Top-rated Online gambling sites in Uruguay

Officially the Oriental Republic of Uruguay is a country in South America that is located in its southeastern region. Considering the fact that it occupies an area of around 176,000 square kilometres, Uruguay is the second-smallest country in South America.

Uruguay borders Brazil to the north and northeast, Argentina to the west and southwest, and Rio de Plata to the south. The Atlantic Ocean is the country's eastern border. Although Uruguay has had a rough past filled with military coups and economic crises, the country has managed to overcome every obstacle and become one of the most stable countries in Latin America.

With that being said, Uruguay ranks first in democracy, peace, press freedom, it has a very low corruption rate, and size of the middle class and prosperity. What’s even more interesting is that Uruguay contributes more troops to the United Nations than any other country in the world, based on per-capita. Thanks to this, Uruguay is ranked as one of the most socially progressive countries in the region and has many developed industries.

Top-rated Online gambling sites in Uruguay


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Online casinos in Uruguay

Online casinos in Uruguay

As of 2021, pretty much all forms of gambling are legal in Uruguay, although some types have several restrictions. For example, horse racing betting and sports betting are limited. Horse racing betting is controlled and overseen at the two state-owned Thoroughbred tracks. The lottery is also a state monopoly.

Other than that, land-based casinos are legal to operate and can offer their services to the Uruguayan players. When it comes to online gambling, the Uruguayan law does not mention anything, hence this industry is not regulated. Players are free to access any site that they choose but at their own risk.

Since online gambling is not regulated in Uruguay, the government cannot block all unlicensed sites, which have the potential to be scam sites. That is why it is important for players to check whether the chosen online casino is licensed and regulated by international regulatory bodies such as the Malta Gaming Authority or the Alderney Gambling Control Commission.

Unlicensed sites are known to operate in the area, and they are often perceived as scam sites. If the site does not own a license, then players should not engage with it. The license is usually displayed at the bottom of the home page.

Online casinos in Uruguay
History of gambling in Uruguay

History of gambling in Uruguay

Gambling in Uruguay has a long and very productive history that spans over 100 years. The first lottery in the country was held in 1856. Around that time, the first law that started regulating these activities was created. Law #1,595 of 1882 was the law that started regulating this industry.

Throughout the years, Uruguayans were very fond of enjoying casino games. Many people were open to the idea of trying out these games and the industry became well-developed. It was not long before the government saw the benefits, which is why they have held a good and close relationship with it.

Tax money

Thanks to the gambling industry in Uruguay, thousands of residents became employed, and the government was receiving millions of tax money. Both residents and tourists were fond of the idea of gambling.

Even though gambling law was amended several times throughout the years, online gambling was never mentioned. Hence, this activity was not regulated and people were able to access online casinos without facing any repercussions.

Gambling nowadays in Uruguay

Gambling is booming nowadays in Uruguay. The residents are known to access online casinos and register to play the latest casino games. Even though the online casino industry is not regulated in the country, the government is pretty lenient towards it, which is why they will not pursue or penalize any citizen that plays at these sites.

Land-based gambling is also on the rise and there are many dozens of facilities that operate in the country. As long as the players are of legal age, they can enter these facilities and enjoy the casino games that they offer.

History of gambling in Uruguay
Future of online casinos in Uruguay

Future of online casinos in Uruguay

Thanks to the government’s leniency and the willingness of Uruguayans to access online casinos and enjoy all of their games, the future of this activity was looking very bright. It was even believed that online casinos will continue to thrive and more players from this country will join the network.

However, recent events lead people to believe otherwise. The Senate has become keen on banning offshore sites in Uruguay and introduced a new tax plan for gambling facilities, which is pretty weird. Restrictions on the gambling industry will bring nothing but disadvantages.

Legalizing it would bring numerous benefits for both the players and the government. The government will boost its economy through taxes and employment and create regulatory bodies which will control and oversee online casinos, while players will be protected and will only access licensed sites. Every country that regulates online gambling implements a system that blocks IP addresses of suspicious sites and the case will be the same with Uruguay.

Future of online casinos in Uruguay
Uruguayan players favorite games

Uruguayan players favorite games

Since gambling is a very popular activity in Uruguay, there are many games that the players love. The number 1 spot, however, goes to horse racing. Horse racing was the first type of gambling that was legalized in Uruguay and its history dates back to the 1800s. Betting on horse races remains a very popular activity to this day.


Poker is the second most popular game in Uruguay, especially Texas Hold’em. The reason why it is so loved is that it is far more complex than other casino games and drives the best out of the players.

Poker relies on skill far more than luck and the fact that it is very competitive, is what motivates Uruguayan players to play it. There are many online and land-based poker tournaments that are organized in the country.


The lottery takes the third spot. The state holds a monopoly over lottery games in the country, but they are fun, nevertheless. If the rumors about banning online casinos turn into reality, the national lottery will be the only licensed operator in the country which will be able to offer its services online. The lottery is much more popular with elderly people.

Sports betting

Finally, sports betting is also huge in the country, especially when it comes to football. Uruguay is the smallest country to ever win the World Cup and the people here are absolutely crazy in love with this game.

Not only that, but they are known to place regular bets on the domestic and international leagues, as well as numerous club and national competitions. Slots also deserve a mention as they are the most-played games at land-based casinos.

Game providers

When registering at online casinos and searching for one of the aforementioned popular games, Uruguayans always check which game providers supply the selected online casino. The more reputable the game provider is, the better it is for the players as they know that a good gaming experience is in store.

With that being said, some of the brands that they are always on the lookout for are Red Tiger Gaming, Yggdrasil, Big Time Gaming, Habanero and NetEnt. All of these providers are known to supply online casinos with HD games in numerous categories.

Bitcoin games

Bitcoin games are not too popular in Uruguay, but this category has managed to leave a mark in the region. These games can only be accessed if the player makes a deposit with this cryptocurrency.

The reason why players would make a specific deposit to access these games is that Bitcoin games are rather new on the market, and they have quite a unique gameplay. HD graphics are also present and hence, they provide the players with a good gaming experience.

Uruguayan players favorite games
Most preferred casino bonuses in Uruguay

Most preferred casino bonuses in Uruguay

Betting bonuses are the most preferred bonuses for Uruguayan players, especially when it comes to horse racing betting. Free Bets are loved as well because by using them, the players can bet on any sports game, football included, without having to deposit anything. The rewards are real money and the players will be able to withdraw them as soon as they meet the wagering requirements.

The second most preferred bonus is daily reload bonuses. These bonuses reward the Uruguayan players on a specific day of the week and they come in many forms, which is why they are adored. Daily reload bonuses can provide the players with match deposit bonuses, Free Spins, etc.

One honourable mention here is the tournaments. Uruguayans are very competitive and they are extremely keen on joining any type of tournament that the online casino will host, especially if it is a poker tournament. These events have massive prize pools and will reward the players with cash bonuses, Free Spins, and numerous other rewards.

Finally, since slot games are also popular in the country, Free Spins are always welcomed. They work on the same principle as Free Bets. With Free Spins, players can play slot games for real money without the need to deposit anything. After they meet the wagering requirements, they will be able to withdraw their winnings.

How to claim these bonuses

First off, to claim all of the aforementioned bonuses, the players must be registered at an online casino. Daily reload bonuses will require the player to either log in on the selected day or/and make a certain deposit.

Free Spins usually come as part of welcome packages and to claim them, players need to make a deposit. The minimum amount varies from one site to another, but in most cases, it is between $10 and $20. As for the tournaments, players are always required to deposit a certain amount and access selected games chosen by the online casino. It is also worth mentioning that tournaments take place for a certain amount of time.

Some casino sites may even require the players to type in bonus codes. To check whether a bonus code is needed to claim a bonus, players are ought to open the Promotions tab to get familiar with the details. Very rarely, Customer Support is also required to be contacted before claiming them.

Most preferred casino bonuses in Uruguay
Online casinos accepting Paraguayan Guarani (PYG)

Online casinos accepting Paraguayan Guarani (PYG)

Venturing into the intriguing world of online casinos in Paraguay, grasping the significance of your currency is key for a seamless iGaming journey. The Paraguayan Guarani (PYG) takes the forefront, steering your gameplay and transactions. While not all platforms might initially cater to PYG, many reputable casinos offer convenient currency conversion options. This ensures you can fully immerse yourself in a range of thrilling games without currency concerns. Exploring our thoughtfully curated toplist from CasinoRank opens the door to captivating gameplay, whether you're managing 100 Paraguayan Guarani in online casinos or its equivalent post-conversion value. Visit our recommended casinos, where every spin of the reels and every hand dealt at the tables align seamlessly with the rhythm of the Paraguayan Guarani in online casino sites. This unity amplifies both the excitement and the potential rewards of your iGaming experience, making every PYG count towards your enjoyment and potential winnings.

Online casinos accepting Paraguayan Guarani (PYG)
Payment methods in Uruguay

Payment methods in Uruguay

The most popular payment method in Uruguay is credit and debit cards. Many players own VISA or MasterCard and pretty much every online casino accepts them as a payment method. More so, they provide the players with fast and secure transactions. Withdrawal times are between 3-5 days, which is much shorter than the average. Additionally, credit and debit cards do not come with any types of fees, which is a massive benefit.

E-wallets are also safe and efficient. Players that use them opt-in for Neteller, Skrill, ecoPayz and PayPal. The good thing about these payment methods is that they provide the players with instant withdrawals, but they come at a cost. E-wallets are known for their fees on withdrawals. Not only that, but many online casinos do not consider Neteller and Skrill as eligible deposit methods to claim bonuses.

Less popular payment methods in Uruguay

Lastly, since Bitcoin games have had a small surge in popularity, this cryptocurrency has risen as a payment method. It holds all the best features from credit cards and e-wallets.

Bitcoin is very secure since it provides the players with a certain level of online anonymity, both deposits and withdrawals are instant, and fees are not charged when making a transaction. Not only that but when making a deposit with this cryptocurrency, players can gain access to the aforementioned special Bitcoin games, which are unavailable to any other payment method.

Payment methods in Uruguay
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Uruguay Moves Closer to Legalising Online Casinos

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Are online casinos well-regulated in Uruguay?

Online casinos in Uruguay currently fall in the third category when it comes to regulation – they are not regulated. Players are free to access and register at online casinos but they do it at their own risk. Hence, they need to check whether the sites are licensed by internationally known regulatory bodies like the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission.

If the chosen site is not licensed, the chances are high that it is a scam and players should not engage with it.

Is land-based gambling legal in Uruguay?

Yes, all forms of land-based gambling are legal and are well-regulated in Uruguay.

What is the future of online casinos in Uruguay?

The future of online casinos in Uruguay is very rocky at the moment as the government is likely to ban online casinos and place a monopoly on the market by allowing the national lottery to be the only licensed online gambling operator in the country, However, there is some resistance, which is why the chances of this happening are not too big and there is still hope.

Which payment methods do online casinos accept?

Online casinos accept a variety of payment methods. Some popular mentions are credit and debit cards, e-wallets like PayPal, Skrill and Neteller, bank transfers, and even cryptocurrencies. Deposits with them are instant, while withdrawals have a processing time that depends on the chosen method.

Are fees applied when making a withdrawal?

In most cases, online casinos do not charge any fees for players that like to withdraw money from the site. However, that varies from one site to another and it can depend on the chosen method. For example, e-wallets like Skrill and Neteller often come with withdrawal fees. To be sure, players need to check the banking policies of the chosen online casino.

Is poker a popular casino game in Uruguay?

Poker is one of the most popular casino games in Uruguay. The reason why the residents love it is that this is a game of skill and it is extremely competitive, something that Uruguayans love. More so, due to its popularity, many online and land-based poker tournaments are being organized in the country.

What are the most preferred casino games in the country?

The most preferred casino games in the country are horse racing betting, poker, sports betting, the lottery, and slots. Horse racing is probably the oldest regulated gambling game and remains popular to this day. Poker and sports betting are also regularly accessed, while slots are simple to play and thus attractive for both novice players and more experienced ones.

How long does it take to deposit funds at online casinos in Uruguay?

Depositing funds at online casinos in Uruguay is instant, regardless of which method the player chooses. Not only that, but no fees are charged for players that deposit money into their account.

Can the Peso Uruguayo be used as a currency at online casinos?

Some online casinos that target the Uruguayan market may feature this currency, but most online casinos don’t. However, this does not present a problem for the players because they can play with US dollars or Euros and then easily convert their winnings into the Peso Uruguayo.

Which game providers do Uruguayans look for at online casinos?

Uruguayan players are always searching for the most reputable game providers at any online casino because they are synonymous with a quality gaming experience. With that being said, some of the brands that they like to see at the selected site are Yggdrasil, NetEnt, Microgaming, Red Tiger Gaming, and Habanero.