Top-rated Online gambling sites in Peru

Welcome to the world of online gambling in Peru, where the excitement of casino games and sports betting awaits. Whether you're a seasoned player or a newcomer, our guide is your passport to the best online gaming experiences tailored for Peruvian enthusiasts.

Peru boasts a wealth of online casinos, making it challenging to find the right one for you. Peru boasts one of the best openly-regulated selections of games to choose from. Find a trusted platform that can guarantee a safe and exciting gambling experience. Here is a CasinoRank list of the best online casinos in Peru available for you.

Top-rated Online gambling sites in Peru


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Online casinos in Peru

Online casinos in Peru

These days, gambling in Peru is recognized as a legal activity, but the industry has had a lot of ups and downs. For a long time, gambling was considered an illegal activity, then it became legal in the 90s, but went through a transformation during the early 2000s, etc.

All land-based casinos are strictly regulated, and the taxes are pretty high. As of 2021, there are over 70,000 slot machines in 700 parlors and 22 land-based casinos in Peru. As for online gambling, these activities fall in the third category – they are not regulated. There is no specific law that determines whether online casinos are legal or not in the country, hence Peruvians are more than welcome to access foreign casino sites.

Not only that, but the authorities are also lenient towards operators that have based their online casinos in Peru. Most of the countries that do not have specific regulations for online gambling allow their residents to access offshore sites but do not allow operators to be based in the country. That is not the case with Peru. The government is very loose on these regulations.

Online casinos in Peru
History of gambling in Peru

History of gambling in Peru

Peru went through a very long phase in which gambling was not considered a legal activity. The 62nd president of the country, Alberto Fujimori, was the one that finally legalized land-based gambling back in 1994. Alberto updated the law and passed an act that allowed people to gamble on various casino machines.

But, the act was extremely unstable, and it didn’t take long before it fumbled. When a new party was elected to govern Peru in 2000, its legality fell and gambling was considered illegal. But, a study in 2004 found out that there are many illegal facilities that operate in the country. In fact, only 5% of all gambling-related activities were legal in the country.

After debating and researching for a few years, in 2007, president Alejandro Toledo passed the Reordering and Formalization of Casino and Slot Machines Law. With this act, all parlors and illegal casinos were able to register and obtain a license to operate. Hence, land-based gambling became legal once again.

That was a major step forward as it allowed Peru to thrive and become one of the centers in the world when it comes to gambling. But, the interesting part about the laws was that online gambling was never regulated in the acts. So, this activity falls in the third category (unregulated) and it is in the law’s gray area. Peruvians are free to access online casinos, register, and play every casino game that the chosen site offers.

Not only that, but the government became extremely lenient for online casinos that are based in Peru, as well. In many countries around the world, even though the residents are free to access online casinos, operators are not allowed to be based in the country. Peru is an exception to that rule. Although the law does not specify whether online operators are allowed to be based in Peru, the government will not chase them nor penalize them.

Gambling nowadays in Peru

These days, almost all forms of gambling in Peru are legal. Slot machines, casino games, horse racing, sports betting, bingo, and lotteries are just a few of the legalized activities. Players also access online casinos to play some of the best games that are created by some of the world’s most reputable providers quite regularly.

Due to the loose regulations, Peru is considered one of the centers in the world when it comes to gambling. This industry is a massive contributor to the economy as Peru’s government receives millions of dollars in taxes and casinos employ thousands of people. Speaking of the taxes in the country, it is worth mentioning that the taxes for the gambling industry are pretty high these days.

History of gambling in Peru
Future of online casinos in Peru

Future of online casinos in Peru

The future of online casinos in Peru is looking very bright. The industry grows with each passing day and there are thousands of people that are accessing and registering at these sites. It is a well-known fact that Peruvians like to gamble, which is why it is rumored that the government will even consider regulating online casinos so that the budget can benefit even more. At the same time, players will also be protected as with the regulation, all unlicensed sites will be blocked.

Players will only access secure and licensed sites for a seamless and safe gaming experience.

Future of online casinos in Peru
Peruvian players' favorite games

Peruvian players' favorite games

As gambling is so popular in this country, these are the games that the people prefer to play at peruvian online casinos:


The number one spot as a favourite game for Peruvian players belongs to bingo. Slots are in a tight competition, but bingo takes the throne. This is one of the oldest legalized gambling games in the country and it managed to maintain its popularity as time passed by.

Land-based bingo is well-regulated and even though online bingo does not have any specific regulations, the players are more than welcome to access bingo sites or online casinos that offer bingo.


Next up, it was stated that slots are very popular. They too were among the first games at casinos in Peru. As time went on, these games were available to play at online casinos. Right now, there are two types of slots, based on the jackpot – standard and progressive. The gameplay is the same on both of these types – all players do is set their desired bet amount and spin the wheel. The jackpot in standard slots is fixed, while progressive slots have a jackpot that keeps increasing as players feed the game.

Sports Betting

The third spot belongs to sports betting and betting on horse races. Peruvians are extremely fond of sports and they are more than open to placing bets on various games. Online sportsbooks are not regulated as well, so the players can register at betting sites and at online casinos that offer sportsbook services.

Game Providers

When players from Peru access online casinos, they are always on the lookout for reputable game providers because they are synonymous with a good gaming experience. That is why they are pleased to see online casinos that are supplied by game providers such as Yggdrasil, NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, Red Tiger Gaming, Microgaming, Habanero and Nolimit City.

Bitcoin Games

Bitcoin games have had a small surge in popularity in Peru, but nothing too great. These games have quite unique gameplay, which is why they are attractive. In order to play them, Peruvians must make a deposit with Bitcoin. Many online casinos feature them as a special category and thanks to the unique gameplay, they will provide players with a pleasant and joyful gaming experience.

Peruvian players' favorite games
Most preferred casino bonuses in Peru

Most preferred casino bonuses in Peru

Since slots are among the most popular casino games in Peru, Free Spins are the most preferred casino bonus in Peru. They can be claimed as a standalone bonus and as a part of welcome packages offered by online casinos.

Welcome packages are available to newly-registered players and they can only be claimed once. Free Spins are often given as weekly bonuses and they can be used on certain slot games selected by online casinos. With Free Spins, players can play for real money rewards at these selected slots without the need to deposit into their account.

Next up, sportsbook welcome packages and Free Bets are popular as well, since betting is an adored activity for Peruvian players.

Again, sportsbook welcome packages are available only to newly-registered players and they can only be used for betting reasons. Free Bets work similarly to Free Spins. The player can bet on the games without having to deposit any money. The rewards are real and players will be able to withdraw them once they meet the wagering requirements.

How to claim these bonuses

Since Free Spins are provided as regular bonuses, players will either have to log in on a specific day, or log in and make a certain deposit to their account. Welcome packages can be claimed just once by newly-registered players and they always come with a minimum deposit amount that varies between $10 and $20.

Free Bets and sportsbook welcome packages operate on the same principle. The important thing to know is that these bonuses cannot be used in casino games. Casino bonuses cannot be used for betting as well. Free Bets might sometimes even be limited to the sports category and tournament on which the player can use them on.

Most preferred casino bonuses in Peru
Payment methods in Peru

Payment methods in Peru

Since VISA and MasterCard credit and debit cards are the most popular global online payment method, most Peruvian players who access online casinos use them to deposit and withdraw money. They are extremely reliable and secure. Additionally, deposits with credit/debit cards are instant, whereas withdrawals have a relatively short processing time. In most cases, it takes a maximum of 5 business days before the funds are transferred to the player’s account.

E-wallets like Skrill, Neteller, PayPal and Paysafecard are also used from time to time, but they are not a very preferred method since they often come with fees, especially when it comes to withdrawals. The good thing about withdrawing money with e-wallets is that they are in most cases instant, but the bad thing is that the player will likely have to pay a certain fee.

Less popular payment methods in Peru

Recently, since Bitcoin games have become a bit popular and they can only be accessed if the player makes a deposit with this cryptocurrency, Bitcoin has managed to leave a mark as a payment method in Peru. The good thing about Bitcoin is that it has tons of great advantages over both credit cards and e-wallets.

First of all, all deposits and withdrawals with Bitcoin are instant. This is a digital currency that is fully optimized for online use. Next, Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer method which is why players will avoid all fees that come with deposits and/or withdrawals. Finally, Bitcoin is extremely secure as it provides the players with a certain level of online anonymity.

As for land-based gambling, cash is the most preferred payment method.

Payment methods in Peru

Latest news

Greentube and Betsson Group Have Reached Content Agreement in Peru

Greentube and Betsson Group Have Reached Content Agreement in Peru

Greentube, a division of Novomatic Entertainment, has strengthened its presence further in the Latin American region. This was after the company inked a deal with Betsson Group, a leading online casino operator worldwide, to supply its casino games on one of the operator's brands in the Peruvian iGaming market.


Everything you need to know about casinos

Is gambling well-regulated in Peru?

Land-based gambling is well-regulated in Peru. It has been legal since 2007 when the Reordering and Formalization of Casino and Slot Machines Law was passed. As for the authority that oversees these activities, the regulatory body in charge is the Department of Foreign Trade and Tourism.

Online casinos are still not regulated in Peru, which is why there is no specific law or regulatory body that oversees and controls their operations. Players are free to access these sites but at their own risk.

Are online casinos safe in Peru?

Due to the fact that online casinos are not regulated in Peru, unlicensed sites may operate in the country as the government cannot block them. So it is important for players to check whether the selected online casino holds a license by an international regulatory body like the Malta Gaming Authority or the UK Gambling Commission.

If the site does not possess a license, it is probably a scam, which means that players should not engage with it.

Can an online casino be based in Peru?

The law in Peru does not state whether an online casino can be based in Peru or not. But, the government is very lenient towards operators and does not penalize them or pursue them criminally in any way If they want to be based in this country.

Is Sol an accepted currency at online casinos?

Unfortunately, Sol is not an accepted currency at most online casinos. However, sites that have Peru as a targeted market may feature it. The fact that Sol is not an accepted currency is not a big problem since players can convert the chosen currency into their domestic pretty easily.

What is the legal age for gambling in Peru?

The legal age for both land-based and online gambling in Peru is 18.

Are slots popular at Peruvian online casinos?

Slots are among the most popular casino games in Peru. They are very simple to play, come in various themes, and can have great rewards. Slot games that have progressive jackpots feature rewards that often exceed $1 million.

Can players deposit and withdraw money using credit/debit cards?

Yes, players can deposit and withdraw money with credit and debit cards at pretty much every Peru online casino. In fact, this is the most popular payment method in the country. Cards are secure and provide players with relatively fast transactions.

How long does it take for players to withdraw their winnings?

The processing time for withdrawals depends on the chosen method. Credit and debit cards are the most popular method in Peru and they have a processing time of around 3-5 business days. E-wallets provide the players with instant transactions, but they often come with fees, which is why players opt-out for credit and debit cards instead.

Finally, Bitcoin has been on the rise in Peru recently, and this cryptocurrency provides the players with instant withdrawals. The best part about Bitcoin is that it is extremely secure and does not include any fees.

Can welcome packages be claimed multiple times?

Welcome packages are available to newly-registered players and they can only be claimed once per account. Once players receive this reward, they cannot claim it again.

Are fees applied when making withdrawals at Peruvian casino sites?

Whether fees are not applied depends on the chosen withdrawal method as well as the casino's policies. E-wallets come with withdrawal fees in most cases, but online casinos are known to apply fees for other methods, even though that happens rarely. To be sure, players are ought to check the Banking page of the chosen online casino.