September 5, 2023

BLIK: Poland's Preferred Choice for Deposits

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Blik practically dominates the online payment market in Poland. In 2024, Poles made an average of 80 million transactions per month, and even though the system has been on the market since 2015, the trend is still upward. We use Blik to pay online, in stores, make transfers to the "phone" and top up our accounts at online casinos. Operators of online casinos are increasingly turning to this payment option because it is simply the most convenient. It only takes a few moments, and you can play.

BLIK: Poland's Preferred Choice for Deposits

In this article, we will present all the most relevant information about how the Blik payment system works and prove that it is the absolute easiest way to top up your account online. Let's get started!

The Convenience of Polish Blik

There is an opinion about Blik that if someone uses it once, they will always choose it over other online transaction options. Today's online casinos focus on direct transfers, e-wallets, cryptocurrencies, and prepaid cards. All these options have one drawback: they take time. E-wallets and prepaid cards need to be topped up, while direct bank transfers... can take up to several days to process. 

However, if the casino has a Blik option on offer, a light quickly goes on in the player's mind that once he decides to register an account, he will be able to play in just a moment.

Using Blik is a pleasure. After registering an account, all you have to do is go to the payment section and select this money transfer option. The transaction scheme always looks identical:

  1. Switch to the mobile online banking application.
  2. Switch to the Blik option (the current temporary six-digit code should be displayed)
  3. Transcribe the code into the appropriate field on the casino page or be redirected from the casino.
  4. A notification of the transaction completion will appear on the mobile device.
  5. After clicking the notification, you will be taken back to the application, where you need to verify the transaction. Depending on the verification method chosen, the user confirms that he or she is the actual user of the device (provides a PIN or reads a fingerprint).

Just a few moments later the money is at its destination, and you can start playing.

Choosing an Online Casino with Blik

Since virtually all Poles are convinced of Blik transactions, the casinos have decided to make this transaction available in their most in-demand payment methods. Players are looking for convenience as well as secure and fast transactions, and Blik provides them with this. 

Since gambling fans know that some operators offer this option and, when checking various casinos, notice that a particular site does not include this option, they often abandon its services and move on. This, of course, is especially true for people who shy away from setting up more e-wallet accounts or buying prepaid cards.

However, it is worth noting at this point that the decision to switch to another casino should not be made too hastily. Often Blik is not displayed directly on the site. An excellent example of the use of this transaction option is the Przelewy24 system, which also appears in Polish online casinos. If this option is listed in the payment section, it is safe to assume that you will also be able to use Blik.

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Blik in Online Transfer Gateways

Sites such as Przelewy24, Tpay, PayU, and Dotpay are called online payment gateways and include up to dozens of different forms of transactions. These range from standard wire transfers to electronic wallets to Blik. 

The casino simply redirects the interested player to such a gateway and presents the available payment options. All the player has to do is select Blik and complete the transaction in the same way as described above.

Online payment gateways are extremely convenient, but most often they charge a small commission per transaction, which a player should always be prepared for.

Who Can Use Blik?

These are exclusively mobile banking users. Interestingly, Blik is exclusively a mobile option, linked directly to the banking application. In Poland, this method can be used by users of a dozen different banks, including PKO Bank Polski, Alior Bank, ING, mBank, Santander, and Bank Pekao.

To get access to Blik transactions, you need to download and activate the banking application. Sometimes you also need to additionally activate the Blik transaction system using online banking. When everything is ready, you can use the full capabilities of this payment option.

In case the player in question has an account with a small bank that does not allow transactions using Blik, he will not be able to use this method.

What Should I Watch Out for When Completing Blik Transactions?

First of all, on whether you enter the code in the right place. When paying on the Internet using the Blik option, special care should be taken. The person completing the transaction should carefully verify that the place where he enters the code is appropriate, and it should not be given to any third party. The six-digit string is for personal use only, and no consultant will ever ask for it.

If you are redirected to a site claiming to be Blik, you should verify that it is a reliable service - most often you are redirected to payment gateways like Przelewy24. The final verification step will be the amount of the transaction, which will be displayed on the phone screen. It should be the same money that you wanted to deposit. Sometimes the amount may be increased by 1-2 PLN (gateway commission).


Blik code transactions are currently the most convenient method of online transactions. If a person is interested in playing at a particular casino that has this payment method on offer, you can be sure that after just a few minutes you will be able to collect your welcome bonus and start playing. Blik is already used by several million Poles - such a number simply cannot be wrong. Therefore, do not hesitate and join the satisfied players who have decided to top up their accounts with Blik.

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