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All You Need to Know About the Hit Rate in Online Slots


All You Need to Know About the Hit Rate in Online Slots

The hit rare is an important parameter for any slot player. This article seeks to shed more light on the hit rare concept in online slots

Considering Hit Rare in Slots

Hit rate in slots is the probability of a player stopping on a winning combination. A more straightforward way of putting it is that a slot will pay out 50 percent of the time if it has a hit rate or frequency of 50 percent.

The hit rate, however, does not determine how much a player can win. The slot can have a high hit rate but end up paying a sum that is smaller than the player's stake, especially for wins from the lower-value symbols. A player should thus not choose a slot based on the hit rate.

Volatility and Hit Rate

Volatility is almost similar to the hit rate, but volatility shows a lot more regarding the nature of payouts. Typically, slots that have low volatility have higher hit rates with low payouts on hits. Slots that have high volatility reward players with a lot more, but they have low hit rates.

A good idea to maximize winning chances and amount is to find a slot that can offer high payouts and has a decent hit rate. A player can opt for a slot that has low volatility if he is willing to tolerate several non-winning spins and stand a chance to win big.

Bonus Frequency

The bonus hit rate is another essential factor to consider for a player trying to improve his strategy. A player should find out the expected frequency of hitting the bonus for a slot that offers bonus rounds. That is because the bonus frequency, unlike hit frequency, can affect a player's win amount.

For most casinos, the bonus rounds usually come with high chances of bigger wins. That is more of the case if the bonus frequency involves free spins that have additional features such as multipliers or stacked wilds. Various online services can help a player determine the bonus frequency of online slots.

Other Factors to Consider When Choosing Slots

One of the other factors to put into consideration is the minimum stake required to play. The budget that a player has for playing slots may influence the decision. For convenience, a player can opt for slots that allow adjustment of the number of active pay lines.

Another consideration to make it the RTP. RTP is the amount of money that the slot returns to the player over time. The information is usually on the terms and conditions of the slot. Choosing slots that have RTP helps a player to increase his chances of profiting from the slot.

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