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As a stand-alone country, Montenegro does not have a long history of gambling since it only dates back to 2006. However, it has always been part of the dynamic of other countries it was part of. When it was part of Yugoslavia, gambling was still allowed. However, the practice was highly controlled by the government, which used it to raise money.

During its union with Serbia, the gambling element was less clear. While the practice was still legal, there was no clear framework set to regulate it. There were also divided opinions on the legalization of gambling in the early 2000s.

This culminated in the adoption of the 'Laws on Games of Chance' by Montenegro's parliament on July 28, 2004. This legislation has formed the basis of other gaming laws in the country.

When the country gained independence in 2006, it was not a question of if gambling should be allowed. Gambling was already accepted. The question was how to regulate it. At the same period, the popularity of online gaming was climbing. This gave the government a chance to regulate both land-based and online gaming with ease.

Gambling nowadays in Montenegro

All forms of gambling have flourished in present-day Montenegro. There are currently five leading land-based casinos in the country. These include four in Budva and one in the capital, Podgorica. Budva is the seat of Merit Casino Alava, Merit Casino Royal Splendid, Falkensteiner Casino Queen, and Maestral Resorts and Casino. The capital is home to the Merit Casino Montenegro Hilton.

In both urban centers, land-based casinos are based in 5-star luxury hotels. Budva has more casinos than the capital because it is a coastal town, hence a place where both local and foreign tourists throng.

These casinos offer pretty much every casino game one can think of- Caribbean Poker, Blackjack, Texas, Poker, Punto Banco, and Roulette in its various forms.

The online gaming scene is just as booming. With an impressive reach of around 75% and very nice speeds, playing online is bliss. Most land-based casinos are introducing casino versions especially given the friendly provisions by the law meant to help them do so. Online casinos offer the same variety of games as land-based casinos, alongside an assortment of new and innovative slot games.

Top-rated Online gambling sites in Montenegro


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The Future of online casino in Montenegro

The Future of online casino in Montenegro

Despite land-based taking a hit when the Covid-19 pandemic hit, the future of online casino gaming in Montenegro looks very bright. When land-based casinos were forced to shut down, many players turned to online casinos.

With this model, casinos could accommodate even more players than they were able to take into their physical premises. The trend does not look like it is about to reverse even as physical places re-open.

The evolution of technology makes online casino sites even more potent. Established and emerging game developers keep producing even better games for players to enjoy. More games are now adapted to mobile devices, making it possible to play even on the go.

Live casino, which gives online players a virtual experience similar to a real casino, is a big plus for online casinos. Accessories like 3D goggles make playing experiences awesome. Already good internet service will become even better once 5G internet is a mainstream reality.

A conducive environment provided by the government will also serve online casino gaming well. The state makes it possible to complement land-based casinos with online models seamlessly.

The Future of online casino in Montenegro
Montenegran Players' Favorite Casino Games

Montenegran Players' Favorite Casino Games

Both visitors and residents in Montenegro appear to have a particular liking for traditional casino games. European and American versions of roulette and baccarat, blackjack, poker, and Punto banco attract players in droves.

The same has been replicated in online casinos. Slot machines are also largely popular, especially with the significant improvements that have been added to online slots.

Games offered on the live online platforms are also proving to be very popular. Sitting at home and seeing the croupier deal cards as if one was in a real casino is fantastic. It is a bonus that most of the games play in brick-and-mortar casinos are the key focus of developers creating live streams.

Montenegran Players' Favorite Casino Games
Online Casinos Accepting Montenegrin Euro in Montenegro

Online Casinos Accepting Montenegrin Euro in Montenegro

Online gambling in Montenegro, like any financial venture, demands clarity, especially for newcomers. Montenegro's digital casino landscape, recognizing this, has significantly integrated the Montenegrin euro. No more currency calculations or exchange hassles. The acceptance of the Montenegrin euro is not merely a convenience. It's an acknowledgment of local player preferences, elevating their gaming journey.

CasinoRank’s toplist is the discerning player’s resource. It meticulously highlights trustworthy online platforms that emphasize transactions in the Montenegrin euro, ensuring streamlined gaming in Montenegro.

Choosing such platforms, you aren't just embracing simplicity; you're endorsing establishments that genuinely understand and cater to Montenegrin patrons. Remember, as you explore Montenegro's online casinos, prioritize those that accept the Montenegrin euro. It’s a decision that refines your gaming experience from the get-go.

Online Casinos Accepting Montenegrin Euro in Montenegro
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Everything you need to know about casinos

Are online casinos legal in Montenegro?

Yes, online casinos are legal in Montenegro. The country has established a regulatory framework to license and oversee online gambling operators.

How many online casinos are there in Montenegro?

Montenegro has several licensed online casinos, providing a variety of gaming options to players.

What types of casino games can I play at online casinos in Montenegro?

You can enjoy a wide range of games at Montenegro's online casinos, including slots, table games like roulette and blackjack, poker, and more.

Are online casinos in Montenegro safe and secure?

Yes, licensed online casinos in Montenegro are required to meet strict security and fairness standards to ensure the safety of players.

Can I play at Montenegro online casinos if I am not a resident of Montenegro?

Absolutely, Montenegro's online casinos are open to both residents and international players, providing a global gaming experience.

How do I deposit and withdraw money at Montenegro online casinos?

Montenegro online casinos offer a variety of payment methods, including credit cards, e-wallets, and bank transfers, for convenient transactions.

Are there any responsible gambling measures in place in Montenegro?

Yes, Montenegro has implemented responsible gambling measures, such as self-exclusion options and player support services, to promote safe gaming.

Do I need to pay taxes on my online casino winnings in Montenegro?

Montenegro does not tax gambling winnings, making it an attractive destination for casino enthusiasts.

How can I find a reputable online casino in Montenegro?

Look for online casinos licensed by the Montenegrin government, read reviews, and consider recommendations from experienced players to ensure a trustworthy gaming experience.