Top-rated Online gambling sites in Ecuador

Ecuador is a country in South America located in the northwestern part of the continent. The country shares a border with Colombia in the north and the pacific ocean to the west. Spanish is the official language with another 13 native languages recognized in Ecuador.

Gambling in Ecuador has been legal up until 2011. Ecuador banned gambling resulting in the closure of all land-based facilities. The change did not mention online gambling making the legal aspect unclear for foreign online casinos. No licensing process has ever existed for online gambling operators. Still, its possible for international online casinos to offer their services in Ecuador. Since they are established in another country, it is not considered as illegal.

Online casino players don't need to worry. Ecuador does not enforce players from the country. So as a local, you can safely access international online casinos from Ecuador.

With our trustworthy list below, you can find the best online casinos in Ecuador.

Top-rated Online gambling sites in Ecuador


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Online casinos in Ecuador

Online casinos in Ecuador

The gambling industry in Ecuador has a very unstable position. Even though it was legal throughout the country’s history, the government decided to label it as illegal in 2011. After passing the law, all land-based casinos had 6 months to close their facilities and stop working.

Online gambling, on the other hand, is not regulated by law. It falls in the gray area. Even though by some logic, it is illegal, Ecuadorians are still able to register and play games at any casino site that they choose. Online casinos are not allowed to be based in Ecuador, but foreign sites are more than welcome to operate in this region.

What’s even more interesting in online gambling in Ecuador is that some research has shown that the Internal Revenue Service of Ecuador has subjected several online betting operators to VATs, which is quite bizarre.

The whole situation with the ban on gambling has been subject to numerous protests because this industry was very profitable and employed over 25,000 people in the country. Casinos also paid a lot of money in taxes, something that the government cannot benefit from these days. All of these restrictions have ended up in numerous illegal facilities and money laundering activities to operate within the country.

Online casinos in Ecuador
History of gambling in Ecuador

History of gambling in Ecuador

Ever since Ecuador gained independence, gambling has been a very popular activity. Both the residents and tourists were extremely fond of this activity. The laws that were put together around the 1960s even allowed luxury casinos to open their doors and provide the people with the latest casino games.

Gambling became illegal

At one point, Ecuador was even compared to Las Vegas due to the popularity and influence of the gambling industry. In 2010, Ecuador had 25 major casinos, 15 bingo halls, and 4 luxury casinos that were part of resorts. But, things took a turn for the worse when Rafael Correa was elected as president in 2007.

He was openly against gambling, which is why he set up a referendum in which the people of Ecuador were asked "Do you agree that businesses devoted to games of chance such as casinos and slot machine parlors should be banned?". Around 45% of the voters agreed to make casinos illegal, and even though that was not enough, Correa decided to do it anyway.

All gambling-related facilities shut Down

By 2012, all casinos and gambling-related facilities had to shut down and quit operating. The outcome of this radical change was very bad. The economy suffered a major stroke as it did not receive any tax money from gambling facilities, and to make things even worse, around 25,000 people lost their jobs.

Gambling nowadays in Ecuador

The radical change sparked numerous recent protests, but as of 2021, there are no changes in how this industry is treated. The one good thing (sort of) is that online gambling remains unregulated in Ecuador.

Hence, Ecuadorian players can access foreign sites and play their games whenever they want. All they need is a stable Internet connection. Thanks to the fact that the law in Ecuador does not have any specific regulations of online gambling, the players that register and play at foreign sites do not face any penalties. That is why many Ecuadorians go to online casinos to have fun and experience the maximum entertainment.

As for land-based gambling – the fact that it is illegal has brought numerous disadvantages. Many illegal facilities operate throughout the country which is why the crime rate and money laundering are on the rise.

History of gambling in Ecuador
Future of online casinos in Ecuador

Future of online casinos in Ecuador

The future of online casino and the gambling industry in Ecuador is hard to foresee. As of right now, it does not seem land-based gambling will be made legal, which could also be a threat to online gambling.

It seems that the current government is dedicating to suffocating this industry, even though it has tons of benefits for the country. It can employ thousands of people and bring in millions of dollars in tax money.

However, there is hope that the state may be changed as there will soon be elections in the country. The outcome of those elections can make a change to this industry as the next president can make it legal. Not only that, but online casinos can be regulated which will be a massive plus for the economy.

Future of online casinos in Ecuador
United States Dollar (USD) in Ecuador Online Casinos

United States Dollar (USD) in Ecuador Online Casinos

Ecuador, known for its stunning natural beauty and rich culture, also offers gaming enthusiasts a unique experience in the world of online entertainment. While the legal framework in Ecuador places stringent restrictions on many forms of gambling, it's important to explore the options available for responsible gaming within the confines of the law, all while utilizing the United States Dollar (USD) as the preferred currency.

Exploring Limited Online Gaming Opportunities

Ecuador has traditionally maintained strict regulations when it comes to gambling. Most forms of gambling, both online and offline, are heavily restricted. However, within these legal boundaries, some limited online gaming opportunities exist.

Online Casinos in Ecuador

Online casinos in Ecuador operate within the confines of the country's legal framework. While the options may be limited compared to other regions, these platforms offer a selection of games, from classic table games to modern slots, all available for play with the United States Dollar (USD).

Legal Considerations

It's important to be fully aware of and adhere to Ecuador's gambling laws when participating in online gaming. Laws and regulations can evolve, so staying informed about the current legal status is crucial. Ensure that you are engaging in online casino activities responsibly and in compliance with local laws and regulations.

Choosing the Right Platform

When exploring online gaming opportunities in Ecuador, opt for platforms that prioritize player safety, security, and compliance with local regulations. Selecting reputable online casinos that accept USD can enhance your gaming experience while ensuring a legal and secure environment.

Conclusion: Responsible Gaming in Ecuador

As you embark on your online gaming journey in Ecuador, take advantage of the convenience offered by the United States Dollar (USD). While the legal landscape may present challenges, there are legal avenues for entertainment, and adhering to local regulations is paramount for a responsible and enjoyable gaming experience.

United States Dollar (USD) in Ecuador Online Casinos
Ecuadorian Players Favourite Games

Ecuadorian Players Favourite Games

Regardless if casinos/gambling is legal or not, Ecuadorians will always be fond of casino games. The fact that they regularly access online casinos to enjoy them speaks for itself. Due to the fact that this has always been a popular activity, there are many games that Ecuadorians love to play.


The first type is the slots. There are hundreds of slot games at every online casino. Each game comes with a different theme and has unique gameplay. The fact that slots are extremely simple to play is part of the reason why they are so popular. All players from Ecuador have to do is set their desired bet and spin the wheel.

Not only that, but slots can carry great rewards, especially those that have progressive jackpots. The mega prize in these games keeps increasing as players feed the game. In many cases, progressive slots have jackpots that exceed several millions of dollars.


The next game on the list is online poker. This is one of the most popular casino games in the whole world. Not just Ecuador. Because it requires a lot of skills and focus, and it is extremely competitive, poker is a very popular game in this country.

Sports Betting

Lottery and sports betting are the final picks that deserve a mention. Sports betting has always been popular in Ecuador as sports fans are also very fond of placing bets on the games.

Game Providers

As for the game providers, Ecuadorian players are always searching for reputable providers since they always supply online casinos with quality games that can provide them with a great gaming experience. With that being said, some of the names that they always search are NetEnt, Nolimit City, Evolution, Big Time Gaming, iSoftBet and Yggdrasil.

Bitcoin Games

Bitcoin games in Ecuador are popular to some extent. Since this cryptocurrency managed to spike in value and popularity, some people like to use it in order to access special Bitcoin games. All of the Bitcoin games are filled with many in-game bonuses and have interesting gameplay and HD graphics, which is the key to a unique gaming experience.

To access Bitcoin games, players need to deposit with this cryptocurrency.

Ecuadorian Players Favourite Games
Most Preferred Casino Bonuses in Ecuador

Most Preferred Casino Bonuses in Ecuador

The first most preferred bonus in Ecuador is the welcome bonus, which can only be claimed by newly-registered players. Welcome packages often include Free Spins and match deposit bonuses for the players. With Free Spins, players can play slots, which are among the most popular casino games in the country, for real money, without having to deposit anything.

Special Free Spins bonuses that are handed as daily or weekly bonuses are also very popular. Many online casinos have daily reload bonuses that include Free Spins that can be used on selected slot games, depending on the casino’s policies.

Finally, the last bonus that deserves a mention is Free Bets. Free Bets work similarly to Free Spins, but instead of using them on casino games, players use them to bet on various sports games and possibly win real money rewards without having to deposit anything.

How To Claim These Bonuses

When it comes to welcome packages, players must first be newly-registered at an online casino and deposit the minimum amount set by the casino to claim the bonuses. Free Spins and Free Bets are most often gained without any deposits. If they are offered as daily reload bonuses, all players have to do is sign in and play on the selected day.

In some cases, online casinos may require you to type in bonus codes or contact Customer Support before you can claim these bonuses. The specific requirement can be found on the Promotions tab of the selected online casinos. Players are ought to check it out so that they become familiar with the process of receiving the bonuses.

One additional thing to remember is that all of these bonuses come with certain wagering requirements that vary from one online casino to another. Before withdrawing their winnings with the bonuses, players must meet the wagerings that the online casino sets.

Most Preferred Casino Bonuses in Ecuador
Payment Methods in Ecuador

Payment Methods in Ecuador

Credit and debit cards are the most popular choice when it comes to payment methods in Ecuador. They are very fast, reliable, and extremely secure. Deposits with credit and debit cards are instant, while withdrawals have a very short processing time – 3-5 business days.

E-wallets like PayPal, ecoPayz and Jeton are commonly used as well. They too provide the players with fast transactions, but credit and debit cards are more commonly chosen due to the fact that online casinos are known to charge fees to players that decide to withdraw money using e-wallets.

Less Popular Payment Methods in Ecuador

Since Bitcoin games have also become somewhat popular, deposits with this cryptocurrency are also gaining traction. Bitcoin has all the advantages of e-wallets and credit/debit cards, and none of their disadvantages. By using Bitcoin as a payment method, players will be able to deposit and withdraw money instantly, since this is a digital currency that is fully optimized for online use.

Not only that, but Bitcoin users gain a certain level of online anonymity with every transaction, which makes this cryptocurrency extremely secure and reliable. Finally, by using Bitcoin as a payment method, players gain access to unique Bitcoin games. As stated earlier, these games come in HD graphics and fast gameplay and provide players with a quality gaming experience.

Payment Methods in Ecuador


Everything you need to know about casinos

Is gambling legal in Ecuador?

Ever since 2011, gambling has been illegal in Ecuador. But, it is worth noting that online gambling is not regulated which is why Ecuadorian players are free to access online casinos and register to play their games without facing any penalties. But, since unlicensed sites are not blocked by the government, players need to check whether the chosen online casino is licensed or not.

A license means that the casino site offers all of its services legally.

What was the purpose of the 2011 gambling referendum?

The purpose of the 2011 gambling referendum in Ecuador, which was organized by president Rafael Correa, was to vote whether gambling should be legal or not. 45% of the voters stated that gambling should be illegal, which was the final decision. All land-based casinos shut down 6 months after the referendum.

Can Ecuadorian players access online casinos?

The online casino industry falls under the law’s grey area. Even though online casinos cannot be based in Ecuador, off-shore sites are more than welcome to offer their services to the players. It is worth noting that the Ecuadorian government has reportedly hit some betting sites with VATs, which is strange because no law allows them to do that.

Are online casinos in Ecuador safe?

Online casinos are not regulated in Ecuador. That is why unlicensed sites, which can be scam sites, are known to operate in the regions. Not every site is safe and that is why players must check whether the chosen online casino holds a license or not. If it is not displayed, then it is most likely a scam and players should not engage with it.

Can online casinos be based in Ecuador?

Per the law, online casinos cannot be based in Ecuador. But, foreign casino sites are more than welcome to offer their services to Ecuadorian players because the online casino industry falls under the law’s grey area due to lack of regulations.

Which authorities regulate online gambling in Ecuador?

Ecuador does not have any specific regulatory bodies that regulate online gambling. That is why players must rely on internationally recognized authorities that license online casinos. Some notable mentions are the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission.

Are fees applied for withdrawals?

Most online casinos do not charge fees for withdrawals, but it is worth checking the banking options of the selected site as some casinos are known to charge the players. Most commonly, fees are charged when using e-wallets such as Neteller and Skrill. Not only that, but many online casinos do not consider these two methods as eligible for deposit bonuses.

What are the most popular games for Ecuadorian players?

Slot games are the most popular casino games for Ecuadorian players. They are very simple to play and offer tremendous rewards, especially those that have progressive jackpots. Online poker and sports betting also deserve a mention.

What is the most preferred bonus?

Welcome packages are the most preferred bonus for players in Ecuador. It can only be claimed by newly-registered players at an online casino. Additionally, welcome bonuses can only be claimed once. Other popular bonuses in Ecuador are Free Spins, which can be used on slot games, and Free Bets, which are used to bet on sports games without depositing anything.

Are credit and debit cards allowed for use as payment methods in Ecuador?

Yes, credit and debit cards can be used for making deposits and withdrawals in Ecuador., Not only that, but this type of method is the most popular in the country as it provides the players with fast and safe transactions. Fees are not charged, as well. Deposits with cards are instant, while withdrawals have a very short processing time; around 3-5 business days.