Michael Scarborough Takes the Southern Indiana WSOP Circuit Main Event



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After 3 days of highly intense and competitive poker action, the World Series of Poker Circuit's Southern Indiana Main Event closed creating another group of winners. During the event, 406 entries were made, creating a prize pool of $615,090, with Michael Scarborough crowned the champion.

Michael Scarborough Takes the Southern Indiana WSOP Circuit Main Event

The video poker player from Cincinnati, Ohio, United States, won his first championship title and the impressive $123,587 top reward. This marks his second most impressive career win since 2011. After the win, Scarborough has total career earnings of over $1 million. 

An emotional Scarborough dedicated this success to the late Sean Loring, saying:

"I want to dedicate this to my best friend, who just passed away in October. He was my best poker friend, he would travel all around with me to the tournaments, and he would be here today. His name is Sean Loring. The most amazing person in the world. So many people know him at poker. He was my best friend, my biggest fan, he had my back. We have traveled together for the last ten years. So obviously, I just wish he could be here for this." 

Scarborough added that this primary event win was emotional because it was his first major win since a friend had passed away. He noted that the victory would go a long way after recently experiencing hardships like job loss and health issues. 

Taking the Lead

During the event's last day, Scarborough took the lead in a four-handed poker game, sweeping aside all opponents and building his stack. This is despite Keven Stammen holding the lead by the end of day-2. 

Interestingly, the final match of the day didn't take long. It took less than 30 minutes for the finalists to move their playing chips into the middle of the table. Graham's run in the tournament ended after the board was dealt 9-8-3-2-8. But he still took home a $76,383 payout, increasing his career earnings to over $1.45 million.

Below is how the payouts were awarded:

  1. Michael Scarborough - $123,587
  2. Luke Graham - $76,383
  3. Jeffrey Copeland - $54,900
  4. Keven Stammen - $40,154
  5. Bryan Reisner - $29,895
  6. William Watson - $22,662
  7. Derek Nold - $17,500
  8. Brian Jones - $13,768
  9. Ron Fletcher - $11,042

These wins prove that playing poker could be a rewarding activity. But we advise playing video poker for fun and setting aside money for the activity at a regulated online casino site. Remember, most of these players have other sources of income, or organizations or individuals may sponsor them.

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