Top-rated Online gambling sites in Mexico

Mexico is a beautiful country located in the southern part of North America. No specific rules on online gambling make Mexico a target for offshore casinos targetting domestic players. The legalization permits online casinos in Mexico to operate by teaming up with land-based casinos. Thus, many online casinos choose this route to be able to offer their services in Mexico.

Gambling legalization was last updated in 2018 since it was first introduced in 2000. It now includes slots, online gaming, and sports betting. Players from Mexico can register, deposit, play, and claim bonuses from online casinos.

Choosing a top online casino in Mexico can be a time-consuming task with many options. Here is a trustworthy list to help you find and choose the best online casinos in Mexico.

Top-rated Online gambling sites in Mexico


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Online casinos in Mexico

Online casinos in Mexico

Gambling in Mexico today is permitted if the provided casinos obtain the government’s authorization from a specific organization. This gambling is subject to and bound by federal laws only. It is not bound by local laws or even local taxes.

The point you have to remember is that under Article 124 of the Mexican Constitution, the authorities that are not explicitly assigned to the Federal government are deemed to be assigned to the states. Currently, the market for online gambling in Mexico is USD 300 Million per annum.

As per the Section X of Article 73 of the constitution and the Amendment to article 73, the federal legislature was to legislate on games where people place bets. The Gaming Law was set up and published on December 31, 1947. It has been in place regulating and governing all the related activities in Mexico.

Later, several new laws and amendments came up one after the other to alter the same to suit modern needs. For instance, the framework firstly saw a change in December 2012 and later in February 2014. The Gaming Law and Regulations were first set up in 1947, and that was way before online gambling came up. Article 85 of the Gaming Regulations provides for remote betting to take bets over the internet.

Article 104 of the Gaming Regulations declares that the draws can be done online or on the telephone. Under this law, there are no specific licenses to apply for online gambling activities.

Popular casinos in Mexico

Now that gambling is legal, horse racing and dog racing are also permitted, drawing plenty of takers to these trustworthy casinos. To apply for online gambling, one has to go through many protocols and rules on the internet.

Mexicans generally prefer the casinos from other countries with valid licenses and games from reliable vendors like Microgaming, NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, and others. Mexicans prefer sports gaming and betting more than table games. They also prefer to live casino games now and enjoy Live Roulette or Deal or no Deal games online.

How good is the current scene of gambling in Mexico? It is pretty decent to start with since the legalization of gambling has prompted newer resorts and casinos already. Today, many casinos from Las Vegas are also eager to open up their branches in Mexico. Some big names like MGM Mirage and Park Place Entertainment Corp are looking forward to settling in Puerto Vallarta, among others.

Since there are no specific Mexico-based casinos, the licenses will also be from the country of origin or operation for these casinos you play. So, ensure the licenses are from reliable authorities only like Malta, Curaçao, Gibraltar, and Alderney, to name a few.

Online casinos in Mexico
History of gambling in Mexico

History of gambling in Mexico

If you look at the online gambling sites in Mexico, they show a lot of promise. However, was it always this great? Actual gambling has been around since Mayan times. There have been instances of people betting on sporting events. However, there was a restriction on gambling in Mexico, just as it was in the USA for many years.

It was in the early 1900s when the Americans too used to visit Mexico to bet on racing events. This was also the same with many Mexicans visiting the States to bet and have a good time. This led to the ban or prohibiting of gambling in Mexico for quite some time.

It was from 1937 that gambling was banned in the country, and this was also the same time the US had banned gambling, terming it illegal.

The casinos that had so far been thriving also shut down. Those were the times of land-based casinos running with posh hotels, the most famous name being the Hotel Rosarito in Tijuana.

Gambling nowadays in Mexico

It was much later than the country began easing the ban and lifting it ultimately. The big transition came when, in 2004, the government decided to implement positive changes. It was also in those few years that the online gaming world was taking baby steps, and the timing could not have been more apt. The government tried to give a few gaming licenses too.

There were age restrictions on Mexicans visiting the casinos or even playing online. The age limit was set at 21, and the land-based casinos also ensured the visitors were not inebriated. Other countries also saw that the Mexicans loved online gambling, which led to many of these off-shore or foreign-based casinos opening their arms to welcome the Mexicans.

These foreign casinos tried to entice the Mexicans with Aztec themes or Mayan themes. Moreover, Article 85 of the Gaming Regulations allows the remote betting facilities for the punters from Mexico to freely take the bets online.

The Mexicans take their culture very seriously and consider 13 to be an unlucky number, but the number 15 is very lucky.

One trend that is popular nowadays all over the world, including in Mexico, is mobile casinos. Have a look at our top mobile casino in Mexico today.

In short, the future of gambling in Mexico appears bright thanks to the more open-minded casino laws coming in slowly with the changing times. We can also look forward to seeing more casinos come up for the Mexicans soon.

History of gambling in Mexico
Mexican players' favorite games

Mexican players' favorite games

Mexicans are looking forward to a fully operational and licensed casino to bet on their favorite games. The Mexicans prefer casino games online and sports betting games. They look out for US-based game events like NBA, NFL, and MLB, to name a few. The Mexicans opt for buying the tickets or place bets at popular stores like Caliente.

This is a chain of betting parlors you can bump into across cities like Baja California and many other places. The Mexicans have also taken a fascination lately with the sporting events and markets in Europe. So, Bet365 and Ladbrokes are popular choices for betting in European events and games. Since the Mexicans have a fascination for cockfighting and racing events, the UK offers plenty of unique markets.

Pari-Mutuel betting is another area where the Mexicans love to invest, and this is where you will find them betting in horse racing and Jaia Alai, among others. There are horse racing, dog racing, and hound racing that draw plenty of bettors.

These are some of the major draws for Mexicans in any casino. Though the Asian market is still out of touch for the Mexicans, it is only a matter of time before online sports betting opens them up to that market.

Lotteries have been a universal favorite, and in Mexico, this has been regulated by National Lotteries. There are scratch cards and lucky numbers to bring in a big fortune. Considering Mexican fantasy for the same, this category holds immense promise.

Mexican players' favorite games
How to Review and Select the Best Online Casinos in Mexico

How to Review and Select the Best Online Casinos in Mexico

Mexicans hold the prominence of leading the race for showing undaunted love for lotteries and gambling as a whole. In this love, they may end up selecting the wrong casinos online for sports betting or even for slot machines. Whether it was a land-based casino or an online casino, the Mexicans welcome it all with equal measure.

However, players may face issues while selecting the best casinos in Mexico since they have to pick off-shore or casinos from other countries. In that state, what do they do? This is where we step in and rate the casinos.

So, all a person from Mexico has to do is read our elaborate reviews and ratings that focus on payment and withdrawal methods, customer support, and security.
Here, we list out prime areas we evaluate and review for every Mexican to check out before depositing in it.


While reviewing any site, the first thing we check is the license of the casino online in Mexico and the way it protects the players. If a player visits a site that does not have any encryption, it is then potentially risking the players.

The site should have PCI compliance to ensure the protection of the players while they deposit here too. We only recommend casinos that have valid licenses from Malta, Curacao, Gibraltar, and the likes.

Customer support

We also check if the casino has 24-hour support or not. If you log in and face some issues in depositing or withdrawing, you will need to contact the customer support team.

Unless they are available 24/7, the players are in trouble. So, ideally, we only rate and review a site that offers 24-hour live chat, email, and telephone support, including the toll-free service.

Software and Languages supported

We make sure that all the games you play at a casino should be from reliable developers only. These could be from Microgaming, NetEnt, or Blueprint gaming. Why? How does that help your gaming experience?

If a casino you visit has the games from these major game developers, you are in a safe place. So, we shall check all of these aspects before we urge you to use any.

The casino should also offer you games from the slots game category, table games, live dealer games, and of course, sports betting, bingo, and other categories. The site should be available in Spanish, French, and Portuguese besides English for a Mexican player’s ease of use.

VIP program

For a player to feel special, does the casino online in Mexico offer unique VIP Programs and benefits? If yes, we would recommend such a site. The VIP program may be attached to a Loyalty program or not, but it should be an exclusive specialty that everyone should look forward to availing.

Fast payout system

We check if a casino offers a high-speed payout to Mexican players. Ideally, if the casinos accept and make payout via cards, e-wallets, or even Bitcoin, the payout will be fast. The bank transfer or wire transfer will only take time.

Bonuses and promotions

We check a casino’s bonus and promotions and how frequently they give newer offers. The Mexicans can look forward to earning welcome bonuses and promotions, and we also see if these are worth the investment the player makes.

How to Review and Select the Best Online Casinos in Mexico
Online Casinos Accepting Mexican Peso (MXN)

Online Casinos Accepting Mexican Peso (MXN)

As you dive into the world of online casinos in Mexico, grasping the significance of your currency is paramount for a smooth iGaming voyage. The Mexican Peso (MXN), often referred to as "peso," becomes the driving force behind your gameplay and transactions. While not all online casino sites accept MXN – many reputable casinos provide convenient currency conversion options. This ensures you can immerse yourself in a spectrum of exciting games without grappling with currency differences. Navigating our carefully selected toplist from CasinoRank opens the gateway to captivating gameplay, whether you're managing 100 Mexican Pesos or the value post-conversion. Take this opportunity on a thrilling iGaming journey – visit our recommended casinos, where every spin of the reels and every hand dealt at the tables harmonizes seamlessly with the rhythm of the Mexican Peso in online casino sites. This harmony elevates both the excitement and the potential rewards of your iGaming experience, ensuring that each MXN contributes to your entertainment and potential winnings.

Payment options

We see if the casinos have a wide range of payment methods on offer. It will be better if the casino accepts debit cards, credit cards, e-wallet payments, and bank transfer payments. These should give the players plenty of options to pick from for their use and their banking facility.

Legalized commercials

There are at present rules and laws only for the ads of land-based casinos. There are no specific laws for advertising online gambling, so the same rules that apply to the land-based casinos apply here.

As per Article 10 of Gaming Regulations, the advertising, and marketing of games and authorized ads under the Gaming Law and Regulations have stated that there should not be explicit gambling activities ads and not any ambiguous ads. The ads should also speak about responsible gambling.

Online Casinos Accepting Mexican Peso (MXN)

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Everything you need to know about casinos

Can you gamble in Mexico?

Yes, gambling is legal in Mexico, but it's regulated. Ensure the establishment adheres to local rules and be aware of age restrictions.

Can I win real money in Mexico casinos?

To start with, there are no online Mexican casinos. But yes, in off-shore casinos, you may play for real money or for free. Players may be able to play games like slot games, roulette, Blackjack, and more.

How long does it take to receive my winnings from Mexican online casinos?

Players from Mexico will not have to wait for long in case of lottery games. For other casinos, the players need to wait as per the payment method and bank. The banks of Mexico may take time to process the final payout.

Are online casinos in Mexico safe?

Currently, there are no online casinos in Mexico. But the land-based casinos in Mexico are safe to play and bet in off-shore casinos.

Are there any withdrawal fees for Mexico players?

Depending on the payment methods, you can expect the withdrawal fees for Mexican players.

Which banking options can I use at a Mexico online casino?

Debit cards and credit cards like Mastercard and Visa are there. Besides these, specific local prepaid cards like Todito Cash, OXXO vouchers one may use in Mexico. Another prepaid card is that of Astropay and Paysafecard to use here.

Can I play with Mexican peso at casinos?

You can use Mexican peso at online casinos that accept the same since you will be playing at popular casinos off-shore only.

What payment methods are available for online casinos in New Zealand?

The payment methods available for the punters are Bitcoin, Bank transfers, and debit cards. There are American Express systems, MasterCard, Visa, Entropay, Neteller, and others that Mexicans may use for betting.