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To many gamblers, Three Card Poker is the first poker variant they take up: it’s the easiest poker version where players go up against the dealer. As the name states, the goal is to achieve the best poker hand with three cards – there aren’t many complex rules at all. Many would say that the 3 card poker version is poker at its finest.

Now, players can enjoy online 3 card poker at any of the top online casinos. This simple, yet compelling poker version still entails all the strategic nuances, but thanks to online versions, players can refine their poker skills and knowledge. Those looking to play 3 card poker can choose any of the following recommended online casinos that host a variety of online poker games.

Play Three Card Poker Today - Win Real Money
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Best Three Card Poker Casinos

Best Three Card Poker Casinos

In some sense, finding the best online three card poker casinos is not the toughest challenge since almost every high-quality licensed online casino features three card poker versions. It’s still one of the most classic games and it’s almost unheard of for an online casino to avoid offering this popular poker version.

However, filtering out the exact best online casino for three card poker is not so easy, since every casino offers different features and certain capabilities. This is where Online CasinoRank comes to help: our in-depth casino comparisons and listings bring out the cream of the crop of the gambling industry. Our team evaluates all the following aspects before bringing the three card poker casino to readers.

License and certifications

Having a proper gambling license should be the first factor to consider whenever dealing with a new online casino. No matter the fancy slogan or nice-looking website, if the casino is not officially licensed, gambling there shouldn’t even cross the mind.

All reputable and trustworthy online casinos should be licensed by well-known authorities, some of which include the Malta Gaming Authority, the UK Gambling Commission or the Curacao eGaming. Even better if the casino also carries additional certifications, like an eCOGRA trust mark.

Game portfolio and software

Though licensing is the first main key to finding the best three card poker casino, it’s not nearly the deciding factor. Having high-quality software providers is one of the most important parts, as it’s directly correlated with providing a fun, versatile experience.

The more software providers available on the online casino site, the more likely it is for gamblers to have a satisfactory experience. All game providers have their own handwriting: they offer different mechanics, bonus rounds, rules, etc. Even a simple game such as 3 card poker may have different nuances to it, depending on the software provider.

Choosing a casino with a better range of game providers also means ending up with more choices when it comes to other game options, such as online slots, blackjack, roulette, and other popular casino games.

Bonuses and promotions

By now, gamblers may have chosen the best three card poker casino based on the license and software providers alone, but no matter the excitement, sooner or later it may become tedious playing three card poker without any additional perks or incentives. It’s similar to playing an online RPG game: if there aren’t any new offers or competitions, the game becomes stale quite quickly.

Casinos use bonuses and promotions to steer people clear of boredom. Some of the best online casino bonuses may include deposit bonuses, free spins, cashback, tournaments or quick competitions that offer an array of prizes. Many of these casino bonuses may apply to online three card poker, too.

Adequate payment methods and customer support

Players can only enjoy the thrill of real money three card poker if they can make deposits and withdrawals properly, which is why Online CasinoRank pays great attention to the selection of payment methods, together with their terms and payment limits. The best three card poker casinos should facilitate smooth transactions that are processed rapidly and cater to different gamblers with adequate payout limits.

Customer support is another small, yet immensely significant factor, to consider. The best 3 card poker online casinos have professional customer service that’s usually available via a handy live-chat feature (often even 24/7).

Best Three Card Poker Casinos
Three Card Poker Rules

Three Card Poker Rules

Learning how to play three card poker is easier than it seems since online three card poker is arguably the easiest poker version to understand. For instance, three card poker is played against the dealer, not other players, so the issue of bluffing falls out immediately, making three card poker much easier to grasp. The one who ends up having the best hand with their three cards is the winner.

What makes online three card poker especially interesting is the rule of the Queen. The thing is: the dealer can only continue playing out the hand if they have a Queen (or better). If the dealer doesn't get a Queen, the player automatically wins. 3 card poker is fully played out only if the dealer has a Queen or a higher and if that's so, the player needs to beat the dealer's hand to win.

When playing out the three card poker hand, the outcome is determined based on regular poker hands with the only exception that a Straight is more valuable than a Flush. When learning how to play 3 card poker, players should understand which is the best hand.

Here’s an overview of three card poker hands:

  • Straight Flush - three sequential cards of the same suit;
  • Three of a Kind - three cards with the same rank (suit may be different);
  • Straight - three sequential cards (may be different suit);
  • Flush - three cards with the same suit (different sequence);
  • Pair - two cards with the same rank;
  • High Card - no combination, just the card with the highest value is considered.

The odds of 3 card poker are 44.91% for the player’s win and 55.03% for the dealer’s win, so obviously, the dealer has better odds in 3 card poker.

Three Card Poker Rules
Three Card Poker Variations

Three Card Poker Variations

There aren’t many different three card poker games available since the game itself is a variation of the classic poker game. Most of the different three card poker types players may encounter at online casinos simply offer new side bets or bonus rounds that give the standard 3 card poker game a new twist. Below, we’ll discuss some of the main 3 card poker games online.

Progressive 3 Card Poker

One of the most popular types of 3 card poker is the progressive jackpot version. Jackpot pools aren't too common in poker, making this variant highly sought-after.

In progressive 3 card poker, all wagers contribute towards the jackpot pool which will eventually be paid out to the gambler who gets a Mini Royal combination - an Ace, King and a Queen. The exact jackpot payout rules, amounts and other factors may differ depending on the casino.

6 Card Bonus

In this interesting 3 card poker version, players can combine their cards with the dealer's cards and the winner is determined by looking for the best combination among six cards. With this nuance, 3 card poker resembles the classic poker game. Depending on the casino and the exact poker table used, the hand rankings also may differ slightly since there are six cards considered instead of 3.

Ultimate 3 Card Poker

This 3 card poker version is reserved for gamblers who feel they'd like to up their gameplay and take on a bigger challenge. The main difference comes from bet sizes: for instance, players can bet 3x the ante if they have at least a pair in their hand. Since bet sizes and betting rounds are more complex in this version, it’s advised to first become comfortable with the standard 3 card poker version.

Three Card Poker Variations
Play Three Card Poker for Real Money

Play Three Card Poker for Real Money

All casino games online are based on luck, whether dealing with poker, slots or roulette, but it can’t be denied that it’s also possible to win money at 3 card poker. Due to poker hand rankings and a certain strategic appeal, many gamblers are looking to play 3 card poker online for real money, so they could possibly reap real-money prizes.

Though real money three card poker may be incredibly fun and thrilling, gamblers should never bet more than they could afford to lose, especially when just starting up with online real money poker. Online 3 card poker with real money bets may still yield losses, so players should only place wagers they’re comfortable with. As long as bets are kept reasonable, players can enjoy online three card poker with real money in all the top casinos, such as the ones listed here at CasinoRank.

Play Three Card Poker for Real Money
Three Card Poker Strategies

Three Card Poker Strategies

One of the appeals of poker is its strategic edge that many other casino games lack. The same goes for 3 card poker too, which may be upgraded a little with an optimal three card poker strategy.

Now, before learning any three card poker betting strategy and jumping into real money games, players should realize that the game is still based on the luck of the draw. While gamblers may use certain tricks to potentially increase their odds, no 3 card poker strategy can ever guarantee wins.

Here are some of the best three card poker strategy tips for beginners to follow:

  • Always folding hands below Q-6-4 - One of the most important three card poker strategy rules is to always fold if the hand is lower than Q-6-4. The dealer can only play if they get a Queen, so players shouldn’t ever move forward with their hand if they don’t have a Queen themselves already.
  • Ignoring side bets - It’s a well-known card game secret that side bets are just lucrative for foolish players. Side bets tend to be a waste of money since the odds and payouts don’t increase significantly.
  • Using bonuses as an advantage - Almost all online casinos offer some bonuses that may apply to three card poker, too. This additional cash balance may help players make more poker bets or even receive some free game rounds.
  • Using reasonable bets - No matter the confidence level, poker bets should always be kept on the lower side. Three card poker will always remain a luck-based game and bets should never go too high, so players wouldn’t lose their bankroll rapidly.
  • Practising free three card poker first - People who have never played three card poker should first practice understanding poker hand rankings and other rules by using the free three card poker version. This risk-free safe poker version allows honing skills without losing any real money.
Three Card Poker Strategies
Free Three Card Poker Online

Free Three Card Poker Online

Poker can be an intimidating game at first, so it’s natural for beginners to first work on sharpening their poker skills before playing with real money. That’s why free 3 card poker has been invented. Almost all online casinos offer a range of free online 3 card poker tables that involve only ‘fun’ money.

The free online three card poker version works exactly like the real thing, except there’s no need to bet with real money. Instead, all the bets are made with demo funds, that come from a virtual demo cash balance.

Gamblers can play 3 card poker for free in most casinos, using the virtual poker table. Live 3 card poker won’t be free, though it’s possible to observe the gameplay before jumping in. However, the 3 card poker free play version is available in the more classic table version that’s available at all the bigger online casinos. Players should just remember that the 3 card poker free play version won’t yield actual cash wins.

Free Three Card Poker Online
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Everything you need to know about casinos

What is three card poker?

Three card poker is an easier poker version where each player is dealt only three cards. The goal of the game is to achieve the best possible poker hand using those three cards. Due to the relative simplicity of this poker version, it’s widespread across all online casinos.

Is 3 card poker a good game to play?

Since 3 card poker is a simpler poker version, many would say that it’s especially good for beginners who are still learning the ropes. Contrary to other poker variants, three card poker relies on luck more, but it’s a great way for gamblers to learn poker hand rankings and other basic poker rules.

How to win in three card poker?

Three card poker relies on luck since the luck of the draw decides which cards you’ll have in your hand. However, to win in 3 card poker, players need to know when to fold or when to bet. As a general rule, the odds for winning are better if players hold a hand of Queen-6-4 or better. Anything worse than that shouldn’t be considered for advancing and instead, players should fold the round.

What is the best online casino for three card poker?

There are many great online casinos that offer three card poker. Players can use the comparison and casino recommendations found here at Online CasinoRank, as we’ve listed some of the top casino choices for playing three card poker.

What is the best hand in 3 card poker?

The best hand is a Q-K-A of the same suit, but any Straight Flush combination has good odds of winning. On a more general note, players shouldn't even consider advancing with their hands if they have anything lower than Q-6-4.

What is the best strategy for 3 card poker?

There aren't many strategies to playing 3 card poker, but in general, players should make sure they have a Queen, together with a card that's higher than 6. If the second-highest card is lower than 6, players should fold. The basic 3 card poker strategy: folding whenever the hand is lower than Q-6-4.