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How does the bonus work?

Once you make your deposit, your account balance will consist of a cash account balance and a bonus account balance. The actual money that you have deposited will be in your Cash Balance and the sum that you will receive with your bonus will be paid in the Bonus Balance.

There are different types of bonuses that are limited to different types of games. For instance there are bonuses that apply only to slots. Once you enter a game, the Bonus Balance will show you whether the funds are permitted for play or not. If you enter a given game and you do not see the money on your account, then the game is restricted for that particular bonus. If you as a player decide to play a game that is not included in the games that count towards meeting the bonus requirement, the casino reserves the right to refuse your withdrawal. They can also remove both the bonus money and winnings without any further notice to you and lock all your accounts since you are abusing the promotion.

All the winnings and the deposit will be locked until you complete the wagering requirements for the given bonus. In case the promotion allows withdrawals with an active Bonus Balance, then the remaining bonuses will be revoked.

Every bonus amount that is credited to the player is subject to a x35 wager, and once you have finished your wagering requirements then the amount is converted to your Cash Balance. This is when you can withdraw all your winnings unless it is explicitly stated otherwise in the Significant Terms.

Wagering requirements are the total amount that needs to be staked on a game to convert the bonus to cash funds. Not every game contributes the same towards the percentage of the wagering requirements. Before you make a deposit and decide which game you want to play you need to check the list of the games and the weight distributions for all wagering purposes.

Loyalty Bonus

Loyal Royalty is a program that 21Casino offers to its players. This means that you as a player automatically build up loyalty points every time you make a deposit. Once you have accumulated 200 points, which is an equivalent to €1, you can redeem your points easily. There are some limitations on the amount of points you can redeem daily, and at 21Casino that number is 10, 000 points or €50 in bonus money.

Loyal Royalty Specific Promotional Terms and Conditions

Every time you wager €10 you will receive the following points depending on the game you play. If you play Slots you will receive 2 points, Scratch cards will also bring you 2 points, Video Poker 1 point, Bingo 1 point, Blackjack 0.50 and Roulette 0.25 points.

If you would like to see the total number of loyalty points you have, you can do so in your account details.

The thing that you need to remember is that all the bonus money you will receive needs to be wagered 35 times before it is converted into real cash money. Different games contribute differently to the wagering requirements so it is better to check the list of games before you start playing.

There is a limit on the maximum bet per spin, which is €5. If you decide to increase the bet while you are still playing with your bonus money, in that case the casino reserves the right to confiscate all your winnings.

The good news here is that there is no maximum cash out limit, which means all the money that you will win, are yours for the taking.

If, for some reason you do not use your bonus within 30 days, it will be removed from your account.

If you withdraw any of your cash deposit while your bonus is still active, in that case the bonus funds will be removed from your account.

If you do not meet all of the requirements mentioned above, you can't withdraw your bonus funds.

If you want to review the Terms and Conditions of 21Casino you can find all the information on their Website here.

Their standard Promotional terms and conditions apply in full and they can be found here.

Reload Bonus

Wild Reload Bonus

21Casino offers a 21% Reload Bonus that will super-charge your balance up to €210. So, every Monday and Tuesday you should be waiting for these amazing bonuses that will boost your balance. Let's be honest, having €420 by Tuesday is a big deal, and it's something you can`t miss.

The only thing you need to do is to make a deposit on the required day and claim your bonus. We can say that Mondays are not that bad after all.

Wild Reload Specific Promotional Terms and Conditions

There are a couple of things you should keep in mind when it comes to the Wild Reload Bonus. It is only available to existing players.

The following bonuses are available for you only: · 21% bonus on your first cash deposit which you need to make somewhere between Monday 01:00 CEST and Tuesday 00:59 CEST and you can get up to a maximum of €210. · 21% bonus on your first cash deposit which you need to make somewhere between Tuesday 01:00 CEST and Wednesday 00:59 and you can get up to a maximum of €210. · The minimum amount you need to deposit is €10 to be eligible for the bonus. At the same time, the minimum amount you can withdraw is €10. · You can be awarded with only one bonus per account per player. If you are in breach of this clause then the casino reserves the right to suspend your account. · Once you win a certain amount of money you can withdraw the same amount if you have played by the rules. If the casino suspects promotional abuse or irregular play, your account will be suspended. · The maximum amount you can bet per spin is €5. If you bet higher than this amount while you are still in bonus play the casino reserves the right to confiscate all your winnings. · Every time you play with bonus money there are certain requirements you need to meet to turn the bonus funds into cash funds. At 21Casino you need to wager 35 times the initial value of the bonus funds. · Every game contributes differently to the wagering requirements. You can find the list of games and also their respective weighting towards the wagering requirements. · For this bonus only, the bonus money contributes towards the wagering requirements, and your cash funds have nothing to do with the wagering requirements. This means you can make a higher deposit if you wish. · If you happen to have any unused bonus funds, after 30 days they will be removed from your account. · If you withdraw your cash deposit while the bonus is still active, then your bonus funds will be removed immediately. · Only after you have met all the requirements mentioned above, you can make a withdrawal of your cash funds.

Match Bonus

A great deal that 21Casino offers to its players is a match bonus of 121%. This bonus is also subject to a 35 time wagering requirements and it can be used on any game you want.

High Roller Bonus

If you spend a lot of time and money playing at any casino, you receive a status of a high roller, thus you earn a high roller bonus. Every casino loves to see its players return on a regular basis and spend a lot of money. So, in that case the casino also wants to reward its players, and show them that they are truly appreciated. There are some casinos that will offer a bonus to high rollers that goes up to €1,500. But that's not all, high rollers can also receive free play money. If someone is a big player, then there are lots of good things waiting for them. You can make good use of all the free things that you will receive from each online casino.

Welcome bonus for a big player

After every registration you will receive a welcome bonus. This bonus varies from casino to casino. But, most of the time you will receive a large amount of free spins or free play money. This has nothing to do with whether you are a low roller or a high roller. If you are a high roller that is great, because you can add a big bonus on to your account, but most of the time people like to play small and prolong their playing experience. But if you consider yourself a high roller then you should look around and find a VIP program that will suit all your needs. In order to qualify for a VIP program you need to make a deposit on your account first.

Every casino has different requirements for their VIP program, and if you want to qualify, then you will be faced with a number of conditions. But the basic idea, behind every casino is, the more you play with higher amounts of money, the more likely you will qualify for the High Roller bonus. Most high roller casinos look at the current playing behavior and they can invite you to a VIP program based on that.

Once you are a member of a casino`s VIP program you will have more advantages, not only the high roller bonus. You will have an account manager who will always be available for you. They will answer all your questions and guide you through all the privileges you can enjoy.

Not many people know that you do not have to pay large amounts of money to become a VIP player. If you know how to win a lot, then you will easily meet the conditions set by the casino to reach the level of a high roller.

You can also receive a high roller bonus if you use your account for a longer period, meaning you have paid a lot of money over an extensive period of time. And this has nothing to do with your current playing behavior.

The Conditions

When it comes to high roller bonuses there are certain conditions attached to it. The first thing that you need to do in order to be qualified for a high roller bonus is to make a first deposit on your account. And proportionally, the higher the amount the higher the bonus will be.

Once you make your deposit there are certain rules regarding how and when you can put the money into the bonus. If you are part of the online casino world for a while you know that these are referred to as the playing conditions. So, in general, the higher the amount of the high roller bonus, the more difficult it will be to pay it out.

There are certain things you need to be careful about, like how often you have to play the money and how high the maximum bet per game is. Just for the sake of it, let's say that you have $1,000 in bonus money, then you have to play this amount 35 times to be eligible to make a withdrawal. Well, it's simple math and you can tell that this will take a while to play in order for you to get paid.

Not every casino offers a high roller bonus, but you can ask to join a special VIP program. This is mainly because not every player can afford to make big deposits every week, but this by any chance does not mean that they are not high rollers. Same thing goes, for instance if you make a big first deposit, this does not make you a high roller player. Time is the main factor that shows the casino what kind of a player you are, and whether you should be a part of a VIP program or not. Anyhow, the terms for a VIP status vary from casino to casino. And, your job is to make an effort and learn about the bonus that you are eyeing. The terms of the casino are clearly stated on their website and are mentioned once you claim the bonus.

Don't accept a bonus

don't get us wrong, but if you are offered a high roller bonus or to be a part of a VIP program, this doesn't mean you need to accept it. Mainly because you don't want to be stuck with all those rules and regulations you have to follow once you do, and there are many. After all, you are playing with your own money, so you are allowed to spend them the way you want to, and to enjoy doing so. On the other hand, if you miss a bonus because you don't like the conditions, don't worry there will be a new offer waiting for you very soon. And, if the next offer is appropriate for you, then you can accept it and make some cash.

Sign up bonus

Upon signing up to 21Casino you will get a World Class Welcome Offer which includes 21 bonus spins and a 121% bonus that goes up to €300.

Welcome/Joining Bonus

21Casino is one of the best known names in the online casino industry, so it comes as no surprise that they offer some juicy rewards for their players. If your country is listed as a supported location for the casino then you can make a new account and grab the rewards that are there for you.

21Casino is a very entertaining casino and it gives out a luxurious vibe, so every player feels special and they have a feeling like they are transported into a glamorous location. Another thing that they paid attention to is the tempting welcome bonus that will leave any player speechless.

There are certain requirements that need to be met, so be sure to read them all before you begin playing. In order to save you some time we will list the most important rules. And the only thing that is left is for you to visit the website of 21Casino and take advantage of this welcome bonus.

How to be eligible for the 21Casino Welcome Bonus?

The idea of a welcome bonus is to introduce new players and to encourage them to play. So there is no reason for these bonuses to be difficult to get. The casino has the idea that if a player signs up for their welcome bonus, that they are beginners themselves. And, if the casino overcomplicates the conditions, then it's very unlikely that the player will have a good experience, let alone come back again and make another deposit.

21Casino is familiar with everything mentioned above, and for that reason they have even oversimplified things. 21Casino's welcome bonus is one of the easiest ones to cash out from, for that exact reason.

Here is a list of all the requirements you need to follow before you claim your bonus, after all there must be some rules, but they are so easy, so no worries. Just follow them closely if you want to qualify for the promotion.

Create a New Account

The first time you go to the 21Casino website you will be offered to create a new account. Just enter your personal information and your account will be ready immediately.

Associate a Payment Method

Since you need to make a deposit in order to qualify for a welcome bonus, you need to associate your credit or debit card information to your account. Once you do that you will be able to make a deposit and start playing your favorite games.

Claim Bonus Cash According to Your Deposit

After you make your first deposit you will receive bonus money according to the amount of money you deposit into the site. We will discuss this topic in more detail, so you can better understand what you are in for.

21Casino Welcome Bonus

In the honor of the casino, you will receive 21 free spins as a Welcome Bonus once you sign up at 21Casino. You can use these free spins in the popular slot Book of the Dead. don't think that this is some sort of limitation, because this is one of the best games you can find at this casino.

Once you have met the 35 times wagering requirements, you can withdraw all your winnings. But that is not all, your bonus will be accompanied with a 121% cash match bonus that you can use on any game you want. The wagering requirement is set at 35 times the bonus amount. In order to receive any of these cash rewards you need to make a deposit of at least €10. You will not qualify for the bonus cash if your deposit is less than that. You can still get the free spins and you can earn some bonus cash in case you can't spend more than €10 on your first deposit.

It is important to point out that if you make a first deposit that is less than €10, then you will lose your welcome bonus, even if you decide to make a higher second deposit, of let's say €50. This is your one time chance, so make sure to take full advantage of it.

Cash Out Rules

If you are familiar with how casinos work and you have dipped in those waters before, there is a high chance that you have suffered some restrictions regarding withdrawal limits in bonuses. Well, the main reason is the casino doesn't want to go bankrupt if you make too much money out of a bonus. On the one hand they are very generous when it comes to giving bonus money, but on the other hand they don't want you to take all their money at once. That is not the case with 21Casino though. They give you the chance to make an unlimited withdrawal, so if you are on a lucky streak, then you should go for it. You can make as much money as you want and the only thing you need to worry about is to meet the 35 times wagering bonus requirements. Once you do, the casino will allow you to withdraw the entire amount of money that you have won.

The only limitation that 21Casino puts is on the winnings from the free spins. The maximum limit of winning from free spins is €100. If you win a higher amount, you will not be able to withdraw that money from their website. The 21Casino welcome bonus will actually remove any exceeding winnings from your account`s money balance.

21Casino Welcome Bonus Terms and Conditions

Just like with any other casino, the 21Casino welcome bonus is subject to certain terms and conditions that must be followed. For your convenience we have listed the most important rules.

Skrill and Neteller User Warning

Players that use Skrill or Neteller will not be able to claim the 21Casino welcome bonus. The offer is available on the website, but if you take it then the casino reserves the right to confiscate any winnings you make using the welcome bonus or the free spins.

If you fail to comply with their conditions they may as well close your account. Every attempt of yours to contact the casino will be ignored, since you didn't follow the rules. You can claim the bonus, only if you make a direct deposit using the permitted options on the site.

Bet Limitations

There are no limitations on the money you can bet at 21Casino, but in order to make a profit from your bonus you need to remember there is a limit on the maximum bet you can make. If your bet is higher than €5, then the casino will not allow you to withdraw any money.

Keep in mind that the wagering requirements of the 21Casino welcome bonus must be met. Just make small bets, or not higher than €5 and you can prolong your gaming session and not have any problems when you make a withdrawal.

Bonus Time Frame

Once you make a deposit and you claim your welcome bonus you have 30 days to comply with it. If by any chance you fail to comply with the bonus timeframe all your winnings will be removed from your account. If you fail to meet all the conditions you will not be able to withdraw any part of the bonus money. 21Casino will not make any exceptions and prolong the time frame especially for you, so it will be a waste of time to even ask.

All in all, you have enough time to take advantage of your bonus money, even if you do not have time to do so on the day you make your deposit. Although, we highly doubt there is a single person that will let their money sit on their account and not try their luck immediately.

Wagering Requirements and Exceptions

Many casinos out there have high wagering requirements so it will take you quite some time to finish the bonus. That is not the case with 21Casino and their 35 times wagering requirement. It is fairly easy to meet the casino requirements in the given time frame.

Another thing that you need to keep in mind is that not every game has the same contribution to wagering requirements. If you like to play slots then you are in for a treat since they have a 100% contribution. We cannot say the same for other games since they offer less. There are even games that offer 0% contribution towards the total wagering requirements of the bonus. So you have to do your homework before you decide to play and do some research.

Offer Exclusivity

You have only one chance to claim the welcome bonus, and that is once you sign up for the casino. The welcome bonus is subject to the same rules that apply to every other bonus that is offered by 21Casino. So, before you decide to take the offer try to fully understand the rules. Another thing you need to remember is that 21Casino is not available all over the world so you need to check whether your territory is supported by the site or not.

Bet Credits

21Casino doesn't have Bet Credits, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't give this casino a chance, since they have many other benefits they offer to new and existing players.

Bonus No Deposit

A no deposit bonus is a very tempting offer every casino has to give to its players. As its name suggests, this is a bonus for which no deposit is required. The casino gives you free spins, or bonus money you can use to play your favorite games. This is just another way the casino would like to thank you and show you appreciation because you decided to sign up. You can play your favorite game and see what it has to offer in terms of volatility and bonus rounds, just to name some. If you get this offer, then you shouldn't think twice and just take it. Most of these no deposit bonuses are for slot machines. As we said before they come in the form of free spins or bonus money.

Free play money

Most of the casinos offer you free money in the form of a bonus after you make your deposit, but there are some casinos that will offer free money with no strings attached. That means you do not have to make any deposit and you can still play for real money. It is important to point out that the amount of money is slightly lower than the one you will get with a bonus after your first deposit, and it goes between €5 and €10. This may look like a small sum, but it will get you started immediately so it is fair from the casino and they are doing you a huge favor. Because you can never know when you play casino games, right? If you are lucky, that small amount can easily turn into a decent win.

You need to take into consideration that there are certain rules and conditions that are attached to this kind of a bonus. One of them is that you cannot always withdraw all the money that you have won. The conditions in every casino differ, but in general you need to meet the wagering requirements, and most of the times there is a maximum withdrawal amount. To learn which conditions apply, you need to consult the casino`s website.

Free Spins No Deposit Bonus

The most common and appreciated no deposit bonus is in the form of free spins. And it goes like this. As a new player, you will receive a number of free spins that you can play on one of the video slot games, and the great news is that you don't have to make a deposit to do so. The rules are different for every casino out there. Some casinos offer free spins on a certain game and some casinos will allow you to choose the game you want to play.

Every casino offers some free spins on regular occasions for their loyal players. This can happen every time there is a new slot machine or just because you play a certain game over and over again. The rules are different per casino. But the biggest advantage here is that the no deposit bonus can be seen as a real bonus. You don't have to pay anything and you are still able to play a given game. Another thing that makes it even more attractive is that you don't have to do anything special in order to apply for this kind of a bonus. Once you register, the bonus is immediately linked to your account. If you decide to make a deposit on your account, you will receive regular deposit bonus offers. The value of these bonuses is not very high though. At first, you will probably think that there is no advantage to claim the bonus but actually there is. When the amount is lower, then the wagering requirements are lower as well, and the conditions are less strict. The only disadvantage though is that there are always limits on the amount you can withdraw. For instance if the maximum cash out is €150, everything higher than that will not be paid. These restrictions don't apply in one case only, when you receive free spins with a deposit bonus. In this case you can make a huge withdrawal with no complications whatsoever.

One way to see the no deposit bonus is the benefit it gives to you to get acquainted with a given slot machine. This is a great advantage whether you are a beginner or not. This way you get experience and you can see for yourself whether a given casino or a game suits your needs or not. You can look at it this way too, you play for free money but you can earn real money. You have nothing to lose since you are not risking your paycheck, but the tension and anticipation are so real like you are playing with your own money though.

Play Direct

The good news is that once you register for a given casino then the no deposit bonus awaits you. You don't have to wait or do anything else to play. The bonus is linked to your account, so you can switch on your computer or play on the go, as you wish.

It is different with a bonus that is awarded to regular customers. Usually there is a time frame associated with the bonus. For instance, there is a no deposit bonus that you need to play within 24 hours, and there are others that you can claim within a week. If the bonus is available for a single day only, then you should be aware of that and try to find the opportunity to play. The casino will make an effort to reach out to you for the special offer, so look out for an email, for instance. The good thing here is that you don't have to be logged in at the casino at all times.

Bonus Codes

Bonus codes are not required at 21Casino

Bonus Withdrawal Rules

When it comes to withdrawal there are certain rules you need to follow too. First things first, you need to sign up with 21Casino. Make your first deposit, or if you choose to play a “No Deposit” bonus, in that case you don't have to make a deposit. If you are a new player you can claim a Welcome Bonus, which is a one time deal, a bonus you get the first time you make a deposit. Regular players have other bonuses they can choose from.

Different casinos have different Terms and Conditions that apply to the bonuses, those rules can change over time so you have to check every time you decide to play. It is very important, and we can't stress this enough, to read the Terms and Conditions of 21Casino before you sign up.

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