Top-rated Online gambling sites in Serbia

Online casinos have transformed the gambling scene in Serbia, providing an immersive gaming experience from Belgrade to Novi Sad and beyond. With a diverse range of casino games available from anywhere, these digital platforms represent a significant advancement in remote gambling. Online casinos in Serbia offer secure payment methods and a broad selection of gaming options, making them a state-of-the-art form of entertainment that seamlessly blends advanced technology with the excitement of casino gaming.

Top-rated Online gambling sites in Serbia


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Online casinos in Serbia

Additionally, sports betting is also very popular in Serbia as a big portion of the adult population loves the idea of placing bets on various sports. The relationship that Serbia has with gambling is a bit complicated and even though the people are fond of this activity, the gambling industry is not too developed in this country.

The reason for that is that most of the land-based casinos are located in the capital, Belgrade, and they control the market. As a result, the government has been pretty slow in regulating both land-based and online gambling. So, illegal/underground gambling started thriving in the country and many people were participating in this activity. Although underground sports betting was a bigger problem, gambling was also hard to regulate.

Legality of gambling since 1964

As for its legality, gambling has been legal since 1964 and gambling license holders are regulated by the Games Chance Administration, which is under the jurisdiction of the Serbian Ministry of Finance and Economy.

Up until 2011, the State Lottery had a monopoly on the online gambling market, but all of that changed when the New Act on Games of Chance was introduced to the public. This new act revolutionized the way Serbians can experience casino games online and it proved to be a massive step forward towards bettering the industry.

Ever since all of these steps were taken, Serbia’s government has been able to control and regulate the gambling industry (both online and offline) in a much better way.

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History of gambling in Serbia

History of gambling in Serbia

The history of gambling in Serbia takes us back all the way to the post-World War II period. During these tough times, gambling in Serbia was among the first industries that became regulated by law.

This activity has been legal ever since 1964 and the reason why it was regulated so early is that the government hopes that this activity will help stimulate the economy by bringing in tax money, employment, and many tourists.

Under the Law on Games of Chance, which was a law by Yugoslavia (Serbia was part of Yugoslavia in that period), a distinction between special games of chance and classical games of chance was made.

The first type was casino games that were played in casinos but were only available to foreign tourists. Even when the first casino was opened in Belgrade, the residents were not permitted to enter. After the shocking events in the early and late 90s, Serbia's economy was bruised and many of its sectors started to crumble.

Games of Chance Act

These were dark times for the country as gambling was also barely regulated and that is how underground facilities started thriving. However, all of that changed when the Games of Chance Act, which was based on previous legislation in Yugoslavia, was passed in 2004. With this act, the following gambling activities were legalized:

  • Classical games of chance
  • Special or other games
  • Internet gambling games
  • Prize competitions

Classical games of chance include lottery, bingo, scratchcards, and raffle. Special or other games include casino gambling and sports betting, and internet gambling games is basically online gambling, which means that this activity became legal in 2004.

But, one of the biggest problems with this act was that the market was controlled by the State Lottery. The New Act on Games of Chance which was brought in 2011, changed all of that.

Gambling nowadays in Serbia

Ever since the New Act on Games of Chance was brought in 2011, gambling in Serbia was revolutionized, and it became much easier for the government to control these activities. Nowadays, both online and land-based casinos are regulated well in the country and are in a steady phase of growth.

With the act, even foreign operators can apply for a license in Serbia. But, in order to obtain it, the operator needs to have a physical branch in the country, which is a regulation that can commonly be found in other European countries as well.

Not only that, but players are well-protected when they access online casinos. The new act also includes a clause that enables the government to block unlicensed casino sites. It is relieving to hear that the blocking is extremely successful and players know instantly whether they are at a licensed site when they access an online casino. If they are allowed to play, then the site is licensed and well-regulated. If they cannot gain access, then the site is unlicensed, and it is not safe for them to play games there.

Serbian Gambling Update in 2020

In 2020, the Act was amended even more and with this new amendment, the number of social responsibilities was taken into consideration and several other steps were taken to make sure that further liberalization can take place. Speaking of social responsibilities, the words casino, sazino, kasino, and kazino were banned from usage in any advertisements or promotions on social media. Minors cannot access online casino sites or gamble at land-based casinos. The legal age for gambling in Serbia is 18.

One of the best things that the new amendment in 2020 brought was a slight change in how the tax money from gambling is collected. With the new Act of 2020, the Red Cross of Serbia receives 40% of the government’s revenue made from gambling, which definitely deserves praise.

History of gambling in Serbia
Future of online casino in Serbia

Future of online casino in Serbia

It goes without saying that Serbia has come a long way in regulating the gambling industry. The country was brought to its knees a few times, but they stood right back up each time and managed to create a better version of themselves.

The future of online casinos is looking very bright in Serbia. This country is among the few countries in the world that regulate online gambling to this extent, and the indicators show that the regulation will keep improving over the years. Online casinos will become more reachable and thanks to the government’s blocking system, players will remain protected and will know which sites are licensed and regulated, and which are not.

Future of online casino in Serbia
Serbian online casino games

Serbian online casino games

When it comes to the favorite casino games of Serbian players, there are plenty to choose from. Let's have a closer look:

Sports Betting

First off, we would like to mention that sports betting, especially in football, is extremely popular in this country.

A majority of the adult population in Serbia is more than happy to place bets regularly. That is why the sports betting industry is one of the most profitable in the country.

Gambling games

As for gambling games, the lottery remains a very popular choice for the elderly population. After all, this type of game has been around for a long period and is the oldest legal gambling game in the country.

Poker is also a very popular choice. What’s interesting about poker is that the national group Poker Savez Srbije has joined the International Federation of Poker in 2010.

So, this group now organizes numerous tournaments annually and these tournaments are held so that Serbian players can develop their skills. That is exactly the reason why poker is so popular in this region.

Unlike other casino games, which solely rely on luck, poker requires them to have a lot of skills and it is a more complicated game. Serbians never shy away from a challenge; they are more than happy to step up and learn everything so that they can be the best.


Lastly, slot games are the third most popular games in Serbia for two reasons. First, because a distinction between special games of chance and classical games of chance was made, slot games were among the few casino games that were available for Serbian players.

As time went by and online gambling became very popular, slots remained the top choice of many players.

The second reason as to why they are popular is because they are very simple to play, yet offer fantastic rewards. All Serbians have to do to play these games is set their desired bet amount and spin the wheel.

Considering the fact that there are progressive slots, the prize of some jackpots can exceed several millions of dollars, which is a massive reward and more than a motivation for the players to access and play these games.

Some casino games that still deserve a mention are roulette, blackjack and scratchcards.

Serbian online casino games
The most preferred casino bonus in Serbia

The most preferred casino bonus in Serbia

The most preferred casino bonus in Serbia is Free Spins. Since slot games are among the most popular games in the country, players will use any opportunity to play with Free Spins as they provide them with free play for real money. They can hit a jackpot without depositing money and can withdraw the winnings after they meet the wagering requirements.

Welcome packages are also popular as they often include Free Spins. Not only that but in most cases, welcome packages provide players with a deposit bonus which they can use at online casinos to win rewards.

Finally, cashback bonuses are the third most popular bonus as it is often available at sportsbooks. Through cashback bonuses, Serbian players can return some of the lost amounts on betting. The amount depends on the casino's policies and whether or not the online casino includes higher cash back percentages in their loyalty programs.

Loyalty programs are designed to thank players for their continuous support and they often provide loyal players with better cashbacks. The higher the player is ranked on the program, the bigger the cashback percentage will be.

The most preferred casino bonus in Serbia
Payment methods in Serbia

Payment methods in Serbia

There are tons of payment methods that Serbian players can use to deposit and withdraw money from online casinos. The number one choice is credit and debit cards as they provide them with relatively fast transactions. Deposits with these two methods are instant, while withdrawals have a processing time of a few business days.


In the past couple of years, a plethora of e-wallets even became popular and a lot of players in this region decided to use them as well. Some of the most popular e-wallet methods are Klarna and Skrill. Direct bank transfers also deserve a mention.


Cryptocurrencies have also started to breach the market in Serbia. This type of payment method has had a huge surge in popularity in the past couple of years due to the fact that it provides many players with several advantages. The two biggest advantages are instant transactions and increased security.

Since cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are fully optimized for digital use, every deposit and withdrawal is instant. Not only that, but they provide players with an added level of anonymity, which results in better online security. Although cryptocurrencies are new in this region, Serbians are open to using them.

Lastly, many gambling operators in Serbia have brick-and-mortar establishments, which is why a huge portion of the players are depositing and withdrawing money via land-based vendors.

Payment methods in Serbia
Online Casinos Accepting Serbian Dinar in Serbia: A Beginner's Insight

Online Casinos Accepting Serbian Dinar in Serbia: A Beginner's Insight

If you're looking to venture into the world of online gambling in Serbia, it's important to have the right information. Recently, more online casinos have started accepting the Serbian dinar, which is a huge advantage for Serbian players. It eliminates the challenges of currency conversions, offering a seamless experience. It's a clear indication that the platform is dedicated to serving the Serbian audience.

Choosing a platform that respects and acknowledges the local currency is crucial. It's not only about convenience but also about having a tailored gaming experience. If you're looking for reputable online casinos that embrace the Serbian dinar, you can refer to CasinoRank’s toplist. This list highlights the most trustworthy new casinos in Serbia, ensuring that you have a seamless gaming adventure while using your preferred currency.

As you explore, prioritize platforms that recognize the importance of the Serbian dinar. It's not just about the currency, but also about the respect and consideration for Serbian players. The rise of online casinos that prioritize the Serbian dinar is a clear sign of their dedication to catering to the Serbian audience.

Online Casinos Accepting Serbian Dinar in Serbia: A Beginner's Insight
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Everything you need to know about casinos

Is online gambling regulated in Serbia?

Yes, online gambling has been regulated in Serbia since 2004, when the Game of Chance Act was brought. This Act was amended in 2011 and it ended the monopoly that the State Lottery had on the market. Ever since 2011, private companies can obtain licenses and can offer various online casino games to Serbian players.

Can I use cryptocurrencies as a payment method in Serbian casinos?

Cryptocurrencies can be used as a payment method in foreign online casinos. No operators in Serbia accept them as a payment method, but some off-shore online casinos do. Players are even fond of this payment method as it provides them with safe and instant transactions.

What are the most popular online casino games in Serbia?

Sports betting on football and basketball remains the most popular gambling type for Serbian players. However, slot machines and poker are also very popular. Serbia's Poker Group holds numerous poker tournaments each year and many players sign up to play for a reward. As for slot games, they are popular because they were among the first games to which Serbian players had access. Lotteries, roulette, blackjack, and scratch cards also deserve a mention.

What payment methods can be used at the best online casino in Serbia?

There are tons of payment methods that Serbian players can use at online casinos. The two most popular methods are credit and debit cards, but numerous e-wallets suck as Skrill and Klarna are commonly used. In rare cases, Serbians use cryptocurrencies.

Is online gambling in Serbia safe?

Yes, due to the fact that online gambling is well-regulated in Serbia, this activity is safe. Not only that, but the government also has a very effective blocking system that bans all unlicensed online casinos and protects the players.

Can foreign operators offer their services in Serbia?

Yes, foreign operators can offer their services in Serbia. Not only that, but they can also apply for a gambling license if they have a physical gambling facility in the country. Deposit reserves and capital funds are also required, but the process of getting a license is pretty simple.

Are there any fees for withdrawing money at Serbian online casinos?

Fees for withdrawals depend on the online casino that Serbian players choose. Some online casinos apply fees, some don’t. To make sure that you are familiar with all the terms and conditions that the online casino has, check the banking options page. It contains all the information that you need.

What is the processing time for withdrawals?

The processing time for withdrawals depends on the chosen method. In most cases, it will take a few business days before the funds are transferred to the players’ accounts, but some methods offer instant transactions. Cryptocurrencies are a good example of that. Now only do they provide the players with instant withdrawals, but they also increase their online security by providing them with a certain level of online anonymity.

Can players play games for free at a Serbian casino?

Whether the players can play online casino games for free, depends on the online casino. Some sites offer free play, some don’t. Those that do, can provide the players with some of the following free play options – no deposit bonuses, Free Spins, and demo play. No deposit bonuses and Free Spins can lead them to rewards, while demo play

What is the most popular bonus for Serbian players?

The most popular bonus for Serbian players is Free Spins as it allows them to play slots, which are one of their favourite casino games, for free. Welcome bonuses are also very appreciated as they often give players Free Spins and deposit bonuses. Finally, cashbacks are often featured on online sportsbooks, and since Serbian players love to bet on sports such as football and basketball, this type of bonus is adored. Through cashbacks, players can return some of the lost amounts on betting.