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Sitting in the middle of Central America, Honduras is a low, middle-income state with a tropical and temperate climate in different areas.

It looks like part of an umbilical cord that joins North and South America on the world map. It is an agricultural country, but its rich beaches and location make it a nice place to tour too. And yes, Honduras is recording the fast-growing popularity of online casino gaming!


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History of gambling in Honduras

History of gambling in Honduras

The gambling history of any country is tied to its culture. As a country colonized by the Spanish and turned into Catholicism, Honduras frowned on gambling for a long time. This, despite the Mayan culture dominated country earning its independence in 1821.

The state of gambling in the country remains unclear before 1977 when it was made legal. Like in any other country, however, the formulation of a regulatory structure indicates that much illegal gambling was going on.

Even after legalization, gambling did not spread across the entire country. This was primarily due to high poverty levels. Casinos remained a preserve of urban centers, with only three cities establishing a meager eight casinos in the whole country. The capital, Tegucigalpa, along with La Ceiba and San Pedro Sula, are the only cities with casinos. Even here, the casinos are only part of high-end hotels.

For this reason, casino gaming in Honduras was mainly a preserve of tourists and the few wealthy urbanites. Still, there was much gambling in other parts of the country, which was not checked by the regulatory body, the Honduran Institute of Tourism. The country also has the National Lottery, which licenses all lotteries.

Gambling nowadays in Honduras

Not much has changed in the country in terms of physical casino gaming. The three cities remain the only casino destinations. However, individual hotels have made modifications to their playing centers. Some have introduced table games which they didn't offer before. Today, it is possible to play in Honduras all casino games that you would find anywhere else. Blackjack, roulette, slots, poker, name them-all these are available in Honduras casinos.

That said, the country has not dodged the COVID-19 blow. Gaming in casinos has gone down by what is projected to be as much as 40%. Official figures are not yet released, though. At least two of the casinos have shut down completely.

On a more positive note, online gaming is on a steady rise. This has seen tremendous success in spreading casino gaming to more areas of Honduras. In a country of around 9 million people, roughly 40% (3.6 million) have access to internet facilities. Internet reliability is best in cities, where the government provides free Wi-Fi in parks and plazas under a program known as 'Internet for the People.' Still, most other parts of the country have internet access that is mainly used via mobile devices.

The popularity of sports, and football, in particular, has made online betting a craze in the country. Most online casinos in the country offer a sports book alongside other casino games.

History of gambling in Honduras
Future of online casino in Honduras

Future of online casino in Honduras

Honduras appears to be entirely in sync with the world when it comes to casino gaming. Despite being a developing nation, the country is remarkably returning to stability after hostilities in 2009 and 2017.

Online gaming is the future, and the number of players will keep growing. Internet penetration will rise. This trend will see crime rates go down and more people able to access the internet and, therefore, online casinos.

Due to its lenient regulations that don't prohibit online casinos, expect to see more and more advertising from more and more companies. This will draw in a greater number of players. It should not be a surprise if the number of people playing online casinos in Honduras grows by over 200% by 2025.

The mobile phone will be the most popular device used to access an online casino. This is due to its affordability and increased capabilities to access new features like live casino and game streaming.

Future of online casino in Honduras
Honduran players' favorite games

Honduran players' favorite games

As a country where gambling is not a tradition, it is hard to pinpoint favorite casino games in Honduras. Most players all along have been tourists who major in slots and table games like poker, baccarat and roulette.

It is a new concept for citizens, and they just take up what the online casinos have to offer. Casinos like 22Bet, 1Xslots, MegaPari, CrazyFox, and ViggoSlots are having a field day introducing new games in the country.

Among locals, especially outside the main cities, the general craze is football betting. However, with the increase of casino gaming companies, even Hondurans themselves are warming up to actual casino games.

Slots are a significant hit, probably owing to their ease of learning and playing. Slowly, games of chance like roulette are also going mainstream. The advent of live casinos has brought great enthusiasm and will contribute significantly to the popularity of the online casino.

Honduran players' favorite games