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Beginners guide to playing Superscore

Unibet sportsbook offers two coupon based football betting options, one of which is called Superscore. This is just another fun and easy way to bet and even new players will get the hang of it in no time. The idea of Superscore is to predict the exact score of all the matches listed on the online coupon. You need to decide how much you want to stake and submit the coupon. The reason this is so popular is because all the money that is staked goes into a pool and is shared amongst the winners. So you can end up with a good portion of that amount in the end. You need to place crosses in the relevant boxes on the coupon and if you get all the scores correct you win.

It is very easy to understand the coupon actually. Below each team name there is a row of boxes listed and each box has a number next to it. You need to predict the amount of goals you think the team will score. You can also predict multiple outcomes of the same game if you want.

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