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Turkey is home to one of the largest populations in Europe. A country with interesting history and a lot to offer. Online gambling is state-regulated in Turkey. This means the state is the only one allowed in Turkey to offer any type of online gambling to Turkish players. Additionally, online gambling is partly regulated. There is an exception to sports betting and lotto games. Yet, penalties against individuals and casinos are still rare and hard to track.

Online casinos don't want to miss out on high-roller players in Turkey or anywhere else. So the top casinos are making it possible under adequate world-recognized licenses. To stand out, the most trusted online casino sites must ensure fast and secure banking.

Here are the best online casinos welcoming players from Turkey. Offering a variety of payment options such as e-wallets, credit cards, and cryptocurrencies. Find out the most important aspects you should consider while gambling online.

Top online casino turkey
Online casinos in Turkey

Online casinos in Turkey

Turkey has a vast population of Islamic, Jewish, and Christian beliefs. The Turkic people have been keen on preserving their culture while also welcoming and adapting the Western influence. This has to be one reason for the banning of casinos and Turkey’s overall aversion to gambling per se.

There was a time when the Turkish people were open to gambling actively. Now, the country is trying to impose bans and do its best to regulate the casino industry. The country banned casinos in 1998 and 2006 and has banned non-state online gambling as well. However, plenty of cases of illegal gambling was mushrooming all around.

In 2007, the country took measures to prohibit players from using foreign online gambling sites. This has, however, not stopped Turkish gamers from staying off online gambling sites. It has propelled the government to develop another law that makes Turkey the first country in the world to prevent gambling and penalize the offenders in 2013.

The players found that accessing online gambling services will face a penalty of anything between $55 and $278 as a fine. The casino operators who are also running such a business will face a similar term. There have been instances of the country cracking its whip and bringing illegal rackets to justice. This said it has been actively looking for boosting the state-run sports betting section. The Cybercrime Division Branch of the Istanbul Security Directorate has been conducting raids across 40 provinces.

As many as 394 people were arrested. The locals find some solace by going for sports betting at the state-run SporToto, and Milli Piyango lottery. The government 2019 was looking for a tech partner to make their SportToto go online with its operations. The annual sales figures the government wants to raise is TRY17 billion.

Turks usually love betting on sporting events like football and basketball, tennis, and others. They also love slot and table games in equal measure. The only place where the Turks can bet without fear of penalty is the state-run betting company, IDDAA. The IDDAA has been around since 2003, and it was in 2009 when it began growing.

They are a bookmaker with a chain of stores to allow the Turks to buy tickets and bet from these physical stores. They specialize in offering betting options to Turks to bet on soccer, basketball, baseball, boxing, motorsports, Formula 1, field hockey, martial arts, cricket, and even on Olympic Games.

There are as many as 500 IDDAA betting stores across Turkey. These stores also have slot machines and a few table games like roulettes as well.

Online casinos in Turkey
History of gambling in Turkey

History of gambling in Turkey

If we look back on the history of Turkey, it has been forever strict against gambling. All types of gambling have been under the scanner for time immemorial. The country legalized betting on horses in 1984, and newer restrictions were later introduced in 1996. This restricted the opening hours of gambling houses and even required payment by cheque.

What changed the course of things was the assassination of Ömer Lütfü Topal in July 1996. This led the government to take this rather abrupt decision to ban all the casinos. The law, however, came to effect only around February 1998. The Turkish Code of Obligations governs gambling and betting, the collection of lottery, and other games, and regulates the same.

Gambling nowadays in Turkey

Decree no. 320 governs the National Lottery Administration and Supervises the games of chance. The Law regarding Soccer and other sports betting governs sports betting events. The Horse race betting regulations govern horse racing.

The Regulation on Licensing and Supervising Games of Chance defines the games of chance as lottery, instant-win games, and number-based games for winning the cash prize. Online gambling is also included under the purview of gambling per se. It includes betting on electronic platforms like mobiles, TV, and other interactive means.

One trend that is particularly popular nowadays is mobile casino gaming. Have a look at our top listings for mobile casinos in Turkey and choose your favorite. Mobile casinos in Turkish are definitely here to stay.

Land-based casinos have been banned completely, and so is poker. Sports betting is regulated and operated by the SporToto Association and is legally identified. All sports betting issuing permits by the SporToto Association and its authorized set of dealers are permitted.

The Turkish Jockey Club regulates and manages horse race betting. Casino games, on the other hand, are classified as gambling, and hence, it is prohibited. The National Lottery Administration operates a lottery through authorized dealers. Since 2017, the government has been conducting raids across illegal gambling holes in Turkey and has made several arrests too to show the countrymen how seriously it takes the gambling laws.

History of gambling in Turkey
The future of online casinos in Turkey

The future of online casinos in Turkey

Gambling has a long history in Turkey, with horse racing legalized in 1984 and casinos in 1990. While the country identifies as a secular state, the influence of the Islam faith is still palpable throughout the state.

A succession of legislation on gambling through the 1990s and early 2000s rendered all kinds of online gambling illegal. This was mainly meant to promote the state-owned betting company IDDA to generate more funds for the state.

The move has largely been successful even though players from Turkey continue to enjoy online wagering from foreign sites. With citizens having full access to the internet since its advent, online gambling is nothing new to Turkish players and is bound to keep growing.

While the government may seem to have made a lot of progress in banning all kinds of gambling in the country, Turkish citizens continue to register with all top gambling sites online like 1XSlots, Spinamba, 22Bet, Casoola, and many other trustworthy sites. Moreover, with "casino kings" like Sudi Özkan having moved back to the country, players can be optimistic about a better gambling landscape in the future.

Even so, the state remains stringent on gambling affairs, even going after individual players. Currently, players continue to enjoy online gambling despite the risk of sanctions, fines, and jail time, which speaks to the country's appetite for wagering activities.

The future of online casinos in Turkey
Turkish Players' Favorite Games

Turkish Players' Favorite Games

Online casinos for Turkish players have a wide range of high-quality games, with some of the best RTP rates to satisfy them. Of course, these games are the main reason gamers join these sites; hence, variety is key.


Slots are the most popular games at most Turkish online casinos, and no game genre comes close in terms of numbers, ease of play, and even payouts. The best online casinos in Turkey typically offer some of the most popular slot games, such as Gonzo's Quest, Starburst, Sweet Bonanza, Mega Moolah, Mega Fortune, and Book of Dead. And players who want to try a different approach can give slots tournaments ago.

Table Games

It is interesting that some of the table games found at Turkish online casinos have been in existence for centuries. As they say, old is gold, and nothing beats the classics when it comes to casino gaming. Roulette and card games such as poker and blackjack, which have been played for generations, are still popular at internet casinos in Turkey. Many players also love playing these games live, meaning they don't need to book a trip to a land-based establishment to experience an authentic casino atmosphere.

Other Games

  • Keno
  • Bingo
  • Craps
Turkish Players' Favorite Games
Languages at Turkish casinos

Languages at Turkish casinos

While exciting games and amazing bonuses are among the leading attractions at any online casino, language preferences are also significant.

Casinos offering their services to players in Turkey come with an array of language preferences seeing as they are international sites. As such, players in Turkey can play in different languages so that no one ever feels left out.

These include English, French, Turkish, Portuguese, Spanish, Hindi, Russian, and Ukrainian. With so many language options, even players from other nationalities wagering from Turkey have the chance to take part in slot-spinning action.

The impressive gamut of languages you get on online casinos clearly indicates that the online wagering market is a global one.

While gambling may not legally be available in Turkey, this has not done much to hamper efforts from operators and players. On the contrary, punters are out to find online platforms that offer the ideal gaming experience, and operators are constantly coming up with new ways to keep players interested.

Aficionados of online gaming will like that new platforms are continually popping up as this means upgraded software and new games and bonuses.

Languages at Turkish casinos
How we review the best online casinos in Turkey

How we review the best online casinos in Turkey

Turkey has been staying away from online gambling is what we can see. But the Turks willing to bet online are doing so at foreign sites. However, the first-time gamers may find themselves at a loss in checking out the sites.

They may end up falling for the glitz of a casino site from other countries like the UK or the USA. They may even assume the casino to be legitimate. This is where they make a big mistake and end up being cheated. The online gambling sites indeed have to go for licensing, and this process is intended to save the players from any fraud. It is not uncommon to see people falling prey to fraudulent activities online.

To curtail the same, the casinos have to follow several protocols and get a license from reliable organizations. Likewise, they have to provide a set of compulsory benefits to gamers. Failing these, the casinos may end up losing their deals and licenses.

We are here to check out the foreign casino sites and give Turkish gamers all the clarity regarding the sites they play in. So, all that a Turkish player has to do is go through this checklist and see if the casino they are aiming for fulfills these pointers.


The safety of the gamers is our priority and even that of the casino operator. The best way to know is to see the homepage of the casino and see its license of it. It should have a license from UKGC, Malta Gaming Authority, or Curacao.

This said the casino should also have 128-bit SSL Encryption, ensuring that the players’ identity is safe even as they do the transaction. The casino should also be following PCI Compliance protocols.

Customer Support

When a player looks for playing at an online casino, they have to check if it offers the best support to the gamers. The players should see if the site is offering 24-hour support.

They should be giving live chat support all year round, and even help players via telephone and email support. It would be better if they could do this in the language of the customers to make the site more accessible to the Turks.

Software and Languages supported

We have a lookout for the site’s software choice. If it has partnered with top gaming providers, the site should be easy to navigate. Also, if the site has its app, the size of the same should not be too much of a load on the device. The application or the casino site should run seamlessly and irrespective of any game or category you choose to bet on.

The games should be able to run on Windows devices, as well as on Android and iOS. We check for the sites and games from Microgaming, NetEnt, Pragmatic Play, Evolution, and others. We also make sure to check if the site is available in Turkish, Arabic, Zaza, Kurdish, as well as in English.

Fast Payout System

We check for the sites that offer good speed fast payout. Many sites may claim so in the ad but not keep up the promise. We look into the matter of payment individually and see if they have a processing time frame in mind or not. We review the same and give you the details.

Bonuses and Promotions

We understand the Turkish gamers’ fascination with the attractive welcome bonus, no-deposit bonus, and even match-up bonus. We read through the terms and try checking and availing of these bonuses ourselves to be double sure of how they pay out the players. The casino sites should also be offering other promotions from time to time. We check that out for you too.

VIP Program

Gamblers across the world love VIP treatment at any casino, and the Turks are no exception. We look into details of the benefits that the offshore casinos offer the Turkish players in this genre.

What special deals the gamers can expect is what we review. This program should offer you special discounts and even exclusive deals along with personalized birthday gifts and more.

Legalized Commercials

While advertising even the legal games and state-run gambling activities, the ads should follow strict rules.

The Turkish government has set rules that prohibit the ads from being subtle and not provoking the youth below the age of 18 years to play. Anyone found crossing this, or any other of the list of rules will be persecuted as per the rules.

How we review the best online casinos in Turkey


Everything you need to know about casinos

Can I win real money in Turkish casinos?

Yes, you can go to the few Turkish casinos and play for real money or fun. Here, you can try your hand at the fun game and then opt for the real money if you are not sure how to play any specific game. The same goes if a Turkish player opts to play at an off-shore casino or a foreign site. They require better bankroll management to make the most of the game. #

Are there any withdrawal fees for Turkish players?

There are withdrawal fees from certain banking methods. So, it depends on the one you choose for betting. It depends on the bank’s own rules. The casinos may also charge a minimal withdrawal fee for the players from any country too. So, it may not be specifically for the Turkish gamer alone. Check it out before opting for the same. #

How long does it take to receive my winnings?

Normally, you have to check in or sign up at casinos after reading their terms and conditions page. Here, you will learn how long the site processes the payouts in and when you can expect the payment to reach your bank account. If it is a foreign country-based casino, it will take anything between 3 and 5 days maximum. However, if it is a Bitcoin or cryptocurrency that you are using, the payouts should reach your wallet in a matter of a few minutes. Even while using Skrill and other e-wallets like ecoPayz, you can expect the payout to reach you after processing in some time. It could even be as fast as 24 hours. #

Are online casinos in Turkey safe?

The online casinos are not legal, but the Turkish citizens can try placing bets on sports and lottery services. If you plan to bet in any other foreign casino, you have to understand the casino’s laws and then decide. There are licences to look at, and even necessary to read the reviews from the third-party sites before you sign in. #

Can I play with the Turkish lira at Turkish casinos?

Yes, you can play with the Turkish lira at the National lottery stores and even at the casinos or registered sports betting and pari-mutuel stores. While betting in foreign sites, it will not be a problem if you go for bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. They will do the conversion to suit your transaction demands. #

What payment methods are available for online casinos in Turkey?

As a gamer, you have many options to play and try your luck in online gambling. You can pick from PayPal, Skrill, ecoPayz , and other e-wallets. If you want to opt for cryptocurrencies, pick from Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and more. Just make sure to check if casinos are accepting other methods, too, like Ukash.