Why the Best Online Casinos Aren’t Always the Best



Benard Maumo

Gambling at the best online casinos is a ticket to fair and transparent gameplay. But who said little-known online casinos don’t offer the same? If you think of it closely, playing at a gambling site with millions of players isn’t a good thing after all. So, this post looks at some valid reasons why you should go smaller when searching for an online casino.

Why the Best Online Casinos Aren’t Always the Best

1. Bigger Bonuses & Promotions

With high competition in the online gambling industry, online casinos outdo each other by offering the best possible deals. 

For example, 22Bet offers new players a nice welcome bonus of up to $600. This means you’ll have to make a minimum deposit that will be matched up to the said amount. 

Although deposit bonuses are good, new casinos take it even a notch higher with no-deposit bonuses. Most startup casinos offer new players free spins or bonus money on select online slots. 

In other words, you don’t need to deposit a minimum amount to activate this bonus. Just fulfill the wagering requirements, and the winnings are yours for keeps. That’s all!

2. Faster Response from Customer Support

Have you ever tried contacting an established online casino for support? What was your experience? Not good, probably! The established online casino scene often keeps players waiting for several hours or even days to get support. But to their defense, the sheer number of player inquiries can be overwhelming sometimes.

On the flip side, new online casinos are always on standby to answer support questions and retain as many players as possible. So, for instance, you won’t wait on a long live chat queue to speak to an agent. Remember also that many established gambling sites are still stuck in the old days of email and phone support. 

3. Smooth & Innovative Gameplay

As mentioned earlier, established online casinos have millions of players logging in simultaneously. Now due to the increased website traffic, you might experience delays while firing up the website. 

Also, delays can be common in tournaments and live dealer rooms during peak hours. In return, players might miss a spot due to a high number of competing players.

To prevent these frustrations, new online casinos use the latest web development technologies to create faster, more secure and ultra-modern websites. 

Often, you’ll find that these casinos have colorful and neatly arranged websites that immediately bring out the gambling mood in you. Moreover, most offer standalone mobile casino apps for iPhone and Android. 

4. Quick Deposits and Withdrawals

Take nothing away from long-serving online casinos. The number of banking methods on these sites is impressive. But although new online casinos might offer less, they support payments via modern and efficient options. 

It’s improbable you’ll find a brand-new casino that doesn’t support payments via e-wallet, cryptocurrencies and pay by phone. 

In addition, newer online casinos provide faster deposits and withdrawals. That’s because fewer players are constantly transacting compared to thousands of transactions on established casinos. 

Even better, most new casinos offer weekend and holiday withdrawals in their bid to attract more players. 

However, bank withdrawals can only be processed on working days, whether on a new or established casino.

5. Better Game Rules

Are the game rules at your typical casino too restricting? Then, it’s probably time to begin shopping around for a smaller but regulated option. Take blackjack, for example. It’s essential to check the game rules before playing because some tables don’t allow doubling down after splitting. 

Still, with blackjack, some casinos will offer players a chance to play on a 3:2 table while others offer 6:5. The difference is simple: 

You’ll get $3 for every $2 on a 3:2 table and $6 for every $5 on a 6:5 table. Newer casinos will want players to win more often by offering 3:2 tables. 

6. Newer Online Casinos Are Safer

Here is another area where the numbers game plays out against established online casinos. Because millions of players are signing in, this also means that these casinos are potential hotbeds for cybercriminals. 

In addition, some players can use unprofessional language in live casino rooms, although that’s highly unlikely.

But whether you’re playing at a new or seasoned casino, take charge of your online security. For example, you don’t need the casino to tell you not to share your personal address, email, or phone contact in the live room. Also, share your online casino passcode with anyone.


Established casinos have not reached where they are by fluke or luck. These casinos have worked extra hard to be where they are today. 

In fact, it’s here that you’ll find things like more extensive game libraries, more banking methods, and so on. Nevertheless, newer online casinos understand the modern gaming aspects better. But in the end, it’s all about playing at a safe and licensed casino.

Best gambling quote: “Successful gamblers always have two things on their lips: Silence and a smile”

Favorite Casino Game: Blackjack

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