March 20, 2024

Unveiling Insights from the Prague Gaming & TECH Summit: A Sneak Peek with Industry Experts

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Key Takeaways:

Unveiling Insights from the Prague Gaming & TECH Summit: A Sneak Peek with Industry Experts
  • Experts highlight the importance of financial strategy, continuous learning, and embracing new technologies in the gaming and tech sectors.
  • The evolving landscape of iGaming and tech emphasizes the need for adaptability and strategic foresight.
  • Challenges such as data privacy, regulatory changes, and keeping pace with technological advancements are key concerns for the industry.

As the countdown to the Prague Gaming & TECH Summit ticks away, with the event slated for March 25-27 at Vienna House in Prague, Czech Republic, the anticipation is palpable. Hipther Agency, orchestrating this gathering, has taken the initiative to spotlight some of the distinguished speakers. In a series of pre-event interviews, these thought leaders shared their insights on the dynamic realms of gaming and technology.

Exploring the Evolution: Insights from the Frontline

The discussions revolved around pivotal themes, capturing the essence of innovation, adaptability, and strategic foresight in the gaming and tech landscapes. Here’s what the experts had to say:

Viktoria Soltesz (Mastering the Financial Game):

Soltesz accentuates the criticality of a well-defined financial strategy for business success, drawing from her experiences and insights shared in her recent book, "Moving Money – How Banks Think." She warns against the pitfalls of poor planning, advocating for informed decision-making as the cornerstone of business acumen.

Aleksandra Andrishak (The Power of Continuous Learning):

Andrishak champions the ethos of perpetual learning at Slotsjudge, encouraging industry peers to stay abreast of emerging trends. Her mantra is simple yet profound - embrace innovation to maintain a competitive edge.

Jakub Tesar (Blockchain’s Expanding Horizons):

Tesar delves into the transformative potential of blockchain, particularly within the Ethereum ecosystem and Web3 technologies. He foresees a future where players gain unprecedented influence, heralding a new era of interactive gameplay, further revolutionized by the advent of GenAI.

Kaspar Szymanski (Navigating SEO in the Gaming and Tech World):

Szymanski sheds light on the intricacies of SEO and its pivotal role in business growth within the gaming and tech arenas. His expertise offers a roadmap for harnessing Google Search trends to propel business visibility and success.

Jasmina Poglavc (Data-Driven Innovation in iGaming):

Poglavc underscores the significance of AI and advanced data analytics as game-changers in the iGaming experience. She also highlights the evolving challenges of data privacy and regulatory compliance, emphasizing their impact on the industry’s future.

A Convergence of Minds

The Prague Gaming & TECH Summit stands as a testament to the vibrancy and resilience of the gaming and tech sectors. Through the lens of these industry stalwarts, the event promises to be a melting pot of innovation, strategy, and foresight. For those eager to dive deeper into these discussions, registration remains open.

These shared experiences and insights offer a glimpse into the summit's potential to shape future narratives in the gaming and tech industries. As the event approaches, the excitement builds, promising a fertile ground for exploration, networking, and groundbreaking ideas.

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