 miles away from California/Miami). Prohibition in America meant that Cuba, and Havana in particular, was a drinking haven. Alcohol and other debauchery items like tobacco and cigars were just the perfect catalysts for gambling. To date, Cuban cigars are legendary.

World War II caused a disturbance in Cuba, but the activity resumed soon after the war ended. It was still rampant when Batista came to power in 1952. Actually, it was getting out of hand- American gamblers were beginning to keep off. The dictator Batista and the Mob (Mafia) brought order back to gambling.

No, they did not create friendly laws. Instead, they structured casinos such that they were mainly located in high-end hotels. Cheating was solved, and protection was assured. The result was a new boom in gambling and astronomical profits. Batista was happy as long as he got his cut.

Then came Fidel Castro and the July 26th Movement. After overthrowing Batista, Castro and his communist government banned all forms of gambling in the country, including the national lottery. Masses stormed and destroyed casinos as their owners fled to the US. Castro ignored advice that such a total ban would hurt the Cuban economy.

He later went easy on the crackdown, but gambling did not pick up. There was a ban on American tourists who were the primary source of revenue for Cuban casinos. The economy was weak, meaning local clientele was but a mirage. Not even the friendly communist Soviet Union's tourists could save the gambling industry in the country. The ban remained. It was in place when Fidel handed over the country's leadership to his brother Raul in 2006, who took it well into the second decade of the 21st century.

Gambling Nowadays in Cuba

There hasn't been much change to the legal structure of gambling in Cuba. The ban remains, but there is not that much enforcement. Therefore, casinos still exist in quasi-legal environments. The old hotels that used to have physical casinos have not yet restored them.

However, the rise of online gaming has brought a sense of online gaming to the country again. Although the internet penetration has been slow, 61% of the population was able to access the internet by 2029. Free Wi-Fi is now allowed, making it even easier to play in the unmanned online sphere. Online casinos like 1Xslots, ScratchMania, 22 Bet, Megapari, La Fiesta, Vegaplus, Europa Casino, and Casino Estrella are all available to players in Cuba. These casinos are recording increasing numbers of new players every day.

Future of Online Casinos in Cuba

Miguel Díaz-Canel's government is keen on reviving the economy. Casino, an avenue that has fetched tons of revenue in the past, is one area they are likely to focus on. The fact that the travel embargo between Cuba and America is has eased over the years means that the country will be receiving more tourists. A return of casino games to the high-end hotels is very much likely.

Alongside these, online gaming will continue growing in the country. The increased access to the internet and increased incomes will enable more people to play in online casinos. The country appears ready to create laws that will support casino investors. Therefore, more online casinos will be seeking licenses to operate in Cuba in the coming days.

Cuban Players' Favorite Games

American tourists were the most regular players of casino games in Cuba in its early days. The games they loved thus became popular, a trend that has persisted to date. The slot machines that were popular in casinos back then are still popular today. Different variants of poker, baccarat, and roulette are also widely popular.

Online casinos are also introducing interesting innovations of these old games. Slots, for instance, have more reals. There are also more slot games to choose from, most based on popular movies and video games characters.

Payment Methods in Cuba

Digital payments are the most popular form of payment in Cuba. The most common card transfers are Visa and MasterCard. E-wallets like PayPal and Skrill are also used in most online casinos. The popularity of this form of payment stems from their near-anonymity, which cannot be easily tracked even if a crackdown happened.

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