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The game of Baccarat was brought from Italy in the fifteenth century. The word ‘baccarat’ translated from Italian means ‘zero’ and people believe that is because in this game the face cards have a value of zero. In the beginning, the game attracted the attention of French aristocrats who developed a passion for a variant called Chemin De Fer. Baccarat has always been a game that attracted high-stakes players, but there are low-stakes variants developed by online casinos for low rollers too.

Game Odds

Baccarat is a very easy game with a low house edge and simple rules. You have only three betting options available, bet on the player, bet on the banker and bet on a tie. The tie bet has the highest house edge and players, especially beginners are advised to avoid this bet. On the other hand, tie bet gets a payout of 9:1 which is very attractive we must admit, opposed to other bets that offer 2:1 payouts.

Game Rules

As we said before Baccarat has very simple rules and players are required to bet on one of the following bets:

  • The player’s hand will win.
  • The banker’s hand will win.
  • The game will result in a tie.

When you play Baccarat, you play against the dealer only, no matter how many players there are at the table. The game aims to create a hand with a value nine or as close to nine without going bust. To start the game you need to place a bet. Then you will receive two cards, so will the banker. Once you have your two cards in your hand you need to decide what your next move will be.

Cards from 2 through 9 have their face value, face cards and tens have a value 0 and aces have a value of 1. For instance, if you get two cards with a value nine and six, then your hand value is not 15 but 5 since the value of 10 is reduced to 0.

Both you and the banker can receive a third card if you are not satisfied with the value of your hand. Some rules must be followed here and they are as follows:

· If the player's hand is equal to 6 or more they must stand. · If the banker`s hand is equal to 7 or more, they stand. · If the player's hand is equal to 5 or less, then they receive a third card. · The banker receives a third card only if their hand value is 2 or less. · The banker will receive a third card in the following cases only:

"If the banker's hand value is three and the player's third card is an eight; If the bankers hand value is four and the players third card is a zero, one, eight or nine; If the bankers hand value is five and the players third card is a zero, one, two, three, eight, or nine; If the bankers hand value is six and the player’s third card is a zero, one, two, three, four, five, eight, or nine"

Game Buttons

To have a successful gaming session you need to be familiar with the game buttons. This is why we advise players to play the game for free to get used to it first.

  • Stakes – At the bottom of the game screen you can find various betting options. You have to click on the bet you want to place.
  • Deal – This button is used every time you want to receive cards.
  • Clear Bets – This button will remove all the bets placed on the table.
  • New Game – When you click on this button you will start a new game.
  • Rebet – When you hit on this button you will bet the same amount as you did in the previous game.

Tips and Strategies

In Baccarat you cannot improve your odds of winning no matter what you do since this is a game of chance. But anyhow, there are some things you can do to improve your chances of winning. Just follow these simple tips:

  • Know the game you play – We can't stress enough how important it is to understand the game you are playing. There are several variants of the game and you must know the rules of the game you choose to play. In general, all variants are based on the same standard rules and there are some slight differences between each game. And to win you need to know those small differences.

  • Know when to stop – Many beginners get lost in the game and they don’t know when to quit. They start to chase losses and place bets hoping that they will convert those losses into wins. Players must set an amount they are willing to lose even before they start playing, and once they do, then they should stop playing.

  • Don’t place bets on a tie – We know that this bet pays out the most, but it is the one that rarely happens. In general, most beginners are tempted to bet on a tie, just because of the high payouts.

  • Always choose games with fewer decks – Baccarat variants that use fewer decks are the player-friendly ones, so choose those games.

  • Set a budget – You need to make sure that when you play Baccarat you don't blow all your money at once. Set a budget, and once you have exhausted your bankroll, you should stop playing.

  • Place your bets carefully – Even though Baccarat has a fewer betting option that doesn't mean you shouldn't be careful when you place your bet. Namely, each bet has a different house advantage and players should avoid bets with the highest house edge like the tie bet is. In a single deck baccarat game, the house edge of the banker bet is 1.01%, the player bet is 1.29% and the tie is 15.75%. You also have to keep in mind that you have to pay a 5% commission if you win the banker bet too.

  • Take advantage of the bonus – Online casinos offer regular bonuses for their players and you should accept them. They will boost your balance and help you prolong your gaming experience. For instance, offers a huge welcome bonus of 100% match deposit and 200 free spins. And the good news is that you can use this free money to play baccarat as well.

Basic Glossary

Baccarat has some terms that it is good to know if you want to gain mastery over the game, and they are as follows:

  • Banco – The term ‘banco’ means banker.
  • Chermin De Fer – This is a French variant of the game.
  • Mini-Baccarat – This is the usual game of baccarat but the only difference is that it is played on a small table.
  • Natural Eight – If the first two cards that you receive have the value of eight then it is said that you have got a ‘natural eight’.
  • Natural Nine – If the first two cards that you receive have the value of nine, then it is said that you have a ‘natural nine’.
  • Punto – This term means player.
  • Stand-off – This term means a tie.
  • Vigorish – This is the percentage that is paid to the house as a commission on winning banker's hand.
  • Banker Bet – This is the bet you place on the possibility that the banker will have the winning hand.

Open a Real Money Account

New players can both play for fun or real money when they join When you play Baccarat for fun you can learn the game and its rules, but unfortunately, you can't win any real money prizes. If you want to create an account at and start playing for real money we have to say that the process is very simple. Here are some step-by-step instructions for new players on how to open an account:

  1. Sign up – The first thing you need to do is to go to’s official website and click on ‘Join Now’. You need to share some personal information that the casino will require from you. This includes your name, birth date, address, just to name some. You can rest assured that all your information is kept safe and the casino will not share it with any third party company.
  2. Load your account – Once you create your account and you decide to play for real money you need to head to the Cashier and select a payment method to make a deposit. Once you have selected your payment method you need to enter the required details and the amount you wish to deposit.

The first time you sign up for the casino you are entitled to a Welcome Bonus which is a 100% match deposit bonus that can bring up to $400 to your balance. And, on top of that, you will receive 200 free spins as well.



The first slot machines came into existence in the 1800s and they were much simpler back then. And, you would probably be surprised to find out that there were no cash prizes, but instead they offered prizes such as beverages and merchandise. And since the game didn't offer money as a prize it didn't take off at the beginning. But, when Charles Fey, a car mechanic from San Francisco added the payout system and created the game with three spinning reels and five symbols, things began to change drastically. Over time the popularity increased and soon after that slot machines were found at every casino floor. Then, in the 70s, electromagnetically controlled designs were built and they changed the slot games forever. New and exciting features and bonus rounds were added to make the gameplay more intriguing. With the Internet, online casinos were created so you could have your favorite video slot game available any time you want.

Game Rules

Game Rules

All online slots are played in the same way. You place your bet, spin the reel and hope for a win. The gameplay is really straightforward and simple. Online slots are made in different designs, game style and offer special features that will entertain you for hours. Classic Slots – These are the first and the oldest slot games that have one to multiple pay lines. You will win if the symbols on your activated pay lines match one of the winning combinations on the payout table.

Video Slots – Video Slots are pretty much the same as Classic Slots but instead of spinning reels they offer some kinds of animated alternatives like cascading reels, for example. These games boast of special features and usually are accompanied by some interesting animations where you hit winning combinations. Pay lines are usually complicated, and they can be in different patterns like crisscross or V-shaped. When you want to play these kinds of games you need to set the coin level and indicate the number of pay lines you want to activate.

For a better chance to hit a winning combination keep your coins low and the number of pay lines high. There are also plenty of special features to watch out for since they not only bring excitement to your gameplay but can boost your balance too.

Strategies and Tips

When you decide to play progressive games you should Bet Max to be eligible to win the progressive jackpot amount. If you don't, you will still win a payout but it won't be as massive as the jackpot. Bet Max button will allow you to bet all possible lines including the jackpot side bet and spin the reels. As we said numerous times, slots are games of chance so to secure more wins you need to have more active pay lines in action. So, to keep your bankroll for a longer time, it's a good idea to lower your coin level. When a game has special features, we advise you to learn what those are. If you know what is expected from you then you will avoid making mistakes.

Game Buttons Information

If you want to play with confidence then you need to know your game. We advise you to understand the software, so with that in mind, we have created an overview of the game buttons you need to learn before you decide to play for real money:

AutoPlay – This button allows you to set the presets for several games in a row. When you click on AutoPlay, you set your desired coin level and the number of lines you want to activate, and you also specify the number of games you wish to play in a row. If you want to cancel the feature, you should click on the Stop button any time you want.

Bet Max – When you hit this button you activate all possible bets on your game and you set the reels spinning. Before you do, you need to set your coin level first.

Bet One – When you click this button you bet on a single pay line at a time.

Collect – This button will collect your winnings and add them to your balance.

Gamble – This feature is available only in some games. When you hit a winning combination you have the opportunity to stake your winnings on a bonus game and you can double your money.

Spin – This button will set the reels spinning.


There are some common terms that you need to know before you decide to play online video slot games. This will help you feel more confident, and they are as follows:

  • Bonus Game – This is an additional game triggered when you hit a specific combination on the reels. You can receive free spins, multipliers or mini bonus games, just to name some.
  • Coin Level – This is the amount you want to bet per activated pay line.
  • Extra Wild – This can be a second wild that can be part of the original game or a special bonus feature that can be triggered.
  • Expanding Wild – This wild symbol will spread across the reels, and by doing that it will give you extra chances to make a winning combination.
  • Free Spin – This is a feature that you can play without an extra cost.
  • Multiplier – A multiplier will multiply your winnings when hit. For instance, if you win $50 and you earn a multiplier of 2x, you would win $100.
  • Pay lines – Pay lines vary per game, and it is all up to you how many you want to activate. Please remember that payouts are made on activated pay lines only.
  • Progressive Jackpot – These kinds of jackpots offer life-changing amounts since the amount you can win has no upper limit.
  • Scatter – These symbols offer awards when they appear anywhere on the reels, this means they don't have to be on an active pay line. In most of the games, they trigger some special features as well.
  • Wild – This symbol will stand in for any other symbol to complete a winning line. So what is left for you to do is to open a real money account and play at The good news is that you can play most of the games for fun, where you receive virtual money from the casino. The only difference between when you play for virtual money and not real money is that you can`t make a withdrawal of your winnings. But still, this is a good way to see how the game works and whether you can trigger the special features easily before you decide to play for real money.


Online video poker is a very exciting game that is a combination of a solitary poker and an online slot game. You play alone, and not on a table with other players and the cards are dealt on a slots-style machine. The game is very easy to learn and fun to play. The game aims to make the best possible five-card poker hand. The payouts are based on standard Texas Holdem hand hierarchy. To start the game you need to log into your account and select the game you want to play.

Strategy and Tips

Set your budget – Even before you start playing you should know your limits. Set aside an amount that you are willing to lose and play with that money only. Look for wild cards – When you play poker it is good to know what cards are wilds since they will enhance your game by substituting any other card on the machine to help you complete more winnings. For instance, when you play Deuces Wild, every card with a value of ‘2’ acts as a wild.

Check the paytable – Video poker machines are based on standard poker hand hierarchy. If you want you can check the paytable of each game to see what's on offer when you win.

Game Buttons

It is crucial to learn how the software works to have a successful gaming session. For that reason, we have gathered an overview of the game buttons so you can know what you are doing and play with confidence.

Bet Max – This button will activate all possible bets in your game and deal the cards as well. When you want to use the feature you need to set your coin level first and hit Bet max. Bet One – This button will allow you to bet on one single pay line. Collect – This button is used every time you want to collect your winnings. Double – This is a feature that allows you to try and double your winnings. When you want to do this, you will see one face-up card and two face-down cards. Click on the face-down card and if the value of the card you picked is higher than the one showing you will win. If you choose incorrectly you will lose your original bet. Double Half – With this feature, you gamble only half of your winnings while the other half goes directly to your bankroll before you play the bonus game. Hold – Under each card you can see a button that says Hold. This button is used every time you want to keep a card before you receive your second deal. Deal – This button starts the game and you receive your cards. When you click on it the second time you receive your second round.


There are some common terms used when you play poker and it is always good to know them before you start playing the game.

  • Cashier – This is an area you go to every time you want to handle your money transactions.
  • Double – This feature will help you double your money with a bonus game. Half Double – This feature is similar to the one we mentioned above, but in this case, you only take half of your winnings.
  • Multi-hand – This feature allows you to play multiple hands simultaneously, thus having more chances to win.
  • Progressive Jackpot – This is an accumulative jackpot with no upper limit to how much it can pay. The feature is randomly triggered, and if you have played with the maximum amount you will win it.
  • Wild – This card can stand in for any other card to complete a winning. What is left for you is to open an account at and play your favorite game.


At you can play the very popular Pop Bingo and have a great time with it. The game is played on pre-printed cards containing numbers, and each player has a different card. The numbers are marked off as the caller selects random numbers. This game is played everywhere not only in casinos. For instance, in Italy, the game is played after Christmas lunch as a leisure activity.

What is more, offers a free bonus to welcome people who want to play bingo for the first time.



The origin of Blackjack is still unclear to this day, but it is believed that the game is closely connected to the game of Vingt-et-un or 21 in French. The game was played in French casinos first and it gained huge popularity later on, and the rules were different back then of course.

When you play blackjack, you play against the dealer. Even if other players join the table they do not affect your game in any way. The game starts by selecting the chip amount and placing the bet on the designated spot on the screen. When you hit Deal you will receive 2 cards, one face up and one face down. Once you see your cards you have to decide what your next move would be. You can hit and receive another card, or you can stand and keep the hand you have. If you have two cards of the same value you can split your hand. The player always goes first, and once you complete the round without going bust, it is the dealer`s turn. When the dealer has completed his round, the two hands are compared. The winning hand is a hand that contains a point total of 21 or as close to 21.

Strategy and Tips

We can't say that there is a sure formula for winning real money when you play Blackjack, but there are some steps you can take to improve your overall game strategy. Always claim a bonus – Some players refuse bonus money because they come with some strings attached, but we would advise you to accept it. They are designed in that way to give you extra funds and to boost your bankroll. So, you will end up with some extra cash to use when you play Blackjack. There are different bonuses available at in the form of reloads, games bonuses or match bonuses. New players can take advantage of a welcome bonus that is a 100% match deposit bonus that can go as high as $400. Know the rules – It is always a good idea to learn the rules of the game you want to play no matter how simple it might be. This will help you make fast and informed decisions and as a result, you can play with more confidence.

Game Buttons Information

Before you start playing Blackjack you need to learn how the software works. These are the buttons that the game uses that will help you start playing Blackjack in no time:

Deal – This button is used when you want to start the game. Once you placed your bets click on Deal and you will receive your initial cards.

Double/Double Down – This is an optional bet that will cost you the same as your initial wager. It will allow you to draw one more card to see the outcome, and it is only available at the start of the game when you have your two initial cards.

Hit – You should use this button every time you need an extra card. This is done to improve one`s hand but choose wisely so you don't go bust.

Insurance – You can take insurance every time you believe that there is a chance that the dealer will hit a blackjack.

Split – You can split a hand that has two cards of the same value. Please remember that if you split aces your split hand will cost another wager.

Stand – This means that you are satisfied with the hand you have and you don’t want to take any further steps in the game. When the round is finished you will compare your initial hand with the dealer's hand, and if your hand wins you will receive a payout.

Rebet – When you click on this button you will repeat your bet at the same stake.


If you want to play Blackjack with confidence then you should know some basic and most commonly used terms:

  • Bankroll – This is the term used for the money you have in your Real Money account you can use to play.
  • Bet – This is the money you use from your bankroll to place a wager.
  • Betting Limits – In every game there are minimum and maximum amounts you can bet.
  • Blackjack – This is the name of the best possible hand with a payout 3:2.
  • Bust – When your hand total value is over 21 and you are out of the game.
  • Bust Card – This is the card that will make you go bust.
  • Draw – If the game ends with both you and the dealer having matching hands, this is considered a draw and your stake is returned to your bankroll.
  • Even Money – This is a winning bet that pays out a return of 1:1.
  • Hole Card – This is the card that is dealt face down.
  • Wager – This is just another name for a bet.


Pinball Roulette Features

If you are a fan of pinball and roulette then you will love Pinball Roulette. It is a new game that uses a pinball machine to draw a number at random. Players can choose to place inside and outside roulette bets. If you use the Turbo Bet feature you can learn the results almost instantly. You can also take advantage of the Auto bet button and play up to 10 games with the same bet amount.

How to play Pinball Roulette

The first thing you need to do when you want to play Pinball Roulette is to place a bet. Then a ball is released in the bumper studded area, and later it lands in a pocket bearing a number taken from the roulette machine. If you guessed the number right, then you will win the bet. In case you win a payout, an optional gamble feature gets activated. If you decide to play the gamble game you can multiply your winnings up to ten times. When you play the gamble game a different machine is used. This time the bumpers bear multipliers of varying values up to x5. And if you get lucky you can grab a multiplier of a value 10x.

Real Money Games

All new players at are advised to play in fun mode the first time they sign up for a new account. After a while, when they feel confident enough they can start exploring games and play with real money. Once you decide to play for real money, only then the real fun starts.

You need to set up a real money account for that reason and it can take only a couple of minutes of your time. When you open the website you will have two options to choose from, practice mode and play for real money. Click on the second option and fill out some personal information.

The next thing you need to do is to choose a payment method that suits you the best. Once you make your first deposit you will receive a welcome bonus that will boost your balance and you can start looking for a gambling challenge that you prefer. At you can find real money casino games that can cater to any taste:

  • Real Money Slots – Slots are among favorite when it comes to casino games. They offer some new and thrilling options that will make your gameplay enjoyable.
  • Real Money Card Games – At you can find a couple of different Blackjack games from Half Double Blackjack to Jacks or Better and other exciting card games.
  • Real Money Live Casino – You can get a taste of real excitement when you decide to play Live Casino games. Try out Live Roulette, Baccarat or Blackjack to see what the fuss is all about.
  • Real Money Roulette – You can play 3D Roulette, European Roulette, and Mini Roulette, all at