Top-rated Online gambling sites in Ireland

There are many different forms of entertainment which Irish residents enjoy. They have a passion for music as well as dance. They know how to celebrate, and they are well known for their warm hospitality towards visitors. The landscape of Ireland is beautiful, and being outdoors as much as possible is most enjoyable.

Online gambling in Ireland was legalized in 2015, and since then, the country has seen a big increase in online casino traffic. Irish players can enjoy a vast variety of online games, including slots, table games, bingo and a variety of sports betting.

Top-rated Online gambling sites in Ireland
Online casinos in IrelandHistory of gambling in IrelandFuture of online casinos in IrelandIrish player's favorite games


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Online casinos in Ireland

Online casinos in Ireland

Gambling is a popular pastime activity in Ireland, with more than 10 percent of Irish adults gambling regularly and over 30 percent gambling occasionally. As a result, the number of online casinos has increased over the last decade to cater to this 'market.'

Each online casino strives to offer unique and better services than its competitors to survive in the highly competitive industry. That makes it challenging for punters to choose the best casino.

Real money online casinos in Ireland

Many online casinos offer the chance to play their games for money. This is undoubtedly exciting but also should be done responsibly on behalf of the player. A lot of online casino players may enjoy an alcoholic beverage when playing. Keeping this in check is essential.

Gambling when under the influence of alcohol can lead to some bad decisions, such as playing for too long or for spending too much money. Every online casino player should set a budget for themselves and stick with this. These few simple rules will help make casino online gameplay more enjoyable.

Online casinos in Ireland
History of gambling in Ireland

History of gambling in Ireland

Some historical experts claim that gambling in Ireland began even before Christianity came about in the country. The evidence to back the claims can be found from various artifacts such as glass beads and dice discovered in ancient grave sites and scientifically dated to the pre-Christianity era.

Archaeologists found some gambling games, such as the 'bone games,' as part of the burgeoning Irish culture that began during that period. Centuries later, during the Roman period, gambling on chariot horse racing became a thing, as evident in the historical manuscripts of as early as the third century AD.

Modern gambling in Ireland started taking root back in the 16th century. The two main drivers behind it were the establishment of horse racing sports and the English rule. When Ireland became a colony of England, property owners mostly governed it.

The landlords were more concerned with making money over regulating the behavior of the locals. There was no prohibition or regulation of gambling, which helped fuel gambling activities. The Irish Free State was established in 1922 after the War of Independence. Among the first issues tackled by the newly independent government was regulating the gambling industry. Licensing of betting providers first became a legal requirement in 1926.

Gambling nowadays in Ireland

The online gambling scene has greatly revolutionized modern gambling in Ireland. Online casinos have become a lot more popular than traditional casinos, as evident by the number of casinos and punters they attract.

The digital gambling revolution began in the 1990s and created numerous controversies with its increasing popularity. It even led to the amendment of the Irish Gaming and lottery Act as the outdated one did not have any provisions for online gambling.

The new laws did not prohibit online gambling, mostly because of the government's high revenue collected from the industry. The laws mostly focused on regulating the casino operators in the country.

History of gambling in Ireland
Future of online casinos in Ireland

Future of online casinos in Ireland

According to experts, online casinos will likely continue thriving in Ireland. That is mostly thanks to the accommodating laws and regulations set in place by the government. The rich gambling history and culture in the country will also contribute to the growth of the online gambling industry quite a lot.

Online casinos offer numerous benefits over their traditional counterparts, contributing quite a lot to the industry's growth. For example, they offer a lot of convenience in that punters can play from wherever they are and at any time. The new innovative features provided by most online wagering platforms, such as live gaming, also make the online wagering platforms quite attractive to punters.

Punters should expect even more innovative online casino features in the future. That is especially technologies anchored on artificial intelligence and virtual reality. Gaming providers are also busy developing new games, which will ensure that gamers are spoiled for choice. All such changes are fueled by the aggressive competition in the industry, both locally and internationally. Technological advancements also play a significant role.

Online Casino accepting Ireland Euro (EUR)

Ireland, a land of captivating landscapes and a rich cultural heritage, also offers gaming enthusiasts a dynamic online casino experience where the Euro (EUR) takes center stage as the preferred currency. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the thrilling world of Irish online casino sites, where the EUR currency adds convenience and elevates your gaming adventures.

Discovering Irish Casino Sites

Ireland's online casino landscape is a treasure trove of entertainment for players seeking diverse gaming options. From classic table games to modern slots and immersive live dealer experiences, Irish casino sites offer a wide range of choices. The added advantage is the use of the Euro (EUR) for all your gaming transactions, ensuring seamless financial management during your gaming journey.

Benefits of Irish EUR in Online Casinos

Gaming with the Euro (EUR) in Irish online casinos offers several advantages:

Currency Familiarity: EUR eliminates the need for currency conversion, providing precise control over your gaming budget without concerns about exchange rates.

Secure Transactions: Irish online casinos prioritize the security of financial transactions, offering reliable and secure payment methods.

Local Payment Convenience: Many Irish casino sites offer payment methods that are familiar to local players, streamlining the process of managing your account and cashing out your winnings.

Future of online casinos in Ireland
Irish player's favorite games

Irish player's favorite games

Here is a list of some of the most popular online casino games among Irish punters:

Blackjack - Blackjack, also known as 21, is one of the top all-time favorite online casino games among Irish punters. Some reasons why the game is so popular are it is easy to learn and play, requires basic skills and strategies and is quite exciting. It also offers very lucrative wins.

Online Slots - Slots are also quite popular in Ireland, as in nearly all other countries globally. Online slots are popular because they give punters opportunities to win substantial amounts for minimal wagers. Slots are also easy and fun to play.

Poker - Poker is quite popular among punters who rely on skills and strategies instead of wagering based on pure luck. It is a common game among the elite Irish punters. Most online casinos offer a variety of poker versions.

Roulette - Roulette is another easy and entertaining game to play. Punters rely mostly on luck to win, but they can utilize various strategies to maximize their overall winning chances. There are numerous versions of roulette, such as European roulette, French roulette, American roulette, Progressive roulette, and mini roulette.

Baccarat - Baccarat is a favorite among Irish players who do not like to bother themselves with gaming rules and strategies. Punters only need to choose between betting on a player or the banker. The fast pace of the game also makes it quite exciting.

Legal casinos in Ireland

Ireland has had a complete overhaul regarding its approach to gambling. By doing so, it now allows some great opportunities for residents and visitors to enjoy their favorite casino games. These are available at both on-land casinos, and on several online casino platforms.

The actual laws of Ireland, as of 2015, still technically and legally ban commercial casinos. However, exceptions have now been made, and as a result, numerous land-based casinos are operating legally. This is partly due to the new approach which Ireland has taken when it comes to the gambling industry.

Licensed casinos in Ireland

With Irish residents now being able to enjoy online casinos, there is less risk for them being drawn to unlicensed establishments. There are many online casinos which are approved for offering their products to the residents here. Some unlicensed casinos do market to the residents of Ireland.

It is unwise for any online player to become a member of an unlicensed casino site. Even if they are offering more games than some licensed ones. These unlicensed casinos do not have to follow any rules. The rules which are imposed on licensed online casinos are there to protect players.

Irish player's favorite games