Top 4 Biggest Scratch Card Wins in the History of the Game



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When discussing the most popular casino games, scratch cards often come at the end of the conversation. Popular variants like slots, blackjack, roulette, poker, and baccarat often overshadow this luck-based casino game. But did you know that numerous players have bagged fortunes by merely scratching off cards? Continue reading to discover the stories of four epic wins.

Top 4 Biggest Scratch Card Wins in the History of the Game

#1. Mary Higelin - $20 Million

In January this year, Mary Higelin from California, United States, purchased a "Set for Life Millionaire Edition" scratch card from CN Liquor, a small liquor store in California. Little did she know that this lottery ticket would potentially change her life forever.

The $20 million win is the biggest payout in the game, making Higelin the fourth person in the state to win the lottery game. The liquor store earned 1% of the total jackpot for selling the winning ticket.

#2. Two California Players Win $10 Million Each

While Mary Higelin was celebrating her epic win, two other players from California (Roberto Nunez and Salvador Carbajal) won $10 million each, playing the scratch-off game. Carbajal won the payout by playing the California 200x scratch card game, whereas Nunez won by playing the Titanium Black game.

The lottery operator who sold the ticket to Carbajal said he had been playing for a while before striking luck. That's an important lesson that persistence pays. However, be careful with your budget when playing at the best online casinos.

#3. Unknown UK Winner - £4 Million

In 2014, Ashok Shukla, the owner of a Spar shop in the United Kingdom, was at work when a guy entered to confirm his scratch-off victory. Shukla put the card through his machine twice, and this was the response: “Don't pay out; ask the winner to call the helpline”.

The anonymous man maintained his composure despite being the second person in the UK to win £4 million with the £4Million Gold scratch card. Only four were available then, with a one in 4,232,860 chance of winning.

#4. Ross Hearst - £4 Million

Ross Hearst is another lucky scratch card player from the United Kingdom. The road worker from Portadown, County Armagh, went into a store to get some supplies while expecting his first child with his wife, Jocelyn.

Hearst then rewarded himself with one scratch card left on the shelves in the Lurgan Spar store. When he scratched the card back at work, he was astounded to find the win. Hearst struggled to reach Camelot since his hand was shaking, pressing the wrong phone button continuously.

These fantastic wins should encourage you to continue playing scratch cards. But it’s important to remember scratch cards are 100% luck-based. Therefore, no amount of strategy can help you win a payout.

Best gambling quote: “Successful gamblers always have two things on their lips: Silence and a smile”

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