Top Online Casinos in Singapore

Singapore is a city-state in Southeast Asia. Here, all forms of gambling are illegal unless the casino is operating online. Offshore casinos make it possible for you to play the most entertaining and rewarding slots, table, and live dealer games online.

To simplify your search we have gathered the best online casinos available that accept players from Singapore. Find out which online casinos and what popular games they offer. We also provide information about favorite casino games and the best bonuses to be aware of.

Top Online Casinos in Singapore
Online casinos in Singapore

Online casinos in Singapore

Overall, those who live in Singapore enjoy a good quality of life. The political scene is stable, and the business environment is good. There are lots of different activities which people here enjoy, with dining out and shopping excursions being the favorites, which is good for the economy.

When heavy restrictions are put on residents, such as those in Singapore, for gambling, it opens the doors for illegal casinos. There are online gambling sites that are not licensed that will offer online casino action for Singapore residents. Many are tempted to take advantage of this without realizing the risks.

Those who play at an unlicensed online casino are vulnerable. There is no governing body to protect them against the illegal actions of these casinos. There are no rules they have to stick to. They do not practice fair gaming rules, and they may not even submit the payouts to winners.

Real money casinos in Singapore

One of the reasons so many people like to play at online casinos in Singapore is for the opportunity to win some money. To get the most enjoyment from this means being conscious of spending habits. Setting a budget for casino play is a smart thing to do.

Some people who play online like to enjoy some alcoholic beverages at the same time. Those who become intoxicated should never continue playing the games, as it puts the player's economy at risk.

Online casinos in Singapore
History of gambling in Singapore

History of gambling in Singapore

Gambling in Singapore started in the colonial era when the British government legalized casinos in 1923. However, it was restricted shortly after due to misconduct and gambling addictions that increased by the day.

At that time, only horse racing and lotteries were allowed. A breakthrough happened in April 2005 when the government invited interested parties to establish gaming arenas in Sentosa island.

The project aimed to improve Singapore's tourism and entertainment sector, which was lagging compared to Malaysia and Thailand. On February 14, 2006, the Casino Control Act legalized gambling again.

Two integrated casino resorts were established in Singapore for the first time in 2010. Casino Resorts World Sentosa was launched in February 2010. Two months later, Casino Marina Bay Sands was opened as one of the world's most luxurious buildings with a Skypark.

Gambling nowadays in Singapore

The Ministry of Finance has mandated the CRA (Casino Regulatory Authority) to ensure fairness and order in casinos. In addition, the Singapore National Council on Problem Gambling is in charge of educating the gambling community.

Three measures help prevent gambling addiction in the country: exclusion by law, exclusion upon family request, and self-exclusion. The minimum exclusion period is one year.

Today, the two legally operating casinos welcome tourists without charging an entrance fee. But Singaporeans have to pay a one-time annual fee of $2,000 or $100 per entry. Only those who are 21 years and above are allowed to engage in gambling activities.

The casinos operate 24 hours a day, offering slot machines, Sic Bo, Fortune Wheel, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, Pontoon, Pai Gow, and Tai Sai.

The government is yet to regulate online casinos. Nonetheless, many Singaporean players enjoy casino games at international gambling sites, making the country a prime market for casino gaming.

History of gambling in Singapore
Future of online casinos in Singapore

Future of online casinos in Singapore

There's hope for regulating the online gambling market in Singapore, as signaled in a document submitted by the Ministry of Internal Affairs in 2014. The paper proposed limiting access to offshore casino sites and establishing state-licensed casino websites.

Presumably, these licensed casinos would fill the loopholes for betting platforms run by overseas operators. Considering the Tourism Board embraces gaming as part of Singaporean culture, the traditional attitude towards casinos is changing. Growth in the gaming industry is undeniable, and operators strive to be visible to attract a tech-savvy audience.

Singapore enjoys top-notch fiber optic connectivity of a 5G network. This presents endless opportunities for casino providers to integrate a seamless esports betting experience. Video games are no longer viewed as mere hobbies but rather as a source of revenue.

There's a need to introduce contactless gaming solutions to eliminate the physical withdrawal of winnings. For this matter, land-based casinos in Singapore are likely to migrate from physical outlets to web-based platforms. New technologies will be the mainstream when that happens, and this will change the whole casino gaming experience. A new breed of multiplayer games is also expected.

Future of online casinos in Singapore
Singaporean players' favorite games

Singaporean players' favorite games

Singaporean players enjoy hundreds of casino games. But the following options seem to be vastly superior, especially in live casinos.


Slot machines are available in virtually any online casino designed for bettors from Singapore. Slots are some of the easiest games to learn and can be very profitable. They are based on reels and multiple pay lines.

Sic Bo

The simple game of chance is played with dice. The gameplay involves placing chips on a bet box at the Sic Bo's table. The dealer shakes the dice, and if the results match the bet, the player wins the game.

Different kinds of bets require different strategies. The odds of each wager are indicated to help new players understand the game. The lower the odds, the greater the chance of winning.


Keno is a game of cards/balls designated with numbers 1 through 8. The player should mark as many numbers as the maximum limit allows.

Then they place bets as per their choices. About 20 balls are drawn, and prizes are paid based on the numbers selected by each lucky player. The more the matching numbers, the higher the potential payout.


Baccarat is a card game and a popular option for new Singaporean players. It entails predicting the outcome of a large pot. Punto Banco is the most common form of baccarat in Singapore. It has attractive odds, starting at 8:1.


The widely played roulette has simple rules and a broad spectrum of bets. Whether offline or online, the fun is the same while playing roulette.

Singaporean players' favorite games

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