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Best 41 Online Casino​s in Cambodia

Cambodia is a country in Indochina, South East Asia, located between Thailand and Vietnam. Cambodia has suffered greatly under the reign of Pol Pot and the Khmer dictatorship. Millions were killed and the economy was fractured. The country is now gaining traction as a popular tourist destination. You can play casino games online from Cambodia.

The gambling industry in Cambodia is a massive contributor to the country’s economy. Many tourists from the neighbouring regions go to Cambodia with the purpose of gambling at the casinos there. That is why the government receives a lot of tax money from this industry and has employed thousands of people.

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Best 41  Online Casino​s in Cambodia

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Online Casinos in Cambodia


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Cambodia is a sovereign state located in southern Asia. It occupies a territory of 181,035 kilometres and has an estimated population of 15 million. The country gained independence from France in 1953 and it is known by its official name the Kingdom of Cambodia. Buddhism is the official state religion and it is practised by around 97% of the population.

The Kingdom of Cambodia is an elective constitutional monarchy, which is chosen by the Royal Council of the Throne. Speaking of its territory, Cambodia borders Thailand to the northwest, Laos to the northeast, Vietnam to the east, and the Gulf of Thailand to the southwest. Its minority groups include Vietnamese, Chinese, Chams, and around 30 hill tribes.

Despite being a relatively poor country with a per capita that is lower than the neighbouring countries, Cambodia has one of the fastest-growing economies in Asia. Its growth averaged 7.6% in the last decade. Agriculture is the most developed industry in the country, followed by textiles, construction, tourism, and garments. Yet, Cambodia still has big problems with poverty, corruption, lack of political freedom, and a high rate of hunger, which is why it ranks extremely low in the Human Development Index.

Quick Summary on Gambling in Cambodia

The gambling industry has a pretty complicated relationship with the Cambodian government. The 1996 Law on the Suppression of Gambling states that all gambling-related activities are legal for tourists, but illegal for the residents.

Operators can be based and offer their services in Cambodia, but they can only do it to foreigners. It is worth noting that this rule is not strictly followed or enforced as many Cambodians still end up visiting land-based casinos to enjoy various gambling games.

When it comes to online gambling, there is no specific law or act that regulates this activity, but since the 1996 Law on the Suppression of Gambling is very general and states that all types of gambling are illegal for Cambodians, it is presumed that this activity is illegal as well. But, the law is not very enforced, which is why many Cambodians end up registering at online casinos.

History of Gambling in Cambodia

The history of gambling in Cambodia does not have too many details. It has been illegal for Cambodians for a long time. The 1996 Law on the Suppression of Gambling even specifically stated that all forms of gambling are illegal for the residents, whereas tourists that come to the country can play at land-based gambling facilities without any issues.

There was a time when basic forms of slot machines were legal in the country, but after a series of violent disrupts over gambling debts by the residents, the government decided to shut things down, hence made the activity illegal in 2009.

Gambling Licenses

An interesting fact about land-based gambling is that over the course of 2018, the government handed out over 50 gambling licenses to operators. That was a 50% increase from the number in 2017. Statistics even showed that around 1.6 million Chinese go to Cambodia for the purpose of gambling and accounted for around 26% of the total number of tourists that visited the country.

Thanks to the massive handout by the government, the country had over 150 land-based casinos, 90 of which were located in Sihanoukville. Around 2015, online casinos also started to gain publicity. Many Cambodians started registering at these sites, even though they were formally labelled as illegal.

Gambling Nowadays in Cambodia

The gambling industry nowadays is very fruitful in Cambodia. Even though it is available only to tourists, millions of foreigners visit the country for the sole purpose of gambling and having a pleasant casino gaming experience.

Considering the fact that the law that states that Cambodians are not allowed to gamble is not strictly enforced, many Cambodians even participate in these activities. More so, they register at online casinos with ease as the government does not have strict regulations that can block foreign sites and make them unable to offer their services to Cambodian players.

The government collects millions of dollars in tax money in recent years from this industry, and an interesting fact about this industry is that men who don't gamble are often viewed as not masculine.

Future of Online Casinos in Cambodia

The future of online casinos in Cambodia is a bit shady for a few reasons. First of all, the argument as to why this industry should be legalized is that many Cambodians already participate in these types of activities and gambling is deeply embedded in their culture. As stated, men who do not gamble are not even considered masculine.

But, history taught the people there that legalizing gambling will cause nothing but problems. A reminder – slot machines were once allowed in the country, but violence due to gambling debt spiked and the government was forced to make them illegal.

The only legal game is the lottery, which is deeply loved by the residents.

Land-based Casinos

But, foreigners are more than welcome to go to the land-based casinos in the country and enjoy many of the casino games that are offered at these facilities. Statistics have shown that millions of tourists go to Cambodia each year with the sole purpose of gambling. That is the reason why the government can collect millions of dollars in taxes from this industry.

Online Casinos

Online casinos are not strictly regulated in Cambodia, but the law is very general and states that all forms of gambling are illegal for Cambodians. Hence, it is an accepted fact that the law is also applied to online casinos, which means that they too are prohibited.

But, this industry is not controlled by the government, which is why many Cambodians access off-shore casino sites, register, and play the latest casino games with ease. Yes, there are penalties for those that get caught gambling illegally, but the thing is that this happens very rarely.

Regulation Laws and Authorities

Since gambling is illegal for Cambodians, there is no specific authority that regulates these activities. The casinos that own a license and are able to offer gambling services to foreigners are supervised directly by the government of Cambodia. As for the law that regulates gambling, the 1996 Law on the Suppression of Gambling states that all forms of gambling are illegal in the country.

Considering the fact that online casinos are not strictly regulated in Cambodia, players can access them. But, they do that at their own risks since many unlicensed/scam sites operate in the region as well. Hence, Cambodian players are often on the lookout for sites that are licensed by reputable authorities. Some of those are the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission.

According to the 1996 Law on the Suppression of Gambling, Cambodians that get caught gambling will face a fine that goes up to 50,000 Riels or even 1 month in prison. But, history showed that this does not happen too often.

Cambodian Players Favourite Games

Gambling may be illegal in Cambodia, but that does not prevent people from participating in these activities. The number one most popular game in the country is poker, specifically Texas Hold’em and Omaha.


Poker is a casino game that requires a lot of skill, rather than luck, and has very rewarding prize pools. The skillset makes the game challenging, which is appealing to Cambodian players, while the prize pool is the cherry on top. Many Cambodians access online casinos or go to illegal dens just to play this game.


Next up, we have slots. These games were once legal in Cambodia and were very popular, but due to gambling-related crimes, the government decided to shut them down in 2009. Nevertheless, slots remained very popular in the country and are adored by many players.

The Lottery

The lottery is the only form of legal gambling in the country and since gambling is very popular in Cambodia, the people will grab on to any gambling-related activity that they can play. The state holds a monopoly in this market, but that does not seem to bother the players too much.

Game Providers

Since online casinos have become extremely accessible in Cambodia, even though they are considered illegal, players are always looking to register and play at these sites. However, they are always searching for sites that are supplied by reputable game providers.

With that being said, some of the suppliers that Cambodian players are always on the lookout for are Yggdrasil, Nolimit City, Quickspin and Asia Gaming. Some of these providers, such as Asia Gaming, are known for supplying numerous games that are themed with Asian culture, which is a good addition and benefit for the players.

Bitcoin Games

Bitcoin has recorded a surge in popularity recently, which is why numerous online casinos started accepting it as a payment method. Not only that, but game providers even supplied them with tons of Bitcoin games that are very unique in their gameplay and theme.

These games are played by some Cambodians, but they are not too popular. Since Cambodia is a country that deals with a high level of poverty and hunger, not many people can afford to buy Bitcoin, let alone use it to play specific Bitcoin games.

Most Preferred Casino Bonuses in Cambodia

As stated earlier, many Cambodians are more than willing to access online casinos and register at these sites. They are always pleased to know that they are welcomed with a nice welcome package, which is why this bonus is the most preferred one.

In most cases, welcome bonuses come with a match deposit bonus and Free Spins that can be used on certain games selected by the online casinos. Free Spins as a standalone bonus is also very popular. Slot games are among the most loved casino games by Cambodians, and since Free Spins can only be used on slots, it is easy to conclude why they are among the most preferred bonuses.

Cashback bonuses that apply to live dealer games are the third most preferred bonus in Cambodia. Cashbacks are usually provided to players that access live dealer games. Poker is often featured as a live dealer game and due to the fact that they provide the players with a unique gaming experience, Cambodians love to receive these bonuses on a regular basis.

How To Claim These Bonuses

First of all, every casino bonus is available only to registered players at that certain site. To claim welcome bonuses, players must make a deposit. The required amount varies from one casino site to another.

Claiming Free Spins as a bonus requires the player to just log in on a specific day. But, these bonuses are part of bonus packages, which is why they too require the player to make a certain deposit. As for cashbacks, they are given on a selected category (live dealer games in most cases) over a certain period. The player must play the selected category on which the bonus is applied to receive a minimum and maximum limit of the lost amount over a specific period.

Some online casinos even require players to type in bonus codes before they can claim the aforementioned bonuses. Players may also be required to contact the Support team. To check what are the casino’s policies on bonuses and promotions and how to claim them, it is best to visit the Promotions tab of the selected online casino.

Payment Methods in Cambodia

The number one payment method in Cambodia are e-wallets. Since transactions with credit and debit cards are easy to be traced and gambling is considered illegal for Cambodians, the players resort to e-wallets like Neteller, Skrill and PayPal to deposit and withdraw money. The good thing about these payment methods is that they give the players instant deposits and instant withdrawals.

The bad thing about them is that they often come with fees, especially on withdrawals. Not only that, but many online casinos do not consider e-wallets as eligible payment methods for claiming bonuses.

Cash is the second-most popular payment method in Cambodia. Land-based gambling remains very popular, even though it is illegal. The law states that casinos may operate, but Cambodians are not allowed to enter them. This rule is not strictly enforced, which is why Cambodians go to these facilities and use cash to deposit and play the best casino games at that particular casino.

Top casinos

1Lucky Nugget150% Match Bonus Up to €2007.6
2Platinum PlayUp to €8007.19
3EnergyCasino100% up to €200 and 50% up to €2008.2
4Euro PalaceUp to $6007.12
5Play GrandUp to $3008
621casinoUp to $3008
7Drück GlückUp to $1008
8Gaming Club$3507.12
91xBetUp to €1500 + 150 Spins9.2
10EU CasinoUp to 100 Mega Spins6


Is gambling legal in Cambodia?


Gambling in Cambodia is legal if you are a foreigner. The law states that tourists are more than welcome to gamble in the country, but this activity has been prohibited for the residents ever since 1996.

Do Cambodian players like to gamble?


Even though gambling is illegal for the residents in Cambodia, the players are still very fond of this activity. Since the law is not strictly enforced, they can be spotted at online casinos playing games. They are also fond of online casino games as they register at casino sites and gain access to everything that online casinos offer them.

What is the most popular casino game in Cambodia?


The most popular game in Cambodia is poker. Due to the fact that this is a game of skill that has massive prize pools, Cambodians find it very attractive. Slots are also one of the most popular games in the country as they were once legal. Finally, the lottery is the third most popular game as this is the only legal form of gambling for Cambodian residents.

Which law regulates gambling in Cambodia?


The 1996 Law on the Suppression of Gambling is the law that regulates gambling in Cambodia. According to this law, all types of gambling (land-based and online) are illegal for the residents. However, tourists are allowed to go to casino facilities and play.

How old do players have to be to gamble in this country?


Gambling in Cambodia is illegal, so there is no specific age required for gambling. But, since Cambodians can access online casinos, the legal age for gambling at these sites is mostly 18.

Are credit and debit cards considered popular payment methods?


Credit and debit cards are popular payment methods in Cambodia, but they are not the most preferred ones. That is due to the fact that transactions made with these methods are easy to trace and that is not something that Cambodians desire because they are prohibited from participating in any form of gambling activity.

Are fees applied for withdrawals?


Fees for withdrawals vary from one casino site to another. Most online casinos do not charge them, but some are known to apply certain fees, especially when it comes to e-wallets. Since e-wallets are the most preferred payment method, it is wise for players to check the banking policies of the online casino before choosing their method.

Is any type of gambling game legal in Cambodia?


As of 2021, the only gambling game that is legal in Cambodia is the state’s lottery. Slots were also legal, but the government shut them down in 2009 after a series of crimes and violence concerning gambling debts.

What is the most preferred bonus for Cambodian players?


Welcome bonuses are the most preferred bonus for Cambodian players. This bonus is received once players register and make the required deposit. These packages often include match deposit bonuses and Free Spins that can be used on selected games.

Additionally, Free Spins as a standalone bonus and cash back bonuses are also popular. Cashback bonuses are mostly applicable to live dealer games – a category that includes poker. Since poker is the most popular casino game in the country, it is logical why would this bonus be so adored.

How popular are Bitcoin games in this country?


Bitcoin games in Cambodia do have a presence, but they are not as popular as in other parts of the world. The reason for that is because these games require the players to make a deposit using Bitcoin and since not many people in Cambodia can afford to purchase Bitcoins, this category hasn’t risen a lot in this region.

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