Top Online Casinos in Cyprus

The Republic of Cyprus is an island found in the Mediterranean Sea, close to the coast of Turkey. The population is just over 1.1 million people, and the capital of Cyprus is Nicosia. The island is famed for its stunning beaches, superb wine and excellent food. You can play online casino games in Cyprus.

The only legal form of gambling in Cyprus is online betting. But, even this industry is very limited as dog races are considered illegal and betting on horse races is controlled by the Nicosia Race Club, a company that holds a monopoly on the horse racing betting market. The Race Club offers both land-based and online betting offers.

Top Online Casinos in Cyprus
Online casinos in Cyprus

Online casinos in Cyprus

Cyprus is an island country located in the Mediterranean Sea. It is the third-largest and third most populous island in this area with an estimated population of around 1.2 million. There are two official languages on the island – Greek and Turkish. The Republic of Cyprus has de jure sovereignty over the entire island and the territorial waters.

When it comes to its borders, since Cyprus is an island, it is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea. It is located south of Turkey, west of Sudan, north of Egypt, northwest of Lebanon, Israel, and Palestine, and southeast of Greece. The capital of Cyprus is Nicosia.

Even though Cyprus is sovereign, it is de facto partitioned into two parts – the north area of the island is under the self-declared Turkish Republic of Cyprus, and the south and west area is controlled by the Republic.

This is a well-developed country that is part of the Eurozone, and it has been part of the Commonwealth since 1961. Cyprus is the most popular tourist destination in the Mediterranean Sea. It has a high-income economy and ranks high on the Human Development Index. To add to that, Cyprus has been a part of the European Union ever since May 1, 2004.

Both online and land-based gambling have a very complicated relationship with the government in Cyprus. Ever since 2012, when the Betting Law was brought, pretty much all forms of gambling became illegal in the country. Only a handful of casinos are given license to operate, but all casinos in Cyprus since then are part of resorts.

When it comes to online casino Cyprus, the Betting Law of 2012 also forbids all types of online gambling-related activities. The National Betting Authority, which is the regulatory body for all gambling activities can block all unlicensed/unauthorized operators in the country. As for the number of land-based casinos in Cyprus, there are around 40 licensed operators, most of which are in the south.

Online casinos in Cyprus
History of gambling in Cyprus

History of gambling in Cyprus

Gambling in Cyprus used to be a legal activity. That was until the Betting Law of 2012 was brought. When this law was brought, pretty much all forms of gambling became illegal in the country.

There were a few exceptions to this rule, but on most gambling types, the state or other companies had a monopoly on the market.

The Lottery

The only exception that was made in the Gambling Law of 2012 was OPAP, the state's lottery. This was the only operator that was allowed to provide the residents of Cyprus with a legal form of gambling. That was until 2015. In this year, a few amendments were brought to the Betting Law.

With the new acts, land-based casinos were allowed to operate in the country, but they had to get a license, which was very hard. About 40 land-based casinos opened their doors, but all of them are parts of hotels, resorts, etc.

Online gambling was also made illegal, but there were a few exceptions to this rule. Sports betting was the only activity that was considered legal, however betting on dog races is forbidden, while horse racing betting is legal, but controlled by one company that holds a monopoly on the market – the Nicosia Race Club.

Gambling nowadays in Cyprus

Nowadays, gambling in Cyprus faces many restrictions. As stated, most forms of gambling are restricted, so people are very limited in their choices. The only gambling-related activities in which the residents can participate are the state's lottery, online sports betting, but except for dog races.

Online gambling still remains illegal and the government blocks all unauthorized and unlicensed sites that try to offer their services to the residents of this country. The only legal gambling facilities in the country are the land-based casinos, which are parts of hotels and resorts. There are about 40 licensed facilities of this type in the country.

History of gambling in Cyprus
Future of online casinos in Cyprus

Future of online casinos in Cyprus

The future of online casinos in Cyprus does not seem the brightest. The conflict in the country between the North and South really complicates things. From the looks of it, the government even seems comfortable with the current situation, even though there is some criticism on how the industry is regulated.

Residents in Cyprus have proven to be fond of this activity, which is why they urge the government to make changes in this field. They claim that by legalizing online and land-based casinos, the economy will start to boom. Both residents and tourists will have numerous gambling options, which will drive the economy forward. The more money operators make; the more taxes they’ll have to pay. Additionally, the employment rate is likely to go up.

Future of online casinos in Cyprus
Regulation laws and authorities

Regulation laws and authorities

When it comes to regulating the gambling industry in Cyprus, there are numerous laws that describe the legality of online casinos (both land-based and online). The Cyprus Casino Operations and Control Law sets out the framework, Casino Operation and Control Law (General) Regulation 2016 provides more details, and the Betting Law gives specific details on gambling/betting in Cyprus.

The advertising standards code

Additionally, the Advertising Standards Code sets out commission requirements for advertising gambling and the Advertising and Promotions Direction sets out Commission directions for advertising gambling. The Lotteries Law of 1983 sets the framework for the state’s lottery, while Law No. 48 of 1973, as amended by Law No. 23 of 1976, Law No. 28(i) of 1999 and Law No. 162 of 2007 regulates horse racing.

The national betting authority

As for the authorities that regulate all gambling activities in the country, the Cyprus Gaming Commission regulates all forms of gambling in the country. This regulatory body was established in 2015. The National Betting Authority (NBA) is in charge of regulating the betting industry and overseeing all activities in this area.

There are two forms of betting licenses in Cyprus that can be obtained by a company that has a physical presence in the country or partners with a local company.

Class A license is for traditional betting operators. Since horse racing is controlled by the Nicosia Race Club, betting on this sport is not included in this license.

Class B license is provided to online sports betting operators, but again – betting on horse racing is excluded here.

Regulation laws and authorities
Cypriot player's favorite games

Cypriot player's favorite games

Since the gambling industry is strictly regulated in Cyprus, the players do not have much of a choice when it comes to picking their favorite games. They only have a handful of online casino games at their disposal, and that is what they like to play.

The lottery is the most popular online casino game in Cyprus. This game is organized by OPAP, a Greek contractor that holds a monopoly on this market. The Lotteries Law states that no other company can provide this game to the residents of Cyprus.

Sports betting is also huge since this is the only form of gambling in the country that is legal in both land-based bookmakers and online bookmakers. It is worth mentioning that there is one exception to the law for sports betting – the people cannot bet on dog races. If they choose to bet on horse races, they can only do it via the Nicosia Race Club. This Club holds a monopoly on the market for this category, which is why both types of betting licenses exclude this category.

Land-based gambling is legal to some extent, so when people enter these facilities, they are fond of all the games that are available at those sites. There are around 40 casinos in Cyprus and all of them are parts of resorts.

Cypriot player's favorite games
Game providers

Game providers

Since online gambling is forbidden in Cyprus and the government will block all unauthorized sites, the players from this country cannot access online casinos, thus they cannot search for reputable game providers. But, online betting is available and providers like Playtech and Tvisha are some of the brands that they are on the lookout for.

Bitcoin games

Bitcoin games are not played by players from this country. The cryptocurrency has gained popularity as a payment method, but since online casinos are illegal in the country, and they are the only platforms that provide these types of games, players from Cyprus cannot access them in any way.

Game providers
Most preferred casino bonuses in Cyprus

Most preferred casino bonuses in Cyprus

As stated earlier, online casinos are illegal in Cyprus, hence the players cannot claim and choose which bonuses are their favourite. However, online betting is allowed, with the exception of betting on dog races, and there are plenty of bonuses in the betting industry that players from Cyprus are looking forward to.

The first most preferred bonus in Cyprus is the sportsbook welcome package. This bonus is handed to all newly-registered players at online sportsbooks, but it is worth mentioning that it can only be claimed once. Sportsbook welcome packages usually include match deposit bonuses and Free Bets.

Free bets

Free Bets can only be used on certain leagues and competitions. The beauty in Free Bets is that they allow players to bet on games for real money rewards. If they guess all the picks right, they can withdraw their winnings once the wagering requirements have been met.

Cashback bonuses

Finally, cashback bonuses also deserve a mention as they too can be extremely rewarding, hence are loved by the players in Cyprus. With cashbacks, players can redeem some of their lost amount on betting over a certain period. Some sportsbooks can even feature loyalty programs with numerous levels.

These loyalty programs come with various benefits, depending on the level that the player is in. In most cases, higher levels in the loyalty programs mean that the cashback percentage will be bigger. In some cases, it goes as high as 20%.

How to claim these bonuses

The first condition to claim all of these bonuses is that players need to be registered at an online sportsbook before they can claim them. After they register, they need to make the required initial deposit to claim the sportsbook welcome package. In most cases, the amount varies between $10 and $20.

Free Bets can be offered as a standalone bonus and all players have to do is to log in on a specific day to claim them. Finally, cashback bonuses may be limited to the competition on which the player is betting and they have minimum and maximum return limits.

It is also wise to check the terms and conditions of the online sportsbook since some sites may require the players to enter bonus codes and/or contact the Support team before they are able to claim all of the aforementioned bonuses.

Most preferred casino bonuses in Cyprus
Payment methods in Cyprus

Payment methods in Cyprus

Online casinos are not legal in Cyprus, so the players cannot use any types of payment methods to access their games. When it comes to online sportsbooks, the transactions are extremely limited. That is due to the reason that the Betting Law states that the only acceptable and legal payment method at these sites are credit and debit cards.

Players cannot use any other method when wagering on sports online. The good thing about the legality of credit and debit cards is that they are accepted by pretty much every online bookmaker because they are the world's most commonly used online payment method.

Not only that, but they are extremely secure and provide the players with relatively fast transactions. Deposits are instant, while withdrawals have a pretty short processing period – around 3 business days.

As for the government, this is an acceptable payment method because it is easy to trace. Since the gambling industry is strictly regulated in Cyprus, the government likes to be in control of everything and credit and debit card payments allow them to do just that.

Less popular payment methods in Cyprus

Since credit and debit cards are the only accepted payment method at online sportsbooks, there are no other methods that can be classified as less popular payment methods.

The government of Cyprus has faced some criticism due to the fact that it has limited the type of transactions that the players can have, but as of right now it doesn't seem like any changes will be made.

Payment methods in Cyprus


Everything you need to know about casinos

Are online casinos legal in Cyprus?

Ever since 2012, online casinos in Cyprus have been deemed illegal. The government will block all unlicensed and unauthorized sites that try to offer their services to the people. The only form of online gambling that is legal in the country is online sports betting, with the exception of betting on dog races. When it comes to betting on horse races, the Nicosia Race Club holds a monopoly on this category.

What are the most popular games for the players in this country?

Since pretty much all forms of casino gambling are forbidden in Cyprus, players must go with what they are given. Hence, the most popular/legal gambling games in the country are the lottery and online and land-based sports betting. Land-based casinos are allowed to operate with some restrictions, so every game that the players can enjoy at these facilities is also considered a favourite.

Can e-wallets be used for making withdrawals?

E-wallets cannot be used for making withdrawals in Cyprus for one reason. The law states that when it comes to online sports betting, which is the only form of legal gambling in the country, only credit and debit cards can be used for withdrawals.

What are the most popular deposit and withdrawal methods in Cyprus?

The most popular methods for making deposits and withdrawals in Cyprus are credit and debit cards as they are the only legal methods. Since online casinos are illegal in the country, players can use credit and debit cards to make deposits or withdrawals at online sportsbooks.

Who regulates gambling in Cyprus?

Gambling in Cyprus is regulated by two authority bodies. The Cyprus Gaming Commission is in charge of overseeing the land-based gambling activities, while the National Betting Authority controls the betting industry.

What does the future of gambling in this country look like?

The future of gambling in Cyprus is not looking very bright since the restrictions are very harsh for this industry and even though the government has faced some criticism from the public, they do not seem to plan on loosening the laws. The fact that Cyprus is divided into the Northern and Southern part puts some political pressure as well, which does not make the whole situation any easier.

Can players bet on sports online?

Players can bet on sports in Cyprus, as this is the only form of online gambling that is considered legal in the country. However, they cannot bet on dog races or horse races. Dog races are illegal, while horse races can only be operated by the Nicosia Race Club. It is also worth noting that the only accepted payment method at online sportsbooks are credit and debit cards.

Is there a state lottery in Cyprus?

Yes, a state lottery is present in Cyprus. OPAP holds a monopoly on the market and this operator is the only licensed company that can provide this game to the players.

What is the legal age for betting on sports online?

The legal age for betting on sports online in Cyprus is 18. Since online sports betting is the only form of legal gambling in Cyprus, the residents of legal age are extremely fond of this activity.

Is the Euro an accepted currency at all legal online gambling operators in Cyprus?

Yes, Euro is accepted at online sportsbooks which are the only legal online gambling operators in Cyprus. Not only that, but the Euro is one of the most commonly accepted currencies at these sites.