March 27, 2024

The Intersection of Streaming and iGaming: A Deep Dive with BGaming and Casinolytics

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In an era where streamers are reshaping the landscape of gaming and entertainment, the iGaming industry is no exception. We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Kate Puteiko, CMO at BGaming, and Sebastian Khalighy, Co-founder & CEO of Casinolytics, to discuss the burgeoning role of streamers in the promotion and development of casino games. Their collaboration has birthed "Aztec Clusters," a game designed not only to captivate streamers but also to leverage big data for enhancing player enjoyment. Here's an inside look at their journey.

The Intersection of Streaming and iGaming: A Deep Dive with BGaming and Casinolytics

Key Takeaways:

  • The creation of Aztec Clusters was driven by the aim to craft a game that resonates with streamers, leveraging insights from Casinolytics.
  • Over 225 gambling streamers have engaged with the game, including high-profile names, indicating a strong reception within the streaming community.
  • Marketing efforts for Aztec Clusters spanned beyond streaming, utilizing a mix of channels to ensure widespread visibility.
  • The success of Aztec Clusters underscores the growing influence of streamers on player preferences and the potential for data-driven game development.

Q: Can you share the inspiration behind Aztec Clusters and its streaming-friendly design?

BGaming: Aztec Clusters was envisioned as a game that streamers would love, combining compelling mechanics, stunning visuals, and features that keep them engaged. Our collaboration with Casinolytics allowed us to tap into their expertise in streaming and player behavior, crafting a game that stands out in our portfolio.

Casinolytics: The journey began with the aim to create a new blockbuster in the iGaming industry, a challenge given the saturated market. Our partnership with BGaming and the insights gained from analyzing over 10,000 hours of streams played a crucial role in designing Aztec Clusters, incorporating features like sticky wilds with insane multipliers and a unique random dig-up feature.

Q: How has the player community received Aztec Clusters since its launch?

BGaming: The response has been phenomenal, with streamers and players alike embracing the game. We've seen significant engagement from gambling streamers globally, highlighting its appeal within this community.

Casinolytics: It's gratifying to see Aztec Clusters become a staple in streamers' slot rotations, generating entertaining content regardless of the session's outcome. This reception aligns with our goal of creating a hit among streamers.

Q: What makes Aztec Clusters particularly appealing to streamers?

BGaming: We designed the game with features that resonate with streamers, such as a high max win potential, various modes for gameplay diversity, and the incorporation of sticky Wilds and multipliers for a fresh twist.

Casinolytics: The game caters to streamers' desire for a mix of challenges, unpredictability, and flexibility, creating an engaging experience that fuels compelling content.

Q: Can you elaborate on the marketing strategies employed for Aztec Clusters?

BGaming: Our comprehensive 3-month promo campaign leveraged a variety of marketing channels to target both B2B and B2C audiences, sharing insights into the game's development, features, and streamer engagement.

Casinolytics: While we focused on the game's creation, BGaming spearheaded the marketing efforts, showcasing their commitment to ensuring the game's success.

Q: What does the success of Aztec Clusters imply for the future of game development and the role of streaming?

BGaming: This success indicates a growing trend in leveraging streamers for game promotion, suggesting a future where gambling streaming plays a pivotal role in shaping player preferences.

Casinolytics: Aztec Clusters demonstrates the potential of a data-oriented approach to game development, highlighting the significant influence of streamers on player choices and the iGaming landscape.

Q: Is it too late for companies to explore streaming as a marketing strategy?

BGaming: It's never too late to explore the potential of gambling streamers for promotion, as each company must find what works best for its marketing strategy.

Casinolytics: The key role of streamers in product promotion isn't new, but their active integration into commercial strategies has grown. It's never too late to start leveraging this platform for insights and engagement.

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This conversation with Kate Puteiko and Sebastian Khalighy offers a fascinating glimpse into the synergy between streaming and iGaming, showcasing how data-driven collaboration can lead to the creation of games that resonate with both streamers and players. Aztec Clusters stands as a testament to the potential of this approach, paving the way for future innovations in the industry.

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